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Crufts is one of the largest canine events in the world and thousands of dogs compete each year for the coveted 'Best in Show' title.

Crufts was founded by dog biscuit salesman Charles Cruft, who held the 'First Great Terrier Show' in 1891 before five years later it was renamed “Crufts Greatest Dog Show”.

The first Best in Show competition was in 1928, when Greyhound Primley Sceptre was crowned the shows' first champion.

Crufts was not held during the two world wars and it was cancelled in 1954 because of an electrician strike.

Although it was a very different event in 1891, Charles Cruft was a great showman and would surely have enjoyed the size and scope of the event today, which is an essential date in any dog lover’s calendar.

Amazing archival photographs show how Crufts appeared from the 1920s to now.

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