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Breed Notes

Issue: 29/12/2017



Well that's that then, all done and dusted for another year, just the New Year celebrations left and then back to normality. 

I hope you all had a good Christmas and no Mastiffs disgraced themselves by stealing the turkey or sharing the after effects of the sprouts with the Christmas visitors.

Obviously there is very little news to report but before we know it, we will be full steam ahead for the 2018 Show season.

Entries for The Mastiff Association Championship Show are now open on Fosse Data. Frank Kane will be judging  and don't forget the new venue is Tomlinson Canine Activity Centre LE67 9RJ. The Show opens at 11am with judging commencing at 11.30am.

Also a reminder that entries for Lichfield Canine Society close on 14th January. The Show is being held on 27th January at The Sports Connexion  and our very own Debbie Harding ( Mulaloo) will be judging the Mastiff classes.

This past year saw the sad passing of many Mastiff stalwarts, all of whom are sadly missed. Let's hope that this coming year sees us all working together for the good of our beloved, vulnerable breed and showcasing the huge steps we have taken to ensure that the Mastiff goes from strength to strength, hopefully achieving our ultimate aim of being removed from the HPB list.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Claire Whelan



Breed Notes

Issue: 22/12/2017



Well, Christmas is nearly here and how far into Christmas Day will it be until we all regret buying those squeaky toys for our dogs.

Last weekend saw a very worthwhile if somewhat bonkers event. A world record attempt for the number of dogs together in one place all  wearing Christmas jumpers was held and I am pleased to report that with over 300 dogs taking part, the record was broken. It was a charity event and was held at Battersea Dog's home with all proceeds going to Save The Children. Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all.

Some unscrupulous breeder is offering puppies of a toy breed for sale  on the internet. They are advertised as KC registered and are on special offer for Christmas with some colours  being reduced from £2400 to £1200 and the even 'rarer 'colours being reduced from £3800 to £2200. It really does beggar belief and hopefully nobody is daft enough to buy them

These are the last breed notes before Christmas and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Eat, drink and be merry and enjoy yourselves.

Merry Christmas to all Mastiffs everywhere and also to  their long suffering human servants!

Claire Whelan



Breed Notes

Issue: 15/12/2017



LKA was held at the NEC last weekend and despite the adverse weather conditions. there was a very good turn out of Mastiffs for Linda Proudfoot to judge. BOB and BCC was awarded to Colin Hill's junior girl Fragilis Fausta, This was her 3rd CC so,  subject to Kennel Club confirmation, this lovely young lady becomes a Champion. Many congratulations to Colin. Aspen is the second bitch of Colin's to become a Champion this year which is a fantastic achievement. DCC was Ch Faynad Frankincense, RDCC was Ch Fragilis Firework and the RBCC went to Richard Allen's veteran bitch, Fenrir Du Ranc De Bannes. Best Puppy was awarded to Nobleheart Wyatt Wonder Boy owned by Mrs M Wyatt who is a newcomer to our breed. This was Teddy's first Show and his owner was delighted with the result, especially as she has  subsequently qualified him for Cruft's next year. Well done to all the winners.

LKA brings the Championship Shows to an end for 2017. The next Champ Show to look forward to is the MA Champ Show on Feb 17th where Frank Kane will be judging. The new venue for the Show is Tomlinson's Kennels,Ratby Lane, Leicestershire LE67 9 RJ which is widely used by other breed clubs and canine society's, all of whom give it rave reviews. While the Sports Connexion was in a  more central location, it was rather cavernous and lacked any atmosphere so Tomlinson's should be an improvement.

Road journeys to and from the LKA were very hazardous with many exhibitors on the Sunday being unable to complete their journey due to the thick snow. While Bing Crosby may have been dreaming of a White Christmas, I doubt the organisers of the Show had such dreams, in fact, it must have been more of a nightmare for them. It was however, as it always is,  a very enjoyable event. As in line with other Shows, it was noticeable that the number of trade stands was significantly down on previous years. You used to be able to purchase lots of dog related Christmas items, the sort of things you bought for other people but hoped nobody would never buy them for you, but if they did they were very handy for Club Show raffle prizes.

Finally,  there is an important announcement for OEMC members to read on the Club's website.

Claire Whelan



Breed Notes

Issue: 08/12/2017



Good luck to all those who will be at LKA this coming Saturday. Mastiffs are in Hall 6, Ring 26 at 9am. Linda Proudfoot (Salforda) will be judging.

News of upcoming Shows in 2018, including National Working and Pastoral Breeds Open Show where Mastiff Classes are scheduled. Unfortunately this Show falls on the same day as The Mastiff Association Champ Show on February 18th.  It is being held at the Sports Connexion, Ryton- on- Dunsmore. where the MA formerly held their Champ Show, and Janet Kay (Kaytian) will be judging. Such a shame that both Shows clash as I am sure there would have been a good attendance for NW&PB. Hopefully some Mastiffs will be there as Shows with Mastiff classes on offer are few and far between.

Lichfield Canine Society are holding an Open Show at Bingley Hall Stafford on 27th January 2018 where Debbie Harding (Mulaloo ) will be judging. Postal entries close on 5th Jan, online close on 14th Jan. The OEMC are sponsoring the rosette and specials for the Mastiff classes at this Show.

Looking well ahead into 2018, entries are already open for Bath on 13th May where Hilary Sargent will be judging and the National on 27th May where Tracey Atkinson will be judging.

Seems funny to think that puppies who are currently only a few weeks old can be entered for these two  Shows as they will be 6 months by the time the Shows come around !

The shops were full of Christmas shoppers today and it is amazing to see that the pet's section of the big stores is always really busy. One lady was holding up a little elf outfit and said to her obviously  bored of shopping husband 'Do you think Alfie would like this ?'  I cannot print the reply but needless to say Alfie will not be wearing an elf outfit at Christmas and I don't think his owners would have been speaking to each other on the journey home.

Have a good week

Claire Whelan

01243 603899


Breed Notes

Issue: 01/12/2017



News is very thin on the ground at the moment but just when I was struggling to find anything of any interest to write about, a post appeared on social media which caught my attention. As from January 2018 the Shar Pei will be removed from Category 3 on the High Profile Breeds list which is obviously great news for those involved with the breed.  According to The Kennel Club website, seven breeds remain on the list: Bloodhounds, Bulldogs, Dogue de Bordeaux, German Shepherds, Neapolitans, St Bernards and, of course, Mastiffs. What a joyous day it will be (and hopefully not too far off ) when our Breed will be also removed. The people involved with the health issues in Mastiffs are working very hard to achieve this outcome so fingers crossed for the future, sooner rather than later.

Today I had the pleasure of judging a local Fun Dog Show held as part of a Christmas Fayre to raise funds for local dog rescue. It was a freezing cold day, there were over 30 dogs entered of all shapes and sizes and in the eyes of their owners they were all potential Cruft's winners. Their pride in receiving a red, blue, or yellow rosette together with a bag of goodies was heart warming. Double handling was in abundance to find the dog with the waggiest tail and the best rescue dog class had me in tears with some of the stories. The BIS trophy, awarded to a very handsome chocolate Labrador named Gus, was huge and Gus' owner was totally overwhelmed although Gus looked totally bored by all the fuss. Dog Showing at it's best!

