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tEXT BY fAYNAD (George Z)


Tugwell & Thomas

Purveyors of Mastiffs and other treasures


On July 10th, 1983, the Old English Mastiff Club held its yearly championship show. This time was extra special, for the Club's Centennial was celebrated on that day.

It was perfection in every way -- a truly historical Mastiff event, long to be remembered by those fortunate enough to be there. That one kennels entries won both Kennel Club Challenge Certificates was history in making itself! And very likely it was talked and written about at the celebration of the English Club's Bicentennial.

The Kennel that took all the Centennial silver was Bredwardine. It owners my good friends -- Mr Peter Tugwell and Mr Richard Thomas who lived at Newnham Court, Newnham, near Tenbuty Wells, Worcestershire


The winning mastiff == the apricot Champion Bredwardine Beau Ideal a best in show winner who took the breed that july day, and her fawn kennel mate, Bellabees Blunder of Bredwardine, who took best of Opposite.

They were so judges by the well known Mrs C.G Sutton, who judged best in show at Crufts that year(1984) where 

Beau Ideal took Best of Opposite to Champion Hollesley Medicin Man.


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