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Mastiff Association Championship Show 10th July 2021


Judge:  Ms Elaine Knight

It was such an honour to have been invited to judge the Mastiff Association Championship show. This year, more than any other, has been particularly challenging as we have been coping with the Covid 19 pandemic. It has been a testament to both the committee and also to the exhibitors who persevered  to make this show take place. Each of us present were required to get a negative Covid test result to make sure that we were in the safest environment possible.  All that being said, I think, for me at least, it was a most memorable day. The weather was wonderful, and there seemed to be a great atmosphere and relief for us all to get together again after the long break.


I would like to thank everyone for your entries. Under the circumstances it was an excellent turn out. And I was delighted at the quality and soundness of the Mastiffs. Many of them had never been to a show before and they coped brilliantly.  I tried to put the youngsters, and their handlers at ease.


I had to make some difficult decisions as many of the classes truly had excellent dogs. All of my main winners are wonderful examples of the breed. Soundness was in abundance almost across the board.

Thank you to my excellent stewards Peter and Debbie for keeping things running smoothly.  And to all of the committee for your hard work to make the show a success.


Elaine Knight (Kumormai)


Best in Show                      Hallberd Doris

Reserve Best in Show      Cyberus Whoops A Daisy

Best Dog                             Genghis Khan of Seven Oaks at Cwmtysswg

Res Best Dog                     Fragilis Ffawydd

Best Bitch                           Hallberd Doris

Res Best Bitch                   Cyberus Whoops A Daisy

Best Puppy in Show          Cyberus Little Madam For Womlu

Best Veteran in Show      no entries



Class 1.                Veteran Dog                                     (0 entries)

Class 2.                Minor Puppy Dog                           (0 entries)

Class 3.                Puppy Dog                                       (3 entries)

1st.                         Tunnicliffe’s CABARETOU FLOYD

Nine month tall large fawn boy of promising type. Lovely pronounced stop with dark pigmentation. Good height to length ratio, with well muscled rear. Ample bone with correct tight feet and black nails. Moved well.

2nd.                         McCardle’s CYBERUS ONE FOR THE ROAD IN MONASCREEBE

Eleven month old mature brindle of good type. Good width of chest and and attractive head  in profile. This youngster was carrying too much weight. Movement was erratic, but hopefully with settle in time.

Withdrawn.         Chapman’s KARYSMHOR LEGEND OF ARTHUR

Class 4.                Junior Dog                                        (3 entries, 2 absent)

1st                           Pennnie’s LINFERT’S FLIGHT OF FANCY

Thirteen month old fawn male standing alone.  Tall for his age with a good length of back and level topline. Well off for bone with correct tight feet and black nails. Pronounced stop with a good eye. I think he may be slow to mature and it will be interesting to see how he develops. Moved well.

Class 5.                Yearling Dog                                     (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st                           Hill’s FRAGILIS FFAWYDD

Twenty month old mature dark brindle of excellent type. Lovely pigmentation. Scoring in profile. Level topline, good depth of body and width of chest. Ample bone one correct feet.  His foreface was just a little overdone for me, but otherwise a lovely boy. Moved and handled very well. Reserve CC.

2nd                          Hamblett’s LIONGUARD RADIO GA GA

Eighteen month old tall fawn. Clear head outline with correct ear placement and correct eye. Good bone with correct feet, black nails. Strong  rear. Moved well.

Class 6.                Post-Graduate Dog                        (6 entries)

1st                           Gittin’s GENGHIS KHAN OF SEVEN OAKST AT CWMTYSWG

Two year old large impressive fawn. Excellent pigmentation with a pronounced stop and good expression.  Good width of chest and depth of body. Excellent bone with lovely feet and black nails. Scored in profile. Moved with ease.  Pleased to award him the ticket.

2nd                          Coulman Holes’s WOMLU TIGER FEET

Twenty one month old dark brindle with lovely pigmentation. Desirable clean head type.  Athletic body with ample width of chest and depth of body. Moved well.

3rd                          Fox’s THOMASTER HARVESTER

Two year old attractive large  brindle.   Good head and expression.  Ample width and depth of body. Level topline with great bone and well angulated rear. Well handled.

Res                        Baxter’s NOBLEHEART ROARING BOY



Class 7.                Limit Dog                                          (6 entries 2 absent)

1st                           Coulman Hole’s CYBERUS ITS ALL ABOUT BERTIE FOR WOMLU

Two year old large fawn of ample substance.  Good width and depth of chest and good spring of rib. Attractive head with nice pigment. Well off for bone and nice tight feet. Moved well.

2nd                          Andrews’ CYBERUS COLLATERAL DAMAGE

Close decision between him and 1st place.  Attractive head with a well defined stop and dark pigmentation.  Good width and depth of body. Huge bone. Good rear angulation.  Moved and handled well.

3rd                          Popp’s CYBERUS APOLLO OF PENYCHEN

Four year old tall fawn. Lovely reach of neck and a pronounced stop and good pigmentation. Level topline  and length of back. Good bone and feet.  Well angulated at the rear. Moved well.