Have a good week

Claire Whelan



Breed Notes

Issue: 24/11/2017



Well, the World Dog Show in Leipzig was a superb event with 114 Mastiffs being shown.  They hailed from far and wide and it was interesting to see the many variations of Mastiff that were present. I have to say that on the whole, the majority of Mastiffs we have in this country would have more than held their own at the Show. It is only when you actually see the European dogs up close and personal that you realise the improvements that have been made to the breed in this country over the past few years. 

The UK was represented by  Adam and Kim Clarke's Gator Debra Damo who was in the Champions Class along with 22 other Mastiffs. He received an Excellent which was very well deserved. The judging system of cards was rather confusing to both  exhibitors and spectators alike. When the red card was shown , we thought the dog had been sent off as in football! We met up with Frank Kane later in the day and he explained the whole system to us which then made a lot more sense.

The class  rings were very small which limited the dog's movement and there was very limited ringside seating  (as my feet would testify by the end of the day) Thanks to Frank, we found our way to the BIS ring where we spent a good couple of hours sitting watching the Group judging which was a very grand, showbiz type affair We had a very enjoyable few days in Leipzig  which is a beautiful city and well worth visiting.  I am saving the full details of the trip for the next Mastiff Association Newsletter as I have lots of photos to share.

More sad news now of  the recent passing of Roy Simper. Roy was formerly on the MA committee and also graced the Show ring with his Mastiff, Bronson Bromley. Our sympathies go to Roy's family and friends and should anyone wish to make a donation in Roy's memory, his family have requested donations to Lung Cancer research.

The Breed Records Supplement for the third quarter of this year show 50 Mastiffs registered bringing this year's total so far to 140. This is a significant increase on last year's registrations which were 102 for the whole year. Hopefully the increase will have a knock on effect and we will see more puppies at next years Shows.

LKA Champ Show  in a couple of weeks and Linda Proudfoot ( Salforda ) will have 26 dogs / 27 entries to judge. Mastiffs are on at 9am in Hall 6, Ring 30. There is always a lovely festive atmosphere at this Show and you can also save on postage by handing out your Christmas cards !

Have a good week

Claire Whelan



Breed Notes

Issue: 17/11/2017



Apologies for very brief notes this week but as I am writing we are preparing to go to Leipzig for the World Dog Show. No dogs are travelling with us so stress levels are nice and low. I will give all the details in next week's notes.

No results to share so just a touch of nostalgia. A catalogue from Blackpool Championship Show held in 1984 has been  put on social media showing there were 31 Mastiffs entered with 46 entries. Likewise a 1963 Crufts catalogue shows 23 Mastiffs entered, the Show of course was held at Olympia and a catalogue cost seven shillings and sixpence! 

Also in the same year, Our Dogs would set you back one shilling and three pence a week or if you were rich and took out an annual subscription it would have cost the princely sum of three pounds eighteen shillings and threepence.  

I know we have to take inflation, decimalisation and other factors into account but when a Show catalogue nowadays costs an average of six pounds and the cost of parking at the NEC for Crufts next year is £12 rising to £15 in 2018 it is no wonder entries are on the decline across the majority of breeds. Speaking of Crufts, entries for 2018 are now open. Postal entries close on 8th January with online closing on 22nd January.

Have a good week.

Claire Whelan





Breed Notes

Issue: 10/11/2017



Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland saw an entry of 13 Mastiffs judged by Dawn Mantle-Halley (Dawnstar). Ch Faynad Frankincense continued his successful run taking the DCC and BOB with Faynad Humpty Dumpty for Womlu being awarded the RDCC. BCC winner was Hestia Spod Holi At Cyberus, RBCC and BP winner was Cyberus Vega

Congratulations to all the winners. This was the penultimate Championship Show of 2017 with only LKA to come next month.

The first Champ Show of 2018 with Mastiff classes scheduled is Manchester, (without CC's) which is being held at Stafford County Showground on 20th January. Marion Sargent will be judging and this is the final opportunity for Crufts 2018 qualification. 

Coincidentally, the Working Group judge for this Show is Dr Ron James who is also judging Mastiffs at Crufts next year.

There has been widespread condemnation and outrage following last week's report in Our Dogs concerning the cruelty inflicted on two Mastiffs. 

The perpetrator received a paltry fine and a lifetime ban for his crimes which does seem very lenient as he was also a puppy farmer who no doubt raked in the cash. Mastiffs are such sensitive, loyal creatures it does not bear thinking about their level of suffering both physically and emotionally. An 'eye for an eye' has been suggested as more appropriate with several people volunteering to  administer the  punishment.

There has also been a very sad and distressing case of cruelty in Porterville, California. A couple went to buy a new home and found the previous owners had vacated the property but had left behind their dog which appears from the photos to be a Mastiff. The poor dog looked so sad  and confused but hopefully will be found a new home very soon. The Estate Agent who showed the couple around the property had kindly been providing food and water for him.  

Unfortunately, cruelty comes in many forms, all of which are despicable and totally unforgiveable.

Have a good week

Claire Whelan



Breed Notes

Issue: 03/11/2017



Midland Counties last weekend saw yet another DCC and BOB for George Zadeh's Faynad Frankincense. He now has 19 CC's and 16 BOB's. Frank then went on to be short listed in the Group which was a great achievement and very well deserved. RDCC was awarded to Steve and Tracey Coulman-Hole's Faynad Humpty Dumpty for Womlu. BCC went to Colin Hill's  junior bitch, Fragilis Fausta, her 2nd CC which is quite an achievement for such a young girl. RBCC was Simon and Theresa Andrews' Hestia Spod Holi at Cyberus with Best Puppy going to Hazlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot.  

Margaret Bromley was our judge and she was so kind to both dogs and handlers in the ring. Margaret took the time and trouble to go over each dog thoroughly, gave ample time for the dogs to be set up and put everyone at ease with her calm, professional manner.  Margaret must also hold the world record for publishing her critiques within hours! Thank you Margaret.

This show was so well organised with spacious rings, benching close to the ring, ample ringside seating and friendly helpful Show staff always on hand to answer questions. The ceramic pumpkins on the judges tables, the Halloween themed backdrops in the main ring together with the background music all added to the good atmosphere.  The car park staff also deserve a mention for being so helpful and friendly, and on departure wishing us a safe journey home. A vote of thanks for all concerned with the organisation and Well Done to Joe Smith the Show Manager who brought the whole Show together.

Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland takes place this coming weekend. 13 entries for Mastiffs and results next week.

Now there is some very sad news to share. Jean and Graham Pennie have had to say a sad, untimely goodbye to Ch Cwmtysswg Gallant Hero, aka Sakura, who died in Jean's arms on 27th October.

Sakura began his successful show career by winning Best Puppy at Blackpool Champ Show in 2010 and in 2014 took Group 1 at Blackpool giving him the accolade of being the only Mastiff in history to grace the Best In Show Ring at a Champ Show in the UK. During his career he won 15 CC's and 15 BOB's and Jean says he was only retired as he had run out of judges. There were plans to bring him out of retirement next year for Crufts and the MA Champ Show as he was looking so good and moving so well but sadly, this was not to be.

