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Mastiff Association Champ Show, Judge Mr Frank Kane

Best Dog and Best in Show: Champion Faynad Frankincense

Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show: Champion Fragilis Fausta

Best Puppy in Show: Cwmtysswg Sabine

Mastiff Association Champ Show, Judge Mr Frank Kane

Best Dog and Best in Show: Champion Faynad Frankincense

Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show: Champion Fragilis Fausta

Best Puppy in Show: Cwmtysswg Sabine

Best Dog and Best in Show: Champion Faynad Frankincense

Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show: Hestia Spod Holli Cyburus

Best Puppy in Show: Faynad Magic Man For Womlu

Crufts , Judge Dr Ron James


MA Open Show: Teresa Andrews

Judge: Ms Hilary Sargeant 
Judge: Mrs Sue Garner
Judge: Mis Tracey Atkinson
Judge: Mr John Bromley
Judge: Ms Elaine Knight
Judge: Ms Elaine Knight

Ch Faynad  Faynad Frankincense

CH Fragilis Fausta


Below is the critique from Frank Kane following his judging of our Champ show on Saturday 17th February.

Mastiff Association Breed Championship Show
Saturday 17th February 2018
Judge: Mr Frank Kane

I consider it a great honour to be invited to judge a breed club show and it was a pleasure to judge for this association, with an entry of 56 Mastiffs. Health wise I was pleased to see the great majority free of exaggeration with healthy skin, only 2 exhibits with slightly wet eyes. A couple of shy exhibits, a bit nervous in being examined, but young enough to improve with more experience. Hindquarters, hocks and rear angulation were the most prevalent weaknesses.
A very sporting atmosphere prevailed with all class winners being well applauded. Type and size varied. I found heads very varied with some deep stops and very rounded skulls and low set ears giving a foreign look. 
I enjoyed my day immensely, thank you to Jean Pennie and her team for making me so welcome and, for the sensible starting time, with brunch and a generous memento. Many thanks to my stewards Elaine Norris, Jed Ling and Scott Hamblett.
Best in Show was the brindle dog Ch Faynad Frankincense at 3 years old he is in peak form, a combination of type and soundness and carries himself well and is true at both ends. He is not the tallest of dogs but he has plenty of bone, substance and quality and was a comfortable winner for me.
Reserve Best in Show was the 19 months fawn bitch Ch Fragilis Fausta, big strapping bitch of excellent length, bone and substance. Loses nothing in femininity. Head of good skull and foreface proportion, maximum lip and good eyes. Has very good profile stride to cover the ground well. Still looks a teenager which is understandable but she must have a great future.
Best Puppy, the brindle bitch Cwmtysswg Sabine, almost 12 months, beat her litter brother for this award being better in front action. She is a great prospect and has really good quarters and movement.
Best Veteran the dog Ch Cedwalla Country Boy by Heffalump, obviously loves the showring and moved round with great style, driving from strong quarters. He is tall and typy and has a remarkable topline coming from good ribbing. A great character shown in pristine condition.
VD/VB (1, 0)
1 Herring & Dodd's CH Cedwalla Country Boy by Heffalump 8 years old who is a great advert for the breed being fit, active and sound and enjoying life. He also, has the benefit of good type without exaggeration, good length of body and firm hindquarters. Good head proportions. Front just a little loose now but a good start to the day.
MPD (3, 1)
1 Weightman's Cadermist Storm Rafael 7 months beautiful rich fawn/apricot a real baby who needs to grown on but he scored in head proportions and is beautifully sound at both ends, if a little bemused by the experience of his first show. Holds a good topline. I liked him enormously and think him an excellent prospect for the future.
2 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Magic Man for Womlu 8 months bigger dog of good body shape, good chest and rib. A little uncoordinated on the move. At the moment his head is a little domed and he can grow into his ears.
PD (4, 1)
1 Gittins' Cwmtysswg Sultan very forward brindle of almost 12 months, he has a very good breed type with an excellent head and eye – good body length and excellent chest. His coat is a little long. His movement at both ends can improve, particularly behind. He does not need to carry any more body weight.
2 Elder's Cadermist Storm Ernesto 7 months fawn of very good type. A real baby but has a lot of quality. A little narrow throughout yet but a good head and good body proportions. Excellent temperament.
3 Popp's Cyberus Apollo
JD (6, 1)
1 Fox's Thomaster Armastice Day 14 months brindle dog, appealed a lot for type and proportions. He has a very good head and good eyes. Good topline and very good bone, chest and feet. He is a touch narrow behind at the moment but sound and he carries himself well, scoring in topline here.
2 Beaumont & Hesketh's Karysmhor Dylan's Star 16 months best mover in the class, sound and strong at both ends. At the teenage stage in the body. He is a little long in the couplings and this showed in his topline. Strong skull and good eye.
3 Hazlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot
ND (1, 0)
1 Saward & Andrews’ Mahoostiff God of Thunder 16 months tall imposing fawn with excellent length of body and a good back end coming from his good angulation and good hocks. Good head and eye. At the moment his front, feet and pasterns can firm up and this shows in his front action. However, he has a lot of type and quality and should come on well 
PGD (2, 1)
1 Matheson's Kumormai The Trickster 32 months old, a fawn of very good type with good ribcage and very good hind quarters and strong hocks which he uses really well. His eye is a little round. Good strength under the eyes. Can firm up in elbows, and pasterns which shows in his front action. Needs a little more confidence in the ring. In the challenge much more composed and pressed hard for the Res CC, the best quarters and rear drive of the day and I hope he will go on to better things.
LD (4, 0)
1 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Fifty Shades 2 years fawn and still a teenager in the body. He scored heavily in movement here. I’d like more substance all through and I hope time with help him there. Movement and temperament excellent.
2 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Humpty Dumpty for Womlu litter brother and I preferred him for type and whilst he was sound he lacked confidence. Scores in head and substance.
3 Whiteley's Mulaloo Magic Touch 
OD (5, 1)
1 Zadeh's Faynad Frankincense 3 years, stood away for type and soundness. Beautifully boned without coarseness. Good skull and eye and foreface. Excellent substance and strong and sound on the move. DCC & BIS
2 Clarke's Cwmtysswg Madoc 3 years, appealed in head and eye and general outline. Not the maturity of body of the winner and not the width in chest. His rear movement is a little close but, in the challenge, he had the advantage of eye and front action over the Post Grad winner and he took the Res DCC
3 Saward & Andrews’ Mahoostiff God of Thunder
VB (2, 0)
1 Allen's Fenrir Du Ranc De Bannes 7 years fawn in great condition. Lovely breed type all though from her strong head and excellent type and firm topline. Still sound, just a touch close in rear. Lovely bitch pressed the male veteran hard but just tired a little in front action in the challenge. 
2 Knight's Kumormai Dubutante almost 10 years, lighter framed but a very good stride on her. Clean eyes. Not the substance or topline of the winner but a great credit to breed and owner.
MPB (3, 2)
1 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Morticia For Womlu 8 months brindle, in a growth stage and at the moment high in the rear. Good bone and feet. Good head proportions. Lovely coat. Tail detracts from her outline on the move.
PB (4, 0)
1 Gittins' Cwmtysswg Sabine 11 months brindle, a good winner with really good hindquarters with well defined hock and she uses them well. Quality head, good substance and topline.
2 Andrews' Cyberus Verena 9 months fawn with lovely topline, length and coat. She needs to let down in rear and strength in second thigh but she scored in topline and head to take this place. Sound moving but a bit reluctant but she has quality.
3 Zadeh's Faynad Floella
JB (5, 1)
1 Allen's Mahoosive Full Figure 16 months excellent type and soundness throughout. Good length, substance and topline. Good head marred by big ears. Maximum lip. Very sound. Lovely clear coat in excellent condition. Good bitch.
2 McCulloch & Gillett Nobleheart Lady Love Bug for Damaco 14 months smutty fawn but scored in movement and temperament to win this place. Good head type. Clean eyes. Tail a little low set.
3 Coulman-Hole's Suncamo Redboo Tabitha For Womlu lovely bitch, clear fawn and lovely mover at both ends. Lacking in confidence and I couldn’t really do any more for her on the day. I hope she gets over this as I liked her.