Res                        Zadeh’s FAYNAD SUNDOG


Class 8                  Open Dog                                         (2 entries)

1st                           Andrews’ CH COLLATERAL TO THE FUTURE BAILEY AT CYBERUS

Lovely fawn with level topline, ample width and depth of body. Huge bone with correct feet. Lovely rear angulation enabling him to move well. Dark pigmentation.

2nd                          Zadeh’s FAYNAD EDWARD THE CONFESSOR

Three year old apricot. Plainer in head than my first place. Level topline, good depth and width of body. Good bone and well muscled rear.

Class 9.               Veteran Bitch                                   (3 entries, 3 absent)


Class 10               Minor Puppy Bitch                         (1 entry)

1st                           Coulman Hole’s WOMLU THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE            

Seven month old fawn baby. A little apprehensive at her first show. So balanced! Good front and rear angulation. Head showing nice expression. Good bone and feet. Ample rib and in hard condition. Excellent mover.

Class 11               Puppy Bitch                                     (3 entries)

1st                           Coulman Hole’s CYBERUS LITTLE MADAM AT WOMLU

Ten month promising lovely fawn baby.  Good head  with a well defined stop and pigmentation .Good spring of rib and lovely angulation.  Large bone and correct feet. Moved with ease. Best Puppy

2nd                          Beaumont & Hesketh’s KARYSMHOR MISTS OF THE TOR

Nine month old brindle baby. Head still developing with correct dark eye. Level topline and carrying the correct amount of weight. Tight feet. Sweet disposition. Moved well.

3rd                          Beresford’s KARYSMHOR YNYS WYDRYN

Litter sister to my second place. Taller, with a level topline. Well ribbed and a muscled rear. Lovely head.

Class 12               Junior Bitch                                      (3 entries)

1st                           Deardon’s CARTIMANDUAN CELTIC QUEEN

Lovely apricot shown in hard condition. Excellent pigmentation and well pronounced stop. Long reach of neck. Level topline and well balanced throughout. Good bone and correct feet. Well muscled rear and moved well.

2nd                          Iliffe’s ASKUWHETEAU DOLI

Light brindle girl. Nice head developing with correct dark eye. Mature body , strong neck with good width of chest and rear. Moved well.

3rd                          McKevitt’s HYGSOM LIMITED EDITION AT TYKETARN

Very mature substantial fawn. Excellent pigment.  Huge bone with correct feet. Well developed rear and depth of body. Level topline. Would of preferred a slightly longer muzzle.

Class 13               Yearling Bitch                                   (5 entries)

1st                           Clarke’s HALLBERD DORIS

Beautiful twenty one month old dark brindle. Excellent pigment. Loved her head and well defined stop and expression. No exaggeration. Strong neck and level topline. Wide ribcage and desired length of back and depth of body. Well angulated muscular rear. Huge bone and correct feet.  Covered the ground with ease. Delighted to award her the CC and BOB.

2nd                         Hills’ FRAGILIS FFWSIA

Lovely brindle girl showing promise and show in good condition. Nice in profile, stong neck flowing into a level topline. Ample ribcage. Good bone and correct feet. Well muscled in the rear. Moved well.

3rd                          Blaxter’s PIA ASSISI FOR NOBLEHEART

Large fawn girl with an attractive head. Mature in body and substantial throughout. Good length of back. Huge bone and excellent feet. Moved well.

Res                        Facey’s LIONGUARD FAT BOTTOMED GIRL OF WIGGENHALL

VHC                      Masters’ LIONGUARD MALEFICIENT


Class 14               Post Graduate Bitch                       (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st                         Chapman’s HALLBERD CARLA

Head still developing incorporating a correct dark eye. Good depth and width of body with a level topline. Lovely condition. Moved well.

2nd                          McCulloch’s JEWEL SLNKO ZEMPLINA

Two year old apricot of nice type but carrying excessive weight. Huge bone and great pigment.

Class 15               Limit Bitch                                        (5 entries, 2 absent)

1st                           Andrews’ CYBERUS WHOOPS A DAISY

Gorgeous two year old fawn. Attractive head piece with lovely pigmentation. Level topline carried on a mature body without being overdone. Good width of chest and well muscled rear angulation. Huge bone and correct feet. Moved with ease. Reserve CC and RBIS.

2nd                          Beaumont & Hesketh’s KARYSMHOR GWYNETH’S GALAXY

Four year old apricot of good type enjoying her day. Great pigment. Good width of body with a well angulated rear. Moved well.

Class 16               Open Bitch                                       (2 entries)

1st                           Andrews’ QUINCY VALLEE DES MOUNTCHES AT CYBERUS

Three year old gorgeous brindle. Lovely head with well defined stop.  Mature body with depth and width throughout. Excellent rear angulation with great bone.  Level topline. Moved very well.

2nd                          Iliffe & Clarke’s ASKUWHETEAU BESHKNO

Lovely three year old brindle with super pigmentation and a great temperament. Attractive head. Excellent body with lovely length of back. Ample width of chest and depth . Moved well.