Previously owned by Debbie Williams and Owen Wilkes, Sakura went to live with Jean and Graham in Cumbria and it was a lovely sunny day when he went to live with them. Jean recalls how Sakura crawled commando style across the garden towards a very tempting lasagne. Owen looked up  and Sakura froze like a statue not wanting to give the game away and as soon as Owen looked away the SAS type manoeuvre continued! A real character, he always outwitted his partner in crime, Nesbo, to achieve his aims whether it was for food, the bed or the toy they both coveted. Sakura loved his food and became  a very accomplished sous chef for Jean when she was busy cooking in the kitchen.

He will be sadly missed by Jean, Graham and Nesbo and also by Debbie and Owen and all who were associated with him.  Our thoughts are with you all at this very sad time. Thanks to modern technology there are numerous pictures and videos of Sakura to ensure he is never forgotten. He is now resting in peace in Jean and Graham's lovely Shropshire garden.

Thank you Jean for sharing these lovely memories of a very special boy who will go down in Mastiff history.

Claire Whelan



Breed Notes

Issue: 27/10/2017



Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland is being held on November 4th and Dawn Mantle Halley will have a very impressive entry of 13 Mastiffs to judge. Midland Counties results will be in next week's notes together with any ringside news.

I mentioned last week about the long delay we sometimes experience regarding critiques and apparently we should be thankful we get any at all ! In Australia and New Zealand there are no critiques at all which does seem rather unfair. Conversely, in Europe, critiques are issued there and then which does seem to be the best idea.

The World Dog Show is being held in Leipzig next month. Mastiffs are being shown on Sunday November 12th   and there will be 62 dogs and 52 bitches being shown making a grand total of 114 Mastiffs. They will be judged by Mr Belkis Ozan who is from Turkey. I don't know if there are any UK entries or if anyone from the UK is going as a spectator, but it promises to be a spectacular event.

Discover Dogs took place last weekend at ExCel in London and we were represented on the Saturday by Caroline Hesketh and Jim Chapman with Helen Masters taking the helm on the Sunday, Apparently there were a lot of visitors and as per usual, the  Mastiff stand proved very popular. If anyone would like to help with Discover Dogs at Crufts next year, please let Caroline know. I know she would be grateful for any help offered as the Mastiff stand needs to be manned for the four day duration of Cruft's so the more volunteers the merrier.

 The clocks go back on Sunday signalling the start of winter and the dreaded firework season which for some reason seems to go on until the New Year nowadays. For us dog owners the main problem with the twice yearly clock change is that dogs do not understand the losing or gaining an hour and still demand their food and exercise at the regular time - they are so selfish these dogs !

Have a good week

Claire Whelan


East of England late Results/Critiques.

July 2017 - Me J Luscott.

The MA pursued the matter with the KC.

Champ Shows 

Issue: 19/01/2018


LKA - 2017


I should like to thank the committee of the LKA for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show and for the help of my able steward.  Especial thanks to all the competitors for their support and for attending when weather conditions were unpredictable.  Even though entries have fallen in recent years I thought my principal winners would have held their own had they been competing against some memorable dogs of the past. Mastiffs are still listed as a group 3 high profile breed and breeders have had to take stock and address the health issues detrimental to well being, so it was heartening to see that movement greatly improved; some of the youngsters, probably going through a growth spurt, had gaits that were slightly uneven but not unsound.  I didn't see any overweight dogs, excessive wrinkle in coats/heads or skin problems.  Most had clean skulls with sufficient furniture to give the desired expression when alert.  One or two younger dogs had marginally loose eye rims but this can correct itself as the head matures and I am pleased to say adults had good eye conformation with no health issues present.   Mastiffs can be a long term project and I was particularly impressed with my older exhibits.  However I would still encourage breeders to health test their stock as knowledge allows for informed choices to be made.  Temperaments were good except in the case of a couple of youngsters who were initially over-awed by the big venue but pleased to report they successfully overcame their nerves. 

MPD (3) 1.  Popp's Cyberus Apollo.  Fawn boy of 7 months showing good balance.  Square head with broad muzzle and plenty of expression slightly spoiled by loose eye which hopefully will tighten with age.  Nice lay of shoulder and strong fore quarters on good bone.  Level topline with plenty of length and depth to body.  Matching good angulation front and rear which enabled sound movement.  2. Nuttall and Jones-Nuttall's Swainsi Pugnaces.   Brindle and another promising 7 month old.  Good head proportions with lovely dark eye, good ear set and pigmentation.  Very good dentition.  Not quite the bone of 1 but presented a very pleasing outline showing no exaggeration.   Movement sound with adequate hind angulation. 3.  Whites' Swainsi Prince Saroo. 

JD (2)  1.  Wyatt's Nobleheart Wyatt Wonder Boy.  At the top end of puppy this beautifully proportioned fawn boy was shown in excellent condition.  Very good length, level topline held on the move with good tail set.  Would prefer a tighter eye but head still developing.  Muzzle, ears and pigment all correct.  Very well balanced and super angulation all round confirmed by excellent movement with good reach and power.  Pleased to see he overcame his initial reluctance to be examined and hope he goes on to work through any anxiety he experienced today.  His quality shone through on the move. BP.  2.  Miller's Quartermain Of The Cheese Hill With Brindaree.  Brindle boy giving way 2 months to 1, he too was a little apprehensive today.  Broad skull and muzzle giving a good profile but would have preferred a darker eye.  Nice neck and great depth of body.  Adequate bone but slightly weaker hind quarters.  Carrying a tad too much weight for his age which didn't help movement today. 

JD (6, Abs. 1)  1.  Beaumont and Hesketh's Karysmhor Dylan's Star.  Apricot fawn of 13 months and shown in very hard condition.   Gave a well balanced and powerful appearance.  Good head carriage and strong neck.  Plenty of breadth to skull and muzzle but would prefer better defined stop when viewed in profile.  Well pigmented, small eye with good dentition and ear set.  Good bone, strong feet and pasterns.  Well balanced angulation.  Athletic dog who covered the ground well winning him the class. Handled to advantage.  2. Hazlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot.  More compact 13 month old fawn, well balanced and showing no exaggeration.  Strong clean skull with expressive dark eye and good dentition.  Nice neck and good angulation all round.  Good bone on strong well formed feet.  Well held topline and correct tail set.  Movement fluid but not the drive of 1.  3.  Zadeh's Suncamo Redboo Ten From Len. 

OD (3, 1)  1. Ch. Zadeh's Faynad Frankincense.    First met this handsome 3 year old dark brindle when still in puppy when I liked enough to award a reserve ticket.  Delighted to see he has developed into a stunning dog who doesn't fail to impress.  Beautifully balanced with great depth and width of body throughout.  Excellent bone, strong tight feet and upright pasterns.  Broad thigh with moderate hind angulation.  Broad skull and muzzle with correct bite and ear set.  Lovely dark eye giving a benevolent expression.  Temperament calm and confident; he covered the ground with verve.  DCC.  2. Ch. Whelan's Fragilis Firework.  Another dark brindle still impressive at 6 years old.  Lovely square head planes, well placed small ear, good fore skull with broad deep muzzle and commanding expression.  Strong neck with good length of body and well held topline on the move.  Good angles front and rear with good musculature.  Tall but not quite the balance and substance of 1.  Beautifully presented and at one with handler.  RDCC. 