PGB (1, 0) 
1 Bowdery’s Morganlefay All Hallows Eve 2 years old, excellent temperament and movement. Good length but not yet fully finished in rib and chest but had time for that. A touch long in the couplings and this shows in her topline. Strong but feminine in head. Good ears.
LB (8, 1)
Two excellent bitches to top this followed by others I liked.
1 Dickinson's Mullak Heart of Hearts 5 years brindle, a beautiful typy bitch and I liked a lot about her although she could come on a little cleaner in her front action. Great quarters and hind action from strong hocks. Excellent topline at all times which won her Res BCC in the challenge.
2 Bromley’s Harting Coombe Hill at Spirithill 6 years fawn, lovely type, taller than the winner but not quite the bone. Sound moving, free of exaggeration. Holds a good topline and head of good proportions. Excellent coat and condition.
3 Hill's Fragilis Foofighter
OB (4, 0)
1 Hill's CH Fragilis Fausta 19 months great stride and freedom of action, held a good topline. Head of good proportions. Maximum lip. Good coat. Tail could be straighter but scored highly in her carriage and topline. Tall bitch of good length and needs more time to be at her best but full of quality BCC & RBIS 
2 Andrews’ Hestia Spod Holi At Cyberus 2 years, lovely bone and substance. A little slack in her topline. Strong skull. Correct stop and good eye. Ears are a bit too big. Good rear. Not as good in front action as the winner. Her coat gleamed with condition.
3 Bowdery's Morganlefay's Tina Choice
Frank Kane


Champ Shows 

Issue: 18/05/2018




PD (4, 1)

1 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Magic Man For Womlu. Nicely developing fawn puppy with broad chest, good head and moved well.

