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Mastiff Association Champ Show, Judge Mr Colin R Hill

Best Dog and Best in Show: Champion Faynad Frankincense

Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show: Champion Fragilis Fausta

Best Puppy in Show: Cwmtysswg Sabine


Here is the critique from Colin Hill from our Champ Show in February

Firstly, I would like to say, what a great honour and privilege it was to judge this prestigious show. I have had many a pleasant and enjoyable day exhibiting my own dogs at this atmospheric club show. My able stewards kept things moving smoothly so I could concentrate on the task in hand: the exhibits where mixed in type as usual, temperaments overall were good; just a few individuals that wouldn’t show. I was looking forward to judging the first champion classes at this show but unfortunately overall were empty apart from one individual. There was a distinct lack of large mature mastiffs on the day (some absentees) which was a great pity; making the job in hand even more tricky. But there was plenty of quality up and coming youngsters; which is good for the breed and the hobby of showing. I didn’t see any dogs of poor quality or lack of merit worthy of mention and hope soon our breed will be off the category three register.
(1) VD - 1st Herring & Dodd’s. Ch Cedwalla Country Boy By Heffalump. This 9yr old fawn boy is an old hand at this showing malarkey and could easily have shown himself without the handler in tow. Saying that he was handled very well, they have a great partnership between them. Good height to length ratio, overall a clean, tidy specimen and sporting a pleasing head with distinguished silver embellishment to mask. Moved with great enthusiasm, at one with handler, lovely disposition and deserved their warm applause BVIS.
(3.1) MPD – 1st Mcculloch & Gillet’s. Chambers Sinko Zemplina. Raw fawn boy of six mths with plenty of substance of body and frame. Strong head showing promise. Not showing himself off to best advantage today and a little confused as to what’s expected of him but with maturity and some ring training should do well. Good pigment to structured head and muzzle on top of a strongly built frame; slow growth, gentle exercise and patience is needed with this one who should deliver future promise. Sweet nature and temperament. BPD 
(0.0) PD
(5.5) JD – 1st Zadeh’s. Faynad Alfred The Great. 13mth old lovely brindle of quality showing dense pigment and bloom to coat. Good overall balance and conformation showing correct upper arm and layback of shoulder. Good width of chest. Lovely classic brindle head with structure and soft wrinkle, width of muzzle and clean eye. Good body length to height ratio. Should mature to great effect. Good topline and hind angulation. Won on balance. Moved well on good solid boned quarters. 2nd Williams & Wilke’s. Manolo Assisi (Imp Deu) Very large 16mth old fawn boy of substance and type. Huge head of great proportions very well furnished with wrinkle and structure. Body of substance and maturity well beyond his age. Bone of some size. Soft topline should improve with maturity and harder condition. Went well round the ring. 3rd Knight’s. Kumormai Grand Theft Auto. Tall fawn boy of 14mths who should mature to effect. Clean head and eye. Neat and tidy on the move with good ring presence and attitude.

(1.1) ND – 1st Weightman’s. Cadermist Storm Rafael. An upstanding apricot boy of 19mths who stood alone but a young dog of some quality; excellent pigment. Needing time and maturity. Good overall size and shape balanced throughout with moderate angles fore and aft. Well boned, up on his pasterns. Showing good body and head ratios which will only improve with age. Movement was very good showing reach and powerful drive for such a youngster. Good attitude and ring presence topped off a pleasing picture.

(9.6) PGD – 1st Dickinson’s. Mullak Trojan Titan. 19mth old strong brindle dog of good height; should mature to effect. Clean skull and eye. Strong head piece showing structure of width and profile and good ratios leading to excellent topline and length, good moderate angles and bone. Needs to drop in underline which should come with maturity! Moved out strongly showing sound easy movement. Lacking in ring presence today, that would complete the picture. Possibly one for the future. 2nd Zadeh’s. Faynad Edward The Confessor. 13mnth old apricot boy of good proportions and balanced angulation. Head good for age showing nice proportions and pigment. Good topline. Shown in hard condition with nice length of body to height ratio. Showing future promise; immature at present, movement should improve more with age. Sound movement and temperament. 3rd White’s. Swainsi Prince Saroo. Apricot of 21mths with great head piece (one of the best of the day); Lovely planes and attractive ratios, lovely clean furnishing without being too clean or dry. Good mouth. Lovely stop and level top to occiput leading into good lay of shoulder and topline. Needs to tighten in hind quarters but moved well.

(6.4) LD – 1st Matheson’s. Kumormai The Trickster. Medium sized 3 ½ yr old fawn boy of clean moderate type. Stood out in class and the challenge emphasising balance and his lovely body profile and conformation. Good clean attractive eye with an honest typey head; showing structure and correct planes, finished off with beautiful dense pigment. Good fore angulation showing equal upper arm and lay back echoed at the rear; showing strength and drive on the move. In hard muscled condition, without excess. Used his limbs on the move showing power and ease of movement on well boned legs. Would prefer tighter pasterns to be picky but used them well. DCC & RBIS. 2nd Coulman-Hole’s. Faynad Magic Man For Womlu. 20mth old fawn boy of type and presence. Should mature to effect. Lovely structured head of type framed by good ear set. Good overall substance for age with great chest of some depth, good ribbing and depth of underline. Maturity should help him drop in stifle. Expressive head with nice planes and structure showing width and lovely profile. Moves with great enthusiasm showing his great attitude and spirit RDCC. 3rd Whiteley’s. Mulaloo Magic Touch. 3yr old Fawn boy of great attitude and presence. Nice head piece and ratios. Moderate in most aspects. Great character, enthusiasm and at one with his handler.