JB (4)  1.  Hill's Fragilis Fausta.   I think this young lady is the gold standard for Mastiffs and at 17 months presents an extremely mature and impressive appearance.  She has height and length combined with substance and a classic head to complete the picture.  Broad skull, deep muzzle with well defined stop and well placed ears create a perfect appearance viewed from front and in profile. Very attractive deep pigment and dark eye enhanced a true Mastiff expression.  Lovely neck, good shoulder and very well made front with good bone and strong feet.  Top line level with no tuck up in loin giving appearance of great substance throughout.  Hindquarters very well muscled and broad.  Calm in character with effortless movement; just piped the DCC winner with her excellent hind angulation. Very pleased to award BOB and her crown today.  She passed her vet check but was unable to stay for the group because of deteriorating weather. BCC and BOB. 2. Allen's Mahoostiff Full Figure.  Giving way 3 months and smaller than 1, this fawn girl nevertheless presents a balanced picture.  Feminine head with good pigment and dark eye giving a typical expression.  Would prefer muzzle less tapered towards nose.  Well off for bone with good spring of rib.  Pleasing angles and movement fluid.  3. Zadeh's Suncamo Redbo Ruby. 

LB (3, 1)  1.  Harding's Mulaloo Midnight Moonbeam.  Two year old fawn with lovely typical square head and excellent pigmentation.  Good lay of shoulder, deep brisket and well sprung rib with plenty of breadth to fore chest.  Would prefer a better bend of stifle but relaxed on the move giving a more level topline.  Calm temperament and handled with sensitivity.  2.  Hazlewood's Summer Storm Of Craiglestone.  Very attractive 5 year old brindle lady shown in good condition who presented a very pleasing outline.  Good length and top line, well developed rib and loin.  Angulation especially good in hind quarters.  Strong bone and cat-like feet.  Feminine head well pigmented with kind eye and sufficient fore skull; marginally lost out on movement today. 

VB (1)  1.  Allen's Fenrir Du Ranc De Bannes.  Just into veteran this fawn lady displayed very good height to length ratio, excellent topline and good tail set.  Good angles front and rear creating a pleasing balance.  Deep in brisket and good substance throughout and held on strong tight feet.  Well constructed head with dark eye and strong under jaw but giving a feminine appearance.  Moved out with confidence and a greying muzzle was the only indication to her age.  Pleased to award her the RBBC.

Linda Proudfoot

Issue: 29/12/2017




PD (1) 1 Hazlewood, Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot, 9 month baby, smart quality boy, gorgeous head ear set and size dark mask and tight eyes, no haw, lips loose, looks worried, ten to two feet, some dewlap, good shoulders, tight knuckled feet, topline with rise over loin, lack of upper thigh to rear, well set tail and carriage, moved soundly parallel front and rear in lovely condition. BD and BOB. 


PGB (1) 1 Hazlewood, Summer Storm Of Craiglestone, gentle girl, brindle, stands wide, good bone and topline, good depth of body and substance, well angulated front and rear, pleasing tail set and carriage, big feet, tight and knuckled, lovely head with loose dark eye showing haw,  hocks loose and movement a tad erratic. BB.


Sue Hewart-Chambers



Champ Shows 

Issue: 15/12/2017




JD (1) 1 Hazlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot. Fawn with a good broad head, broad short muzzle, dark mask and eye, front wide, good bone, deep chest, good rib, level topline, moved well. 

PGD (1) 1 Matheson's Kumormai The Trickster. Fawn with a good broad head, fine wrinkle, dark mask, good expression, front wide, deep chest, good rib, nice body length, good stifle. LD (4, 2) 1 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Humpty Dumpty For Womlu. Fawn who excelled in head, dark eyes, good stop, short muzzle, good front and bone, deep rib and brisket, good body length, nice turn of stifle, sound movement. Res DCC. 2 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Fifty Shades. Another good head, broad muzzle, dark eye, good deep rib, long back, moved well. 

OD 1 Zadeh's Ch Faynad Frankincense Loved this boy. A dark brindle of quality in superb condition, he has a broad flat skull, fine wrinkle, short muzzle, broad under the eyes, good stop, wide nostrils, good wide front, heavy bone, deep chest, good rib, lovely outline, good body length, muscular hindquarters with a good second thigh, moved with drive. CC and BOB. 

PB (1) 1 Andrews' Cyberus Vega. A promising puppy who is developing well, feminine expression, good broad skull, dark eye and mask, good front and bone, barrel ribcage, lovely body length, nice angulation, moved very well. My Res CC. The best of luck for your future. BP. 

PGB (1) 1 Lyons' Verteshegi Fiducia At Avadelyon. Good broad head, dark eye, fine wrinkle, muzzle broad and deep, nice front, good bone, good rib and body length, good second thigh, moved well. 

LB (3) 1 Andrews' Hestia Spod Holi At Cyberus (Imp Sk). Loved this apricot, she excelled in head, a broad flat skull with fine wrinkle, short muzzle, broad under the eyes, good stop, wide nostrils, dark mask and eyes, good wide front, heavy bone, deep chest, good rib, lovely body length, muscular hindquarters with a good second thigh, moved with drive. CC, all the best for the future. 2 Knight's Kumormai Rogue. Fawn who has a long skull, deep muzzle, dark eye, good front, nice rib, good body length, moved well. 3 Hazelwood's Summer Storm Of Craiglestone.

Mrs D. Mantle-Halley  



Champ Shows 

Issue: 10/11/2017


LEEDS - 2017


PD (4) 1 Hazzlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot. Masculine head of good shape, moderate well set eyes, good neck,  bone and body, strong well proportioned and moved with good reach, holding nice shape. Promising youngster in good condition. 2 Beaumont & Hesketh's Karysmhor Dylan's Star. Another balanced head with good eyes, well placed ears, good strong body, well developed rear, also has lots of promise and in good coat and condition but felt winner had more reach and held a little firmer outline for me today. 3 Allen's Mahoostiff John's A Good Name. 

PGD (3, 1) 1 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Fifty Shades. Nice head shape, skull and muzzle, good eye, strong neck and body, good depth and well developed rear, prefer slightly tighter feet but moved well, liked the type and in good coat and condition. 2 Konury's Pumpkin Of Tumble. Nice head shape but slightly finer than winner, good body shape, covered ground with good front action, in  good coat and condition and has good breed type. 

LD (2, 1) 1 Andrews' Cyberus Babayaga. Masculine head and good expression but prefer just a little less wrinkle, strong neck and has quality bone. Liked the depth and well developed rear, also nice outline and tailset, pleasing free action on the move. 

OD (2) 1 Zadeh's Ch Faynad Frankincense. Masculine head of good shape, well set ears and good expression, strong neck, broad body and has quality bone, also stands on good feet and has well set tail, muscles sharply defined, moved with good positive gait and presented in good coat and condition. Liked the overall balance and breed type, nothing overdone. CC, BOB. 2 McKevitt's Ch Glaciers Edison The Inventor At Tyketarn (Imp). Another masculine and well bodied dog with good muscletone and feet, very good type and overall shape. Moved well but winner just a bit more drive for me today. Res CC. 