2 Elder's Cadermist Storm Ernesto. Promising nine month old fawn, moved well. Preferred head of first.

3 Clark's Wayne del Penon De Ifach. 

JD (2)

1 Saukas & Murray's Maximus De La Villa Bel Air. Fawn youngster with nice expression. Moved well. There is still considerable growing to be done but promising at this stage.

2 Miller's Quatermain Of The Cheese Hill With Brindaree. Brindle boy, fairly tall at this stage. A little ill at ease today. Yet to fill out. 

PGD (1)

1 Hazelwood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot. Fawn youngster with nice expression. A little bothered by the echoing acoustics of the hall. Settled and moved well. Good conformation. 

LD (2, 1)

1 Andrews' Cyberus Babayaga. Lovely head and expression, but I would prefer more pigmentation. Good conformation and length of body. Moved well. 

OD (2)

1, DCC & BOB, Zadeh's Ch Faynad Frankincense. Solid dark brindle boy who is a good example of the breed. Good conformation and body. Plenty of type.  Strong with excellent bone. Moved well. 2 & Reserve Dog CC, Clark's Cwmtysswg Madoc. Another good brindle male. Correct length of back and good conformation. Moved well. 

MPB (2, 1)

1 & BP, Harding's Mulaloo Midwinter Spirit. Very well grown and developed for 7 months. Lively and happy and moved with energy. Good expression. Very promising. 

PB (2, 1)

1 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Morticia For Womlu. 10 month brindle bitch with lovely nature. Good expression. Moved and showed well. 

LB (4, 1)

1 Harding's Mulaloo Midnight Moonbeam. Lovely well bodied bitch who moved and showed well. Good expression and pigmentation. Good length of back.

2 Bowdery's Morganlefay All Hallows Eve. Lovely  head and expression, but today she was a little skittish on the move, although she did settle well and lost out narrowly to the winner.

3 Dickenson's Mullak Heart Of Hearts. 

OB (2)

1, BOB & BCC, Hill's Fragilis Foofighter. Gorgeous fawn bitch with wonderful head, good pigmentation and full of type. Gentle expression. She moved well and is a lovely ambassador for the breed.

2 & Res BCC, Andrews' Hestia Spod Holi At Cyberus. Apricot bitch with lovely dark mask. Very good movement, sound and typy.

Hilary Sargeant 


Champ Shows 

Issue: 08/06/2018


BATH - 2018


I was very pleased to judge Mastiffs at Bath show and thank the committee for inviting me.  Although our breed is listed by the KC as a Category three breed, I thought the dogs I went over were in good health and the overall movement of the dogs on show was excellent as were temperaments.  There were very few exaggerations and considering the decline in numbers Mastiff breeders and owners have done an excellent job in maintaining and improving the health of the breed. Total entries: 16 

PD (2)

1  Coulman-Hole's Faynad Magic Man for Womlu. Fawn dog nicely constructed with good substance and bone.  Moved well.

2  Bankes' Cadermist Storm Rafael. Large apricot, well grown and showing lots of promise.  Moved well.  

JD (3)

1 Gittins' Cwmtysswg Sultan. Brindle dog, broad in head with lovely pigment, excellent bone and substance throughout.  Moved well with a very happy temperament. 

2 White's Swainsi Prince Saroo. Apricot Fawn. Attractive head and expression with good pigment.  Good conformation with good bone and substance.  3 Miller's Quatermain Of The Cheese Hill With Brindaree 

PGD (2)

1  White's Swainsi Danny Boy - Res CC. Big brindle dog, broad head in proportion with an attractive expression.  Lovely sized bone and good substance throughout with good conformation. Moved well.

2 Hazlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot. Large fawn also with good bone and conformation, a little put off by the thunderstorm we were having at the time of judging, however moved well. 

OD (1)

1  Zadeh's Ch Faynad Frankincense - Dog CC & BOB. There's not much I can say about this dog that hasn't been said before! A lovely big brindle dog, with attractive pigment, broad in the skull.  Excellent bone and substance throughout with good turn of stifle, moved well and deserved BOB. 

PB (2,1)

1  Coulman-Hole's Faynad Morticia For Womlu - Best Puppy. 11 month old brindle with attractive pigment.  Good bone and substance, deep chest and nice turn of stifle.  Moved well.

 JB (2)

1 Gittins Cwmtysswg Sabine - Bitch CC. Lovely brindle bitch with an attractive broad head and good pigment.  Good bone and substance.  Good conformation with deep chest and a nice turn of stifle.  Moved well with a very happy temperament.  Very pleased to award her the CC. 2 White's Princess Thia - Res CC. Also a lovely brindle bitch and I had a difficult time choosing between these two.  Attractive head, good conformation and moved well. Res CC 

PGB (1)

1  Beaumont &   Hesketh's Karysmhor Gwyneth's Galaxy. Apricot fawn, good conformation and bone.  Lovely expression and very happy temperament.  Good movement with a nice back end. 

