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We are very sad to announce that Richard Thomas is no longer able to judge our 30th championship show due to illness.  He has sent his most sincere apologies but is not allowed to travel to the UK and will be indisposed for quite some time.  We would like to wish him a very speedy recovery and hope that he will join us at a later date. 

In his place however, we are absolutely delighted to announce that our very own Chairman Pamela Jeans Brown, who has temporarily come out of retirement (agreed by the Kennel Club) has agreed to judge our show.  As a committee we are thrilled that Pamela has agreed to replace Richard and feel we are exceptionally lucky to have her expertise at this time. 

This will actually be the first MA championship show that Pamela has judged and so is an absolutely fitting person to take the reins.  Pamela has been part of the MA for the last 30+ years with being our chairman since 2014.    She had retired from judging duties and we did not expect that she would be available to offer her expertise on learning that Richard would not now be able to attend.   As a committee we are so very grateful to her and we are sure everyone attending the show will be equally enthusiastic at having her as our judge on the day.  We look forward to welcoming everyone to our show and hope that you will all have an enjoyable and exciting day.





(schedule and entries via Fossedata)


Tomlinsons Canine Activities Centre –

Show Hall, Upper Grange Farm, Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicester, LE67 9RJ

Judge:  Mr Richard Thomas

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