PB (3) 1 Allen's Mahoostiff Full Figure. Feminine baby with lots of type, quality head with good eye, strong neck and nice body shape, moved with good front action and also presented in good coat and condition.  Should have nice future. 2 Beaumont & Hesketh's Karysmhor Gwyneth's Galaxy. Feminine with good head shape, good neck, body and liked her depth, not quite as firm in outline as winner today but she is balanced and in very good condition. 3 Coulman-Hole's Suncamo Redboo Tabitha For Womlu. 

JB (3) 1 Zadeh's Faynad Storm Imogen. A quality youngster of good type, liked the head shape and size, good eye, neck and well balanced body, back and loins developing nicely, fluent and sound movement, in good condition and lots to like. Res CC. 2 Hill's Fragilis Fausta. Like the head shape but has a little more wrinkling than one at present. Good body, bone and feet, well angled rear and moved with nice steady pace but winner just a touch firmer in profile today. 3 Dearden's Fragilis Flavia Of Cartimanduan. 

PGB (2, 1) 1 Hazlewood's Summer Storm Of Craiglestone. A feminine exhibit with good head shape and well set ears, strong neck, nice body shape and well developed body. Moved with free gait and holds firm outline. Presented in good condition. 

LB (4, 2) 1 Andrews' Hestia Spod Holi At Cyberus. Balanced head with good muzzle, well set ears and dark eye, moderate neck , quality bone and balanced body shape, liked her depth and well angled rear, moved with nice stride and holds a balanced picture. 2 Zadeh's Faynad Don't Cha Annie. Liked the head shape and eye, strong neck, body and good bone, well angled rear and has well set tail and in good coat and condition. Has much to appreciate too but not moving as well as my winner today. 

OB (3) 1 Pass' Ch Quicksilver Of Seven Oaks For Lygonhall. Feminine head of good size, good skull, well set eyes of good colour, strong neck, good chest, deep and well let down between forelegs, body with good muscle, moved with good stride and front action, presented in good coat and condition. CC. 2 Hill's Fragilis Goldfrapp. Also has good head proportions, good eye, strong neck and bone. Liked her type and size, also in good coat. Moved with nice steady gait.

Tom H Johnston  



Champ Shows 

Issue: 03/11/2017




Thank you to the committee of Midland Counties Canine Society for inviting me to judge mastiffs at this show. The hospitality I received was excellent. Thank you to my two stewards Graham and Hilary who looked after me so well. The quality of all the mastiffs overall was very good indeed, there was not a poor one amongst them and around the ring we had a very supportive crowd who all seemed to be enjoying themselves. 

PD (4,1) 1 Hazelwood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot.  A substantial 11 month old fawn dog with good overall construction. Well-developed quarters and excellent bend of stifle. Plenty of bone and nice depth of body. His head is still underdeveloped but showing good promise for the future. Moved well. BP. 2 Murray & Saukas's Mayfair's Maximus De La Villa Bel Air. Another 11 month old fawn dog.  Very good head with excellent pigmentation although showing slight haw to the eyes. Very good proportions, moved with drive.

  JD (2) 1 White's Swainsi Danny Boy A brindle dog with pleasing head, dark eye and correct ear set. Good reach of neck, nice depth of chest and good bend of stifle. Was slightly unsettled in the ring but moved well. 2 Beaumont and Hesketh's  Karysmhor Dylan's Star.  A fawn dog just out of puppy and with a lot of developing to do yet.  He moved very well and has a correct overall outline, showing plenty of promise for the future. 

LD (4) 1: Coulman-Holes' Faynad Humpty Dumpty For Womlu RDCC An excellent fawn dog with nice level top line, sound construction all round. Good depth of brisket and wide chest. I loved his head, with dark eye and good stop.  Moved well with drive. RDCC. 2 Coulman-Holes' Faynad Fifty Shades Litter brother of No.1 and showing all the same good characteristics, just let down on the move where he needs to tighten up at the rear. 

OD (2) 1 Zadeh's Ch Faynad Frankincense I first saw this dog when he came out as a puppy and he has fulfilled all the promise he showed then. A powerful dark brindle, well-muscled and with superb construction. Deep brisket, strong neck, level top line, wide front and beautiful bun feet. He has a lovely square head with dark eye and most pleasing happy expression. Well balanced on the move. An outstanding dog and an excellent example of the breed. DCC.  2: Whelan's Ch Fragilis Firework Another outstanding brindle dog with pleasing head, well let down brisket, good reach of neck and nice wide front. Excellent bend of stifle. Very good overall outline. 

JB (4,2) 1 Hill's Fragilis Fausta An eye catching fawn who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself in the ring. Very well developed for such a young bitch with fabulous outline, beautiful head with excellent stop, correct eye and good pigmentation. Excellent bend of stifle. Moved well although perhaps a trifle close at the rear which could correct itself with time. BCC. 2 Beaumont and Hesketh's  Karysmhor Gwyneth's Galaxy A very pleasing bitch with nice head, correct stop and excellent dentition. Good rear with strong well developed quarters. Moved well although tended to carry her tail rather high.  

LB (2) 1 Andrews' Hestia Spod Holi At Cyberus, Imp Skj  Substantial apricot beautifully presented. Attractive feminine head, correct pigmentation, dark tight eye and good dentition. Plenty of bone and nice tight feet. Strong quarters with well-developed 2nd thigh. Moved well although she  tended to lose her top line. However I was pleased to award her RBCC. 2: Zadeh's Faynad Storm In A Tea Cup   An attractive fawn bitch who was slightly unsettled in the ring. She shows plenty of promise for the future with lovely head and overall outline. Well and sympathetically handled. 

OB (3,2) 1 Andrews' Ch Jasmine Jewel Du Ranc De Bannes At Cyberus (Imp Fra).  A quality fawn bitch with excellent head and good pigmentation.  Plenty of bone and nice reach of neck. Wide chest and good depth of brisket. Well-developed rear with good bend of stifle. Moved with drive but very close at the rear. 

Margaret Bromley



Champ Shows 

Issue: 27/10/2017




I must firstly thank the committee  for inviting me to judge, my stewards & all the exhibitors that entered. 

MPD (1) 1. Miller's Quartermain of the Cheesehill with Brindaree. 7 month old brindle, nice shape, promising head with nice length of body. Needs more ring craft. 

PD (2,1) 1 Hazlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot. 10 month old fawn boy with adequate bone & length of body. Pleasing head & pigment, shyness spoiled him. Moved okay.

LD (5,1) 1. Andrew's Cyberus Babayaga. Well boned fawn with excellent feet, good reach of neck flowing into level topline, which was retained on the move. Covered the ground well with a powerful gait.Good second thigh. Large square skull viewed side on, nice eye & pigment, but slightly overdone in head for one so young. Res. CC. 2. Miller's Mullak Handsome Hugo. Mature, large 5 year old brindle with good body. Well let down chest, round ribcage, excellent topline & covering the ground with ease. Unfortunately let down by a rather plain head with a shallow stop. 

