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Cabaretou Mastiffs


Cabaretou Mastiffs is the kennel name of Richard & Carla Alblas-Blok from the Netherlands, breeders of mastiffs. We want to tell you about our life with these Gentle Giants. 

Since the beginning of the 90 th we have met this exceptionally large, friendly, calm and characterful dog breed. On a shows we heard about English breeders, google and fb then did not exist so the communication went by correspondence. Richard wrote to some English breeders and was invited to come over to see several puppies in England.

He met some famous breeders and mastiff enthusiasts, including Richmiller, Thomas & Tuggwell, John and margaret Bromley, ect etc. 

From the family Rischmiller bought Richard Worcester Lad or Bredwardine, aka Aram, a small puppy, which became one of the top mastiffs of the 90s.  


A summary of what Aram has achieved 25 years ago: 

  • Champion of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

  • BOB and BOS mastiffclubshows in Germany- 3 x BOB mastiffclubshows in Belgium. 

  • Aram has won 13 x CC's.

  • He has sired 15 litters.Out of this litters came 8 champions, one of them became youth-worldchampion 1993 and worldchampion 1994.

After this top dog there was no other mastiff until 2012, but after years we wanted another English mastiffs in our lives and in 2012 Cyberus Freya came to live with us, a puppy from England.

When Freya was 3 weeks old, we traveled to England to come see the puppies. We had 2nd litter choice and fell for Freya. 5 weeks later we were allowed to pick her up via the canal tunnel from England to France, via Belgium to the Netherlands.


2013 Guappa del Peñón de Ifach aka Polly We brought from Germany to the Netherlands to come and live with us.


2013 Guappa del Peñón de Ifach aka Polly We brought from Germany to the Netherlands to come and live with us.


2016, Absolute Amazing Mont Vidas of Carnac out of 2x Crufts winner Faynad Frankincense (35 cc)x Cyberus Freya(2cc) .both pedigrees goes back to the famous Bredwardine bloodline.

His outgoing character, movement and type is what brings him in advantage in the showring.He is every inch a gentleman on the showground but at home he is more like a little boy who want to play with his blue 50 liter drum. 

Monty is 2 years old has sired his first litter in januari 2018.


2017, Cabaretou Damara, out of Faynad Ethelred x Cyberus Freya


2018, Faynad Cabaretou Lily-Rose out of Faynad Ethelred x Faynad Black Betty

2018, Cabaretou Evy-Rose out of Absoute Amazing Mont Vidas of Carnac (Monty) x Guappa del Peñón de Ifach (Polly) In the meantime we went to live in our farm in the Languedoc, France, in 2015 our Cyberus Freya x Suncamo Son of a Gun gave birth to our Mister Jones 


Jones is now called Bones and has living in Amsterdam since 2018, where he always is on the side of Sandor and his daughter Sierra. Bones walk with Sandor in the Vondelpark, eat in different restaurants, walk along the historic canals of Amsterdam and visit famous people in the canal houses, When Sandor buying men’s suits, his great friend Boner goes along with him. Bones also has his own driver in the Daimler J  


Photo: born on leap day 2016, the litter Absolute Amazing of Carnac, the unique litter of Freya with all the colors that mastiffs may have


In 2016 Faynad Frankincense (2 x Crufts winner 2017+2018+(35 cc)and Cyberus Freya (2cc) gave us 9 beautiful puppies. 

We did not have a kennel name because that took a long time in France. Fortunately we were allowed to register this litter under the kennel name 'Absolute Amazing' of my sister, Monique Blok who lives also in France.

From this litter are Absolute Amazing Mirabella of Carnac World Champion and Absolute Amazing Mont Vidas of Carnac vice World Champion at the world dogshow 2017 in Leipzig



In 2016 we moved back to the Netherlands and we got the kennel name Cabaretou, named after the mountain where we lived in France.


2017, Polly x Mister Jones bred in 2017, Cabaretou Lou la Roux and Cabaretou Cést


2017, Freya x Faynad Ethelred bred Cabaretou Dougal and Cabaretou Damara


Polly x Absolute Amazing Mont Vidas bred in 2018, Cabaretou Evy-Rose, Bertus and Savira


By the end of 2018 we hope to get the first litter from our beloved Mirabella.


And maybe the last litter of our lovely Polly in 2019.


Our goal is to breed our own soundness mastiffs, for the puppy’s that we do not keep to ourselves, we carefully look for new families where they get the life a mastiff deserves 

All our mastiffs live in our house and they have access to our large forest garden, where our pack can walk, lie down and play together. Our puppies are born in the home as far as possible and grow in a homely atmosphere under the watchful eye of all our mastiffs.  So that they are well socialized before they go to their new families.


We breed in accordance with the rules of the Raad van Beheer in the Netherlands and they also issue the pedigree. We also adhere to the rules of the breed clubs O.E.M.C.N. and the association of Mastiffliefhebbers. We let our dogs test whether they are healthy to breed with;

  • Hips-> HD research A is the best 

  • elbows-> ED research free is the best 

  • eyes-> Eye research here are the eyes on multiple abnormalities examinedCystinuria-> free.

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