LB (2)

1 Dickinson's Mullak Heart of Hearts. Brindle bitch, attractive expression.  Good conformation, good back end with a nice turn of stifle and moved well. 2 Facey's Hexnorden Everlong For Nordicface. Also has an attractive expression and good pigment.  Nicely sized bone and spring of ribs with a good turn of stifle. 

OB (1)

1 Zadeh's Faynad Storm in a Tea Cup. Fawn bitch, attractive head with lovely expression.  Good bone and spring of ribs with a good turn of stifle. Moved well.

Tracey Atkinson

CRUFTS - 2018


VD (2)

1 Herring & Dodd's Ch Cedwalla Country Boy By Heffalump. Pleasing head, eye and expression, firm topline, good length of body, good height, well boned limbs, pleasing croup and tail set, active mover, would have preferred a greater depth of chest and more expanse of rib.

2 Class' Ector De La Basse Roche (ATC AL01156FRA). Very good type and quality, beautiful head, eye and expression, substantial frame of good depth and proportions, strong neck, typical outline and build, not moving at his best. 

PD (3, 2)

1 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Magic Man For Womlu. Promising young male, pleasing head properties, typical outline and proportions, well pigmented mask and eye rims, pure coat colour, well boned, a little overawed and a bit erratic on the move.

 JD (8, 1)

1 Hazlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot. Pleasing type with a typical build nd outline for the breed, balanced head of good proportions with well finished muzzle and flews, dark expressive eye, pleasing pigmentation of mask and eye rims, colour of pure tone, pleasing coat, needs to drop in body and generally fill out to desired impression of power and strength of body, active mover.

2 Wyatt's Nobleheart Wyatt Wonder Boy. Well grown with ample substance and bone, typical headpiece with pleasing eye and expression, well developed rib, strong loin, fair hindquarters, not co-operating with handler and moving erratically.

3 Herbots' Pacha Du Domaine Des Popeyes (ATC AV00776BEL). 

PGD (1) 1 Frank's Heimann Argentina Valentino JCh (ATC AU02173ARG). Typical outline and body proportions, balanced head with pleasing eye and muzzle, ample bone and substance, would have preferred to see more strength and power in rear quarters. 

LD (4, 2)

1 Andrews' Cyberus Babayaga. Pleasing make and shape, powerful body of good depth giving impression of strength and power, ample ribbing, well coupled with strong loin, topline could be a little firmer, pleasing set of croup with adequate hindquarters, moved with a free and easy ground covering stride.

2 Alblas' Absolute Amazing Montvidas Of Carnac (ATC AU01496FRA). Pleasing head properties, strong neck, ample rib and firm topline, would have preferred more power and strength at rear and a longer stride on the move. 

OD (8)

1 Zadeh's Ch Faynad Frankincense. CC & BOB, a true Mastiff in every way, has a balanced head of pleasing shape and proportions, good eye and expression, well finished muzzle and flews, strong neck, very pleasing depth and expanse of rib, well coupled with powerful loin, well set coup and fair hindquarters, moves with determination and power with an unfaltering gait.

2 Clarke's Ch Gator Debra Damo. Res CC, another real Mastiff fulfilling the requirements of the standard in many respects, powerful build and masculine demeanour, excellent ribbing, powerful loin, excellent bone and substance, close-up but just felt the winner had the edge with his slightly stronger and more powerful rear action. 3 Clark's Cwmtysswg Madoc. 

GCD (2)

1 Miller's Quatermain Of Cheese Hill With Brindaree (Imp). Honest sort of youngster with a typical outline, pleasing head, dark eye, fair balance of skull to muzzle, a little light in body and needing more bone and substance, active mover. 

VB (1)

1 Allen's Fenrir Du Ranc De Bannes. Quality exhibit of pleasing type, noble appearance and attitude, ample depth and strength of body, balanced construction and active movement. 

JB (8)

1 Allen's Mahoosive Full Figure. Good breed type and with look of quality and breeding about her, pure colour, pleasing pigmentation of mask and eye rims, typical head piece with a gentle dark eye giving a kindly expression, well boned limbs, ample rib cage, strong loin, rear action a little disappointing.

2 Gittins' Cwmtysswg Sabine. Pleasing overall pattern with typical head, good eye and expression, adequate ribbing, well coupled, needs to strengthen in rear quarters.

3 Stevens' Pippa Of The Cheese Hill (ATC AU02842DEU). 

PGB (3, 1)

1 Nordhues' Camastiff's Daniella Edda (ATC AT02348NOR). Pleasing type and quality, fair head with pleasing eye and expression, good body shape and proportions, good colour and coat texture, a little unruly and somewhat exuberant on the move.