OD (3,2)  1. McKevitt's  Ch. Edison the Inventor at Tyketarn (imp USA) Very impressive fawn dog of correct mastiff type & grandeur, reminiscent of the dog's seen in the late 70's & 80's, which we have now sadly lost in the breed.Powerfully built, massive bone with superb tight round catlike feet, well up on pasterns & good second thigh. Wide & deep throughout, with correct body height & length ratio. Correct massive, square head with wonderful flat, wide skull. Small thin ears, set on high, deep stop,tight dark eyes with kind expression, deep square muzzle, which if I'm nit picking would like a touch longer. Superb intense pigment, making for an eye catching exhibit. Lovely character & temperament, went round with ease. Delighted to award him the CC & BoB. 

PB (2) 1. Allen's Mahoostiff Full Figure. Pleasing fawn bitch with nice head, excellent length of body, moved very well Best Puppy. 2. Coulman-Holes Suncamo Redboo Tabitha for Womlu. Rangy fawn girl, not happy being handled. Head very immature at the moment, adequate bone, nice topline. Needs some ring craft. 

PGB (2) 1. Dickinson's Mullak Heart of Hearts.

Impressive mature dark brindle with excellent feminine head, square flat skull & tight dark eyes. Very well put together & shown in hard condition. Well let down chest & round ribcage, wide in loin,well developed rear quarters & second thigh. Stood four square.Moved with drive. Pleased to award her the CC. 2. Bowdery's  Morganlefay All Hallows' Eve. Very nice fawn bitch. Well balanced, good topline & length of body. Lovely head & pigment. Excellent mover but a complete hooligan. 

LB (4) 1. Harding's Mulaloo Midnight Moonbeam. Well balanced fawn of quality, well put together. Excellent pigment. Nice feminine square head, but would prefer a tighter, darker eye. Good reach of neck flowing into a good topline. Nice feet, well up on pasterns, moved very well. Pushed for the CC but maturity won out. Res.CC 2. Andrew's Hestia Spod Holi at Cyberus. Nice apricot bitch with pleasing head.  Well let down chest, round ribcage, well covered. Excellent feet & up on pasterns.Moved well. 

OB (1) 1. Zadeh's Faynad Don't Cha Annie. Fawn girl, not happy in the ring nor to be handled. Good enough bone level topline when on the move. Not the best of heads, moved okay. 

Stephen Pass



Champ Shows 

Issue: 20/10/2017




I would like to thank the Society for inviting me to judge here and also my two ring stewards who were as friendly as they were efficient.  A small but quality entry for me to go over.  I had given my BOB top honours at a club show previously so a brave decision of her owners to enter under me again.  I noted two main points of concern in the breed.  We appear to have conquered the soundness and temperament problems but overall size must not be ignored.  We do not want mini-mastiffs.  Also the breed standard is very clear on the requirements in terms of the muzzle and nose.  Too many long narrow muzzles today.

PD (2) 1 Hazlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot  BP.  Large fawn boy, well balanced throughout with good bone.  Unsettled on the move but held his topline.  Good angulation front and rear.  Shows potential.  2  Allen's Mahoostiff John's a Good Name.  Big dog with a lot of maturing to do.  Would prefer a darker eye and wider muzzle.  Very unsettled on the move.  May mature well. 

LD (2) Very similar litter brothers in the same ownership.  1 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Humpty Dumpty for Womlu RDCC Well put together balanced dog unsettled on the day.  Lovely expression, well pigmented and dark eye.  Good bone, width and length.  Adequate angulation.  Would like to see more drive from the hindquarters on the move.  2 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Fifty Shades  very similar to 1st in appearance would prefer a wider muzzle.  Good topline but would like more angulation behind.  Slightly uneven on the move.  

OD (1) 1st Zadeh's Ch Faynad Frankincense DCC.  Well proportioned dark brindle of good size.  Very relaxed and a most affable dog.  Correctly proportioned head carried on a strong neck, a topline well held on the move.  Hindquarters wide and strong and legs and feet all to standard.  Felt he could have used himself a bit more on the move.  Could well have taken top spot except on the day he was so relaxed that I was unable to get his attention excited to enable me to see him use his facial muscles.  As a judge I attach importance to this - the requirement is in the breed standard.  I did like him though!  

PB (2)   1st Allen's Mahoostiff Full Figure  Getting towards the top end of puppy class but still loads of maturing to do.  Quite plain in expression until attention was caught by loud barking outside the ring and then she really used herself.  Would prefer a wider muzzle.  Good bone and width throughout.  Good angulation and moved well for her age.  2 Coulman-Hole's Suncamo Redboo Tabitha for Womlu.  Slightly younger than 1st and much less mature.  Head proportions should improve with age and she needs to use her expression.  With good bone and width throughout there is potential. 

PGB (1) 1 Bowdery's Morganlefay All Hallows Eve.  One of the small build of mastiffs forward today but showing good quality.  She had been badly spooked earlier and was very unsettled but the owner decided to persevere with her.  Well proportioned showing good pigmentation.  Shoulder needs a little more angulation.  Hindquarters well built.  Some movement showed she was sound and could cover the ground.  

LB (2,1) 1 Bowdery's Aspen for Adventure at Morganlefay. RBCC.  Another smaller model, brindle with good dark furnishings.  Good angulation.  Bone, width, depth and length all proportionate.  Moved well once settled. 

OB (2,1) 1 Pass's Ch Quicksilver of Seven Oaks for Lygonhall BCC  Large fully mature fawn bitch wide and deep throughout, long body which she carries well.  Good pigmentation with dark kind eyes.  Good angulation in front and behind.  Covered the ground well with strong drive from the hindquarters, some roadwork would probably firm up her pasterns.  Lost her BOB in the vets check.

Mrs Anne Griffin



Champ Shows 

Issue: 13/10/2017




Not a numerically large entry, but I was generally pleased with the quality and delighted with the winners. Some of the dogs needed a little time and persuation to present themselves to the best of their abilities, but it was definitely worth the effort. I much enjoyed discussing the breed and the dogs with the exhibitors afterwards and found that the breed is blessed with dedicated and very interested fanciers. 

PD (2, 1) 1 Hazlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot. Well proportioned, nine months old, masculine fawn puppy. He needed a bit more self confidence in  the beginning, but came around well. Very attractive in head with very good width of skull and well set ears. Typical expression. Quite pleasing width of muzzle with good width of jaw. Strong neck, well developed in forechest for one so young. At this time a little high behind and needs to settle into his hindquarters. Attractive coat. Moved soundly from behind and quite well from the side. Best Puppy. 

PGD (2) 1 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Humpty Dumpty. Powerful, masculine, well made dog, if on the short-coupled side. Typey in  head, excellent ears. I would not want any more wrinkles, and he looked a bit worried in his expression. Excellent wide jaws. Strong neck. Good forechest and return of upper arm. Firm topline. Deep body, well ribbed. Lovely coat. Held his outline in movement. 2 Coulman-Hole's Faynad Fifty Shades. Less developed dog, more gangly at this stage, but with pleasing body proportions. Not quite the head qualities of the winner, even if it is quite well proportioned. Moderate nec k and front angulation. I would prefer a stronger pastern and a somewhat firmer topline. He used his legs well on the move, even if he could be firmer also in movement. 