(3.1) OD – 1st Clark’s Cwmtysswg Madoc. 4 ½ yr old Beautiful dark brindle boy of some maturity excellent pigment and stature. Moderate throughout with clean neat outline showing excellent topline. All a top strong solid bone. Sizeable muzzle of length with moderate head planes, would prefer a more pronounced stop and width of head. Not the longest of bodies but moves with animation and drive. Good character with ring presence.

(1.0) VB Ab

(4.4) MPB – 1st Iliffe’s. Askuwheteau Beshkno. Apricot brindle baby of 6mths everything there in moderation very neat puppy excellent topline for age and good moderate angulation fore and aft. Head of structure, showing clean eye and wrinkle. Great ring presence went around the ring with verve and attitude. Handled well; her first time in the ring but was like a seasoned pro’ all round lovely performance. Obviously just needs time and maturity BPIS. 2nd Facey’s. Karolinka Debra-Damo Of Wiggenhall. Fawn brindle girl of 8mths with more substance and size than 1 but not as balanced. Longer in head and muzzle ratio at present, good eye and pigment. Nice body length to depth ratio with nice topline for this stage of development. Moved well round ring showing good temperament. 3rd Johnstone’s. Askuwheteau Bena. 6 mth old fawn girl with good pigment to mask, would prefer darker eye. Nice depth to length body ratio. Happy disposition and moved well for age.

(0.0) PB

(6.5) JB – 1st Harding’s. Mulaloo Midwinter Spirit. Beautiful pale fawn youngster of 16mths. Structured head and body in balance. Tidy in all aspects, good temperament, movement and at one with handler. Up on her pasterns and good moderate angles front and back. Definitely one for the future; would like to see her once matured. At present would like a little more depth and length to body which should come with maturity and age. Full of promise and should go all the way. 2nd Zadeh’s. Faynad Yellow Primrose. Fawn girl of 13mths less mature than 1st but full of substance. Well pigmented mask. Good length of body. Head and skull catching up with body. Moved well on parallel lines. Lovely temperament. 3rd Nutall’s. Swainsi Eye Candy. Year old brindle of substance and depth. Head of fair proportions. Well ribbed showing plenty of spring for age. Moved well just needs more confidence in ring today. 
(1.1) NB – 1st Beaumont & Hesketh’s. Karysmhor Gwyneths’s Galaxy. Neat apricot girl of 2yrs with attitude and spirit who stood alone. Good overall balance with moderate angulation. Smart head piece with enough furnishing of wrinkle to compliment a sculpted head. Good mask pigment with clear eye. All in all an honest bitch. Would just prefer more general size overall. Moves with power and complete ease of movement mixed with that look at me attitude. Should mature to good effect. 
(4.1) PGB – 1st Dickinson’s. Mullak Tenacious Trinity. 19mth old who stood alone. Large mature dark brindle of size & substance. Fairly balanced for her age with good moderate angles and length of back. Pleasing head shape and size with good pigment and eye would just prefer a stronger stop. Topline impressed, well filled underline. Good limbs well boned moved well but would do better if in harder condition. Steady temperament.
(4.3) LB – 1st Zadeh’s. Faynad Floella. 20 mth old dark Brindle girl of type and substance, statuesque standing, who moved with verve and vigour. Well balanced solid brindle girl shows all the breed type required in a sound package creating that silhouette of correct shape I wanted. Depth, length with strong moderate angulation, possessing an excellent topline all held up with well boned quarters. Head of size and beautiful proportions well-structured and furnished to effect with the width and depth required. Clean eyes, good dentition and bite. to be picky would just prefer a smaller eye rim. Didn’t disappoint on the move showing reach and drive and surefooted, parallel footed placement. One I will watch in the future, should mature to great effect BCC & BIS. 2nd Bowdrey’s. Morganlefay All Hallows Eve. 3yr old medium fawn bitch of some balance and proportions, good quarters and level topline an honest bitch with good moderation throughout. Clear eye and clean skull with some structure. Moves with drive and enthusiasm. 3rd Clark’s. Olga Of The Cheese Hill At Hallberd Apricot of good type and construction but sadly not at ease in the ring and lacking enthusiasm today.

(2.2) OB – 1st Harding’s. Ch Mulaloo Midnight Moonbeam. Attractive 3yr old light fawn bitch of smart construction and head piece. Neat and tidy in all aspects. Clean head and body with structure and type. Good substance and depth of chest good ribbing and strong quarters would just prefer more hind angulation. Compact structure that shows strength on the move with power and strong even footfall. At one with handler producing a very smart partnership. 2nd Bromley’s. Harting Combe Hill at Spirithill. Tall fawn girl of 6 ½ yrs with sweet disposition. Upstanding and of mature stature. Very clean and moderate in all aspects. Would prefer more substance of bone and furnishings of head to finish off. Moved well around the ring with first time handler.
(2.1) ChB – 1st Coulman-Hole’s. Ch Faynad Morticia For Womlu. 20 mth old dark brindle girl of worthy note; long bodied creating a lovely silhouette on the move. Classy girl with lovely pigment. Feminine head with kind eye, good bite, dentition and ear set. Flowing from occiput to withers, above good moderate angulation fore and aft. Would just prefer better bend of stifle which would assist topline when static. Moves well showing off her beautiful length and classy outline. Good steady temperament with that slightly aloof, haughty look only a mastiff can achieve RBCC.

Judge Colin R Hill
Fragilis Mastiffs

John B
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