2 Lyons' Verteshegyi Fiducia At Avadelyon. Good type with a typical overall build and appearance, pleasing head, eye and expression, fair size, bone and substance, rear quarters need more muscle mass and tone, disappointing on the move. 

LB (9)

1 Clark's Olga Of The Cheese Hill At Hallberd. Classical breed type and attributes, looked a picture on the stack, pleasing head properties, deep and powerful body, firm topline, good rib and coupling, well sloped croup, strong quarters, felt she could have put more into her movement.

2 Phoebe Del Penon De Ifach JCh (ATC AV00670DEU). Pleasing body shape and construction, ample fill and depth of fore chest, strong neck, firm top line, good rib and coupling, not as appealing in head properties as winner, rear action a little untidy.

3 Harding's Mulaloo Midnight Moonbeam. 

OB (7)

1 Andrews' Hestia Spod Holi At Cyberus (Imp Skj). CC, Lovely example of the breed, very pleasing head properties, good eye and expression, of powerful construction, ample depth and strength of body, well filled fore chest, well ribbed, strong loin, positive and active mover.

2 Hill's Ch Fragilis Fausta. Res CC, another beauty of excellent breed type and character, pleasing head properties, pure coat colour, nicely shaded mask and will pigmented eye rims, strong neck, good rib cage and coupling, steady on the move just found the winner a fraction more positive when going away from me.

3 Courtois & King's Fr/Int/It Ch Isadora Iris Brullemail (ATC AS02731FRA).

Ronald W James



24th JUNE 2018 – MASTIFFS        JUDGE  JOHN A BROMLEY (Spirithill)



I would like to thank the Committee of Blackpool & District CS for inviting me to judge the mastiff classes. They run a very slick organisation and even managed to arrange excellent weather. I would also like to pass special thanks on to my two hard working stewards, Stephanie & MaryAnn, who looked after me extremely well in very hot conditions.

Although the entry was low at 14 mastiffs, I was very pleased with all my major placings. There were some slight concerns regarding the reappearance of heavily wrinkled heads which in turn creates excessive haw, although this was only evident in a very small number of dogs.

Remarkably 14 dogs were entered and 14 dogs attended.

PUPPY DOG: 3 (0)

1st: KUMORMAI GRAND THEFT AUTO (Ms E Knight) All three in this class were litter siblings and 6 months old. This fawn dog was tall for his age and although he was so young his movement was more co-ordinated than either of his siblings. He had a pleasing head with good dark eye. Went on to take B.P.

2nd: KUMORMAI FELONY (Ms E Knight) Noticeably smaller fawn dog than No.1. Head needs to mature and co-ordination on the move should improve with age and experience.



1st : FAYNAD MAGIC MAN FOR WOMLU (Mr S & Mrs T Coulman-Hole) 12 month old fawn dog still in the early stages of development and needs time for the head to come on. Nice feet and correct bite, ears set a bit low. Level top line on the move although slightly unco-ordinated. Went on to take B.J.



1st: CRAIGLESTONE LORD THUDFOOT (Mr C Hazelwood) 20 month old fawn dog. Unfortunately lacking confidence in the ring. I was able to go over him and establish that his bite was correct, his ear set was correct and he had a nicely proportioned head. Tight bun feet. Moved well with level top line and when standing had nice correct outline. RDCC

LIMIT DOG: 1 (0)

1st : CYBERUS BABAYAGA (Mr S.D. & Mrs T.B. Andrews) 2 ½ year old fawn dog with correct construction overall. Good bone and moved straight with level topline and drive. Head outline good but I would like to see less wrinkle.

OPEN DOG: 1 (0)

1st: CH FAYNAD FRANKINCENSE (Mr G Zadeh)  Very impressive 3½ year brindle dog who oozes quality and ring confidence. Superb conformation and build. Everything that you would want to see in a mastiff. Moved with drive. A pleasure to go over  Went on to take DCC/BOB.



1st: FAYNAD MORTICIA FOR WOMLU (Mr S & Mrs T Coulman-Hole) An eye catching  quality 12 month old brindle, already showing considerable prospects with excellent head proportions that will doubtless improve further with age. Good balanced movement but needs to come up on pasterns at present.  Correct conformation. Could well take over from her father in the next 2 or 3 years. RBCC

2nd: CYBERUS VEGA (Mr S.D. & Mrs T.B. Andrews) 20 month old fawn. Good outline overall, nice bend of stifle and plenty of bone, broad chest. Too much wrinkle for me.




2 ½ year old fawn, nice proportions but rather small for her age. Stop could be more defined, ears correctly set, nice dark mask, good feet and bone. Over enthusiastic on the move.




6 year old brindle with good head and ear set but slightly short on the muzzle. Correct bite, broad chest and plenty of depth on body. Moved very well maintaining pleasing topline.


