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Judge: Mr C R Hill

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MA Championship Show 2019


Colin developed his interest in canines from an early age having a constant companion in the form of the family dog (Heinz 52 variety), as well as a menagerie and myriad of other species of the domestic and exotic kind. In his teens he owned and bred his own canine companions which were initially Dobermanns but he quickly realised that Mastiffs were the breed for him.

A zoo keeper for over 20 years working with varied species from Giraffes to Leaf Cutting Ants, additionally and including large carnivores (Lions, Tigers, Snow Leopards & Bears) , Colin developed an innate understanding for form, function and conformation. This attribute came into its own when judging Mastiffs within the precincts of the show ring.

Colin has had limited litters over the years but has bred & owned 11 Mastiffs that have qualified for their Studbook Number out of 30 individuals bred and of those produced 7 Champions in total, making 34 CCs and 12 BOBs to date. As well as this he has had 7 BIS winners (with 5 individual dogs) for both Mastiff Breed Clubs Shows.

Colin is an experienced Mastiff judge  with an additional appointment In Denmark and attending and passing the MCOA’s judging seminar in the USA to learn the American intricacies and judging etiquette, mentored by the wonderful Damara Bolte.

He currently owes 4 Mastiffs (all of which are Champions). He has built his Fragilis line over a period of 23 years and has been a member of the MA for over 20 years, historically working on committee and holding the position of health representative for several of them.

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