LD (2) 1 Clark's Cwmtysswg Madoc. Three year old powerful brindle male, well proportioned. Excellent skull and head proportions, but I would have preferred a more prominent furrow. Excellent ears. Strong neck. Normal angulation in front. Deep and capacious body, acceptable topline. Very moderately angulated behind. He held himself up well on the move and was very sound in front mobement. 2 Andrews' Cyberus Babayaga.  Well proportioned fawn male with a well developed body, but not the width of skull of the winner and I would not want him any longer in muzzle. Strong neck. Quite pleasing front and forechest. Deep and capacious in body. He moved quite well, still not as well as the winner. 

OD (2) 1 Zadeh's Ch Faynad Frankincense. A most attractive, powerful and masculine dog, simply beautiful and the star of the day. Excellent width of skull and good width of muzzle. Large, clear and expressive eyes. Strong neck, excellent forechest. Pleasing topline, making a highly typical silhouette. Moderately angulated behind. Moved with energy and well collected, particularly sound and stable in front. Attractive brindle colour. CC & BOB. 2 Whelan's Ch Fragilis Firework. Imposing, powerful, masculine brindle dog, another who is instantly attractive. Typey head with very good width of skull, but must not be shorter in his somewhat wrinkled muzzle. Pleasing ears, acceptable eyes. Strong neck. Very good forechest. Firm topline giving him an attractive outline. Balanced angulation in front and behind. An enthusiastic mover. Res CC. PB (2, 1) 1 Coulman-Hole's Suncamo Redboo Tabitha For Womlu. Ten months old, feminine bitch, especially powerful and with a well developed, deep and capacious body. Quite pleasing width of skull, somewhat long in muzzle. Beautiful eyes. Moderate neck. Good forechest, tending to turn her front feet out. Could do with some more angulation behind. Needs to firm up in her body with maturity and was now rolling in movement and needs to stabilise. Attractive coat and colour. 

PGB (3) 1 Clark's Olga Of The Cheese Hill At Hallberd. A very attractive fawn bitch indeed, excellent type and quality, she was very balanced and truly made sense. Pleasing skull, enough width of muzzle, open and attractive expression, well placed ears. Lovely firm topline. She is well proportioned, well constructed and well angulated. Deep, capacious body. She kept her outline and balance on the move, at best moving very well from the side, reasonable coming and going. CC. 2 Hazlewood's Summer Storm Of Craiglestone. Another well proportioned bitch, brindle. Not the expression of the winner due to excessive skin in head. Particularly good width of underjaw. Another who scored in balance and movement from the side, if not the most energetic which was more noticeable coming and going.  3 Bowdery's  Morganlefay All Hallows Eve. 

LB (5) 1 Zadeh's Faynad Storm Imogen. A brindle bitch who handles herself well on the move. Excellent width of skull, I would not want a shorter muzzle, and she could do with less dewlap. Pleasing forechest. Well angulated in front. Deep and capacious chest. Firm topline which she retained on the move. Moderately angulated behind. She stood out in movement. Res CC. 2 Andrews' Hestia Spod Holi At Cyberus. Big and impressive red fawn bitch of excellent type. Very attractive head and lovely expression. Excellent neck and forechest. Deep and capacious body. Well angulated behind. But unfortunately; even if she used her legs quite well, she more than tended to loose her outline on the move. 3 Harding's Mulaloo Midnight Moonbeam. 

OB (2) 1 Pass' Ch Quicksilver Of Seven Oaks For Lygonhall. In many ways a very impressive bitch, she is very sound and has ample angulation, but does not have quite the proportions I am looking for being rather low on legs and very long in body. Typical head with good width, well set ears, somewhat folded. Strong neck. Excellent forechest. I would not want her any deeper in brisket. Very well angulated both ends. She moved with plenty of soundness and freedom from all angles. 2 Zadeh's Faynad Don't Cha Annie. Feminine bitch, to me, more balanced and with pleasing proportions standing. Pleasing head, but expression could be better due to rather prominent haws. Strong neck. Excellent front. Deep and capacious body. Unfortunately she lowered herself and did not at all make the best of herself on the move.

Espen Engh 



Champ Shows 

Issue: 08/09/2017


SKC - AUGUST - 2017


PD (2) 1 Beaumont and Hesketh's Karysmhor Dylan's Star: very happy apricot boy. Excellent bone and conformation. Pleasing head proportions and expression. Good reach of neck and top line, good quarters and feet. Excellent powerful movement. BP Delighted to see him take WPG3 and he loved the big ring. 2. Hazlewood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot: another very promising puppy who was not at all happy in such a noisy hall today. Excellent proportions, good top line and quarters. Good angulation and powerful rear movement. Lovely head expression. 


PGD (2) 1.Coulman-Hole's Faynad Fifty Shades : the lighter and less mature of these two brothers. Still very adolescent with good bone for his size. Good head proportions and expression. Good reach of neck. Top line still a work in progress. Movement still needs to steady. Unperturbed by the noisy hall. 2.Coulman-Hole's Faynad Humpty Dumpty for Womlu: taller and more mature than 1 but very unhappy indoors. Lovely top line, good angulation, excellent bone, good feet. Super head proportions. Excellent movement once he settled. 


LD (1:1) 1.Andrews' Cyberus Babyaga:  big well-balanced young boy with excellent bone. Pleasing head proportions and dark eye. Very typical expression despite a little too much wrinkle on head. Good reach of neck and wonderful top line retained on the move. Good angulation, strong quarters and good feet. Powerful and full of purpose on the move. Res CC. 


OD (1:2) 1.Zadeh's Ch Faynad Frankincense:  Mature well-balanced brindle  with great depth of brisket and spring of rib. Enough bone for his size and adequate angulation. Strong head and neck with excellent head proportions, excellent expression and dark eye. Good top line, strong quarters and good feet. Moved well once he decided to settle. A very impressive boy from this well respected kennel who lets you know that he is special! CC and BOB. 


PB (2:2) 1. Coulman-Hole's Suncamo Redboo Tabitha for Womlu: tall rather gangly fawn girl at this stage. Excellent top line, good bone, pleasing feet. Head proportions coming together and as head broadens muzzle will seem more balanced. Overall a promising girl who steadied well on the move once she sorted herself out. 2. Beaumont and Hesketh's Karysmhor Gwyneth's Galaxy: smaller more compact apricot girl with lovely head proportions and expression. Good top line , chest and rib cage. Good drive on the move. 