Good head proportions and nice dark mask.  Correct  outline showing depth of chest and good bend of stifle. Movement slightly unco-ordinated hence second place to No.1


1st HESTA SPOD HOLI AT CYBERUS (Mr S.D. & Mrs T.B. Andrews)

Impressive apricot bitch. Very substantial build with good bone, correct head and excellent overall construction.  Powerful movement keeping excellent top line Pleased to award her BCC.


Fawn. Lighter build all round than No.1 although good overall construction. Pleasing head. A quality bitch who needs to settle on the move.



John A Bromley

John B

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of Leeds Championship Dog Show for their invitation to judge Mastiffs.

I was so happy with the quality, soundness and type of my entries. The breed has so improved in all areas and I feel that it is time to revaluate the validity of our continuing to be on breed watch. Well done to the breeders for introducing new blood and producing great results.

Thanks also to the exhibitors for their good sportsmanship and general ring camaraderie despite the weather. I thought my BOB, BP and BV all gave an excellent representation of themselves in the working group ring.


Puppy Dog. 1st Andrews Midas Assisi at Cyberus.  This 9 month old young fawn male stood alone but was a worthy winner. Mature with an impressive body shape. Lovely head with excellent mask and profile.  Good breadth of chest.  Level topline with good rear angulation.  Ample bone and good feet.  Moved well and outgoing temperament. |Gave a good account of himself in the working group. Best Puppy.


Junior Dog 1st Coulman- Holes  Faynad Magic Man for Womlu.   A 13 month old fawn boy  Good breadth of skull and dark mask. Body developing nicely with level topline. Good bone and feet. Moved very well.


Post Graduate Dog.  1st Hazlewoods Craigestone Lord Thudfoot.    So much to like about this 20 month old fawn.   Lovely square traditional type head.  Strong neck and body throughout.  Well muscled rear with great drive on the move. Short coat and excellent bone and tight feet.  


Limit Dog. 1st Andrew Cyberus Babayaga.  Mature fawn male with a good head. Well pigmented with deep set eyes.  Body deep with level topline and good breadth for and aft. Well muscled rear with great movement.  Excellent bone and and feet. Scored over 2nd placing in overall proportions. Reserve CC


2nd Whiteleys Mulaloo Magic Touch.  Square head of good proportion. Level topline coupled with good length. Strong body with excellent bone and feet. Moved well. Lovely outgoing temperament.



Open Dog. 1st Zadeh’s Ch. Faynad Frankincense .Impressive three year old brindle  with excellent proportions.  Such a great ambassador for the breed. Beautiful expressive  head that scores in every department.  Strong skull with great breadth and depth. Lovely expressive eyes and stong stop.  Massive chest with good span of rib and depth of body. Excellent rear. Strong bone with correct feet enabling him to cover the ground with ease. Well handled and gave a great account of himself in the working group and was delighted to see he made the final cut.  BOB.


Veteran Dog.

Herring and Dodds Ch Cedwalla Country Boy by Heffalump.  Eight and a half year old fawn boy who I had the pleasure to award a CC to four years ago. This wonderful gentleman is in excellent condition and is such a showman. Large skull with great expression. Strong neck flowing into a level topline and great length of back.  Scored in both front and rear with his massive frame.  Strong bone and good feet. Covered the ground with ease. Best Veteran.  Also gave a great account of himself in the veteran group. Well handled.


Puppy Bitch 1st Hardings Mulaloo Midwinter Spirit.  9 month old fawn. Lovely pigmentation and profile. Strong neck and level topline. Great breadth of chest and spring of rib. Excellent bone and tight feet with black nails. One of the best rears of the day!  Moved with ease. Shows promise.


Junior Bitch 1st Coulman-Holes Faynad Morticia for Womlu.  13 month old brindle girl. Dry head of good proportions and correct tight eye  with so much time to finish. Excellent pigmentation and markings.  Strong neck flowing into a level topline. Very mature in the body with chest both wide and deep.  Good spring of rib and depth. Good rear enabling her to cover the ground with ease. Scored in a strong line up for her overall balance and proportion.  Delighted to award her the CC.


Post Graduate Bitch. 1st Beaumont and Heskeths Karysmor Gwynneths Galaxy.  22 month old apricot of good type.  Well balanced overall. Attractive headpiece with good pigmentation and expression. Strong neck and level topline. Good well let down chest with good spring of rib. Good bone and feet. Moved with ease.



2nd Allens Mahoostiff Full Figure.  Larger fawn girl. Skull still developing and not quite in proportion but time on her side. Excellent pigment.  Strong neck and good breadth and depth of body. Deep brisket. Excellent bone and feet. Moved well. Preferred overall balance of my first placing.



Limit Bitch.  1st Faceys Everlong for Nordiface.  Attractive fawn girl with traditional type of skull. Excellent pigmentation and great in profile. Strong neck and level topline. Good width of chest and and depth of body with good spring of rib. Good bone and feet. Moved well.


2nd Hardings Midnight Moonbeam. Pretty fawn girl of good size.  Skull great in profile and pigment with lovely expression. Massive body overall. Chest deep and wide and massive rear. Strong bone and correct feet. Strong mover. Handled well.



Open Bitch Andrews Hestia Spod Holi at Cyberus.   Very mature apricot girl with attractive headpiece and outgoing temperament . Lovely expression. Strong neck with great depth of body and spring of rib. Needs to drop a little into her massive rear but her topline held on the move. Excellent bone and feet with black nails. Great width of brisket. Moved with drive. Strong class. Reserve CC.


2nd Zadeh’s Storm in a Tea Cup.  Lovely fawn girl of massive proportions. A lot to like about her and it was a difficult decision but she’s a great prospect for the future. Attractive headpiece with good pigmentation.  Strong in neck and level topline. Well let down chest and great depth throughout.  Well muscled rear and moved with drive.


Veteran Bitch.  1st Allens Fenrir Du Ranc De Bannes.   Fawn 7 year old  girl of massive proportions.  Large expressive skull. Level topline and good depth of body and spring of rib  with excellent bone and feet. Moved well for her age. Lovely old lady.

Ms Elaine Knight "kumormai mastiffs"


It was an honour to be invited to judge the Mastiff association breed club Open show, With an entry of 41 dogs for competition. I would like the thank the officers and committee for a superb show and a lovely lunch, once again you all work incredibly hard to make everyone's day a pleasurable experience. As always the atmosphere was wonderful, with great sportsmanship.

Thank you to my stewards Hilary, and Ged, you kept everything moving along smoothly,

And a special thank you to Peter Sarjeant who was my compere for the day

I would also like to thank all of  the exhibitors for giving me a wonderful entry, and some extremely lovely exhibits to be hands on with, I will look forward to following the progress of some of the beautiful youngsters.

I know we have had very difficult times with health issues within the breed, and also a decline in numbers, but I can wholeheartedly say that improvements are definitely evident, soundness being one. I found most of the dogs to be of nice breed type, and free from obvious exaggerations. Hopefully this will continue to be the case moving forward, and our breed continues to be preserved for future generations, we all want the same thing, happy healthy dogs, who give us years of pleasure, who are fit for function, and with luck our future champions.


Veteran Dog or Bitch

1st Hill's CH Fragilis Fahrenheit

A very substantial Fawn female, shown in superb condition. Very pleasing head, nice Width and depth of muzzle, super pigmentation  and good dentation. Deep body with a good Wide chest, firm top line, Well angulated rear moved with purpose, holding a lovely outline A pleasure to award her Best veteran in show.

2nd Herring & Dodd's  CH Cedwalla Country Boy By Heffalump.

Another lovely Veteran he also is very true breed type, a pleasing head but ears slightly on the large side, super length of body on good strong well boned legs, nice tight feet. Still can move with amazing drive, and could out move some of the younger dogs, lovely to see him enjoying his day.

3RD Norris's Fragilis Firestarter From Hexnorden

Fawn Female another very pleasing dog, she has a beautiful feminine head, correct eye, shown in lovely condition, firm top line good angles, moved well.


Minor Puppy dog

1st Zadeh’s  Faynad Edward The Confessor

Apricot who was tall for his age, nicely bodied,  lovely expression, nice dark eye, head needs time to develop, but moved with ease, and enjoyed his day.

2nd Zadeh's Faynad Alfred The Great

Another beautiful boy, lovely head type again with a beautiful tight eye, well off for bone, with lovely angles fore and  rear, moved out well.

3rd Knights Kumormai Felony

A tall fawn boy who needs time to develop, he has beautiful tight dark eyes, lovely lay of shoulder and nice length of body, moved out well just needs time.


Puppy Dog

1st William & Wilkes Manolo Assisi

Very mature looking fawn boy, with excellent bone for his age , correct amount of angulation in the rear, good front assembly, well bodied, good depth with good length to match, top line needs to firm up, but he is still young, moved well, pleased to award him BPIS

2ND Knight's Kumormai Grand Theft Auto

A tall fawn boy who is still very much a baby, again lovely tight eyes, correct bite, head and body needs to develop but overall a sound moving young boy.


Junior Dog

1st Coulman-Hole's Faynad Magic Man For Womlu

Nice fawn male, good width of skull, with good pigmentation, eyes are a little loose at present, but his head still has lots of developing to do. Good bone front and rear, beautiful tight feet, moved well.


Yearling Dog

1st Gittin's Cwmtysswg Sultan

Very strong, heavily boned brindle, with a broad head with excellent pigment, a good clean dark eye, nice length of body with a deep well let down chest, nice tight feet moved well pleased to award him  RBD

2nd Murray & Sauka's Mayfairs Maximus De La Villa Bel Air

An attractive fawn, not quite the bone and substance of my first, but still has similar qualities, pleasing head with good pigmentation, good eye, and nice length of body, tail set is slightly low but over all a nice boy.


Limit Dog

1st Zadeh’s Faynad Iron Man

A quality young brindle male who's top line is excellent, well off for bone and such nice tight feet, his head is so correct viewed at any angle, nothing overly done at all with this young boy. Nice tight dark eyes,  correct bite, and great pigmentation. He moves with ease and covers the ground well, I'm sure he will be a future star, very pleased to award him BD BOS RBIS

2nd Hazlewood's Craiglrstone Lord Tunderfoot

Another lovely fawn boy, beautiful head, tight eye excellent bite, would prefer slightly more pigment on his mask, but a very sound moving boy with good bone.

3rd Whiteley's Mulaloo Magic Touch

Nice young male, pleasing head and eye, correct bite, well bodied, with a deep well let down chest, would like a Little more bend of stifle, but moved well, tail set could be slightly higher but a pleasing boy.


Minor puppy bitch

1st Zadeh's Faynad Yellow Primrose

Very pretty head type, good eye and correct dentation, ears slightly on the large side at present, but her head has a lot of development to go. A well balanced puppy with good angulation, she moved with ease, for a baby.

2nd Hazlewood's Swainsi Hot Totty Of Craigleatone

A pretty brindle girl who needs time, very narrow throughout at present , head is very feminine with correct dentation. Lovely tight feet but as said needs time to develop, sound moving.

3rd Nuttall's Swainsi Eye Candy

Another brindle girl who has a pleasing head, but again still very much at the baby stage, she was a little more reluctant on the move, but with more time I'm sure she will develop.


Puppy Bitch

1st  Harding's Mulaloo Midwinter Spirit

Beautiful fawn female, maturing well, pleasing head type nice eye, lovely expression. Deep through the body, chest well let down, nice rear angle’s with good reach on the move, a very promising puppy will follow her progress with interest.

2nd Hazlewood's Swainsi Kinky Boots Of Craiglestone

Still very much a baby, but moved well, head is still very underdeveloped but with time it will come.

Good eyes correct bite just needs time.


Junior Bitch

1st Coulman-Hole's Faynad Morticia For Womlu

An outstanding dark Brindle female who certainty stands out.

Beautiful feminine head piece viewed at all angles, superb pigmentation, eyes are tight and dark, beautiful soft expression. Well bodied, chest wide and well let down, good spring of rib, shown in superb condition her coat gleamed. She has good strong bone on nice tight feet, moved out with drive and purpose, this girl is definitely one who should go far, she is a stunning girl who I would happily take home, very pleased to award her BB and BIS

2ND Zadeh's  Faynad Floella

Pretty female, head well developed, pleasing expression with nice eye, well bodied and is well off for bone another promising female, strong moving girl.


Yearling Bitch

1st Gittin's Cwmtysswg Sabine

Brindle female super type with strong bone, lovely well rounded feet, excellent angulation with well defined hocks her head is very masculine but in proportion, dark well defined pigment correct eyes and good bite, a little reluctant moving today.

2nd Beaumont & Heskeths Karysmhor Gwyneth’s Galaxy

Very pretty Apricot girl, well bodied with a lovely top line, overall lighter in size and substance than my first place,  pretty feminine head lovely dark eye and good bite. She moves out soundly, if not a little naughty at times but seemed to be enjoying herself.


Postgraduate Bitch

1st  Bowdery’s Morganlefay All Hallows Eve

A happy girl who's tail was none stop. She is not the biggest, but has lots of nice qualities.

Pretty head of good type, nice eye, and a lovely bite. Adequate bone on lovely tight feet, top line could be better on the move but beautiful outline when stacked.

Limit Bitch

1st Harding's Mulaloo Midnight Moonbeam

A very attractive female who has a lovely outline,  well bodied, head is lovely in profile, nice expression, correct dentation and well off for pigment.

Deep wide chest, good spring of rib, wide powerful  rear with adequate angulation, good bone on nice tight feet, her tail set is a little low, but over all a strong moving female pleased to award her RBB

2nd Coulman-Hole’s Suncamo Redboo Tabitha for Womlu

Clear fawn female, feminine head, her muzzle was a little narrow, but nevertheless a nice type.

Eyes are very dark, correct dentation, well bodied with adequate bone. Nice rear, A strong moving girl, but lacked a little confidence on the day.

Open Bitch

1st Bromley's Harting Coombe Hill At Sprithill

A tall fawn female with super pigmentation, correct dark eye , beautiful soft expression with correct dentation, shown in lovely condition, deep well bodied with good spring of rib. Would prefer slightly more bone but she is a strong sound moving female.


Teresa Andrews

Cyberus Mastiffs

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