JB ( 1:1) 1. Hill's Fragilis Fausta: a wonderful young bitch who took my breath away when she came into the ring. Such balance allied to conformation, correct bone and overall type! The head type that I am looking for with real balance of skull to muzzle with excellent pigment ,dark eye and that haughty expression. Good reach of neck, top line retained on the move, depth of chest and good spring of rib. Good angulation and powerful fluid movement . She pushed the dog for top honours but in the end maturity was the key. CC and BOS 


LB (3:4) 1. Hill's Fragilis Goldfrapp: another stunning bitch from this outstanding kennel. Mature bitch, well-balanced with excellent bone. Excellent head proportions and expression, good reach of neck, strong quarters. Stood four square. Powerful and elegant on the move. Unlucky to meet the Junior bitch in such sparkling form.  Res CC. 2. Zadeh's Faynad Storm Imogen: young brindle, lighter in frame and more adolescent than 1 with a lot more to come. Lovely balance and enough bone. Pretty head and expression. Still needs to settle in the ring but moved out well. 3. Andrews' Hestia Spod Holi at Cyberus.

Pamela Jeans-Brown  



Champ Shows 

Issue: 25/08/2017




Thank you to all the exhibitors and the Society for making me have an enjoyable day. 


PD (2) 1 Hazelwood's Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot. Fawn 9months old puppy. Nice shaped head for a youngster. Broad muzzle, filled in well under dark eyes. Long neck on to well-placed shoulders. Well off for bone. Black toe nails. Tail down to hock. Moved well, keeping top line. Best Pup. 2 Saukas & Murray's Mayfair's Maximus De la Villa Bel Air. Pleasing young male. Pleasant head with dark pigment on ears. Nice bite. Lovely long body and good angulation. Still a baby. 


PGD (2) 1 Coulnan-Hole's Faynad Fifty Shades. Fawn pleasing head. Good bite and nice dark eye. Tail down to hock. Keeping topline on move. 2 Coulnan-Hole's Faynads Humpty Dumpty. Brother to first. Better head then first but not happy in ring today. Good head with nice stop. Enough bone. He covered the ground ok. 


LD (1) 1 Clark's Cwmtysswg Madoc. Only one in the class but happy to give first. Nicely put together brindle. Good broad head and clean stop. Dark eye and correct ear set. Good bone. He kept his top line on the move. A honest dog. 


OD (2) 1 Mckevitt's Ch Glaciers Edison The Inventor at Tyketarn. This dog took me back to the 1980s when I first brought a Mastiff. Fawn massive throughout. His pigment is outstanding. Full face, with small dark eyes and correct small ear set. Large symmetrical body. Stood all four square. Well up on pasterns with all black nails. Moved with power. C.C. and Best of Breed. 2 Zadeh's Ch Faynad Frankincense. Another lovely dog. Not the size or substance of one. A little short in body. Moved really well with handler, keeping his top line. RCC. 


PB (2) 1 McCulloch & Gillett's Nobleheart lady Love Bug for Damaco. Pleasing fawn bitch puppy with lovely dark pigment. Feminine head, ears a bit large at moment. Nice bite. Well put together with good angulation. Moved well for one so young, keeping her top line. 2 Coulnan-Hole's Sumcamo Redboo Tabitha for Womlu. Fawn young bitch. Nice shaped head, didn't move as good has one. Time is on her side. 


JB (1) 1 Zadeh Mr G. Faynad Storm Imogen. Brindle bitch of substance at only 18 months. Dark pigment with broad head and muzzle but showing haw. Good bite. Ears well placed. Long neck. Good bend of stifle. Move well and free, keeping top line. Bitch CC. 


PGB (2) 1 Hazelwood Mr C. Summer Storm Of Craiglestone. Brindle bitch. Nice head when alert and correct ear set. Clean stop and good bite. Broad chest and good bone. Long tail down to hock with black toe nails. Beautiful condition, after have a litter less than a year ago. Covered the ground OK. 2 Bowdery's Morganlefay All Hallows Eve. Another Fawn that needs to mature. Only 20 months and could do with some ring training. Typey head with corrected dark eye. Well set small ears. Long body, with good angulation. Lovely conformation. 3 Clark's Olga of The Cheese Hill At Hallberd.


 LB (3) 1 Bowdery's Sherwood Aspen for Adventure At Morganlefay. Brindle feminine head with black eyes. Lovely stop on broad muzzle. Correct thin ears set well on head when alert. Well-developed second thigh and nice bend of stifle. Best mover on the day. If she was slightly larger, pushed hard for top honour. Reserve CC. 2 Facey's Hexnorden Everlong For Nordicface. Pleasing fawn of 23 months. Head needs to fill out under eyes. Small ears well set on head. Nice expression when alert. Broad chest and long body. Needs time. 3 Faynad's Don't Cha Annie.

Mrs Hilary Cook



Champ Shows 

Issue: 25/08/2017




Please accept my apologies for the delay in my report,  my judging book was mis-placed.   Great shame the weather was bad as being a very large breed they needed the space,  having said that all dogs coped with the inside rings well.  Thank you for your entry,  all dogs were in lovely condition and had super temperaments. BOB & BCC  Zadeh,  Faynad  Frankincense, Fully mature brindle male with masculine head, correct ratio skull/muzzle, deep through,  strong neck, deep brisket with good width,  big rib correct topline and wide croup,  liked width of thighs, standing on well boned legs and good feet,  his movement was steady and easy with even strides in profile and true out and back. BCC Zadeh  Faynad Storm Imogen, 16mths brindle,  loved her overall shape,  well grown,  feminine with clean skull and dark eye, head still needs to finish but lovely body and rib,  strong quarters and wide 2nd thigh,  lovely free moving girl really used herself and really sound.  I see my BOB is her sire. RDCC Coleman-Hole,  Faynad Humpty Dumpty For Womlu, 2yr old,  good size, carrying substantial body, deep chest with good width,  good spring of rib and strong quarters,  very sound moving with even strides. RBCC Harding,  Mulaloo Midnight Moonbeam,  Big girl of 18mths,  dark eye,  strong muzzle,  large nose and good dentition, liked,  balance, front, rib and loin,  strong quarters and moved well.    BPIB  Hazelwood,  Craigestone Lord Thudfoot  7 mths,  well grown,  well balanced and good size,  masculine head,  strong muzzle, dark eye.  Strong bone and good width all through good quarters and moved out very soundly. B Jun   Zadeh,  Faynad Storm Imogen. 


PD  (2)  1  & BPIB  Hazlewood,  Craigestone  Lord Thudfoot. 


PGD ( 3.)  1  & RCC,  Coleman-Hole,  Faynad  Humpty Dumpty For Womlu. 2  Matheson,  Kumornai The Trickster,  not as forward in growth as 1  but correct ratio of h/l with nice bone,  well pigmented,  dark eye,  moved well. 3 Coleman-Hole,  Faynad Fifty Shades. 


OB (2)  1 & DCC & BOB  Zadeh,  Faynad Frankincense. 


PB (4)  1  Colman-Hole,  Suncamo Redboo Tabitha For Womlu,  8mths apricot,   real baby,  such a happy girl,  correct ratio h/l  dark eye,  head needs to come,  clean skull,  moved soundly. 


JB  (2)  1 & BCC  Zaseh,  Faynad Storm Imogen 


PGB  (3)  1.  Facey,  Hexnorden Everlong For Nordicface.  22mths apricot,  liked size, bone,  and overall balance,  good width all through broad croup and nice 2nd thigh,  bit slack in eye and wrinkle,  moved well and easy. 2 Hazlewood,  Summer Storm Of Craigestone,  4yr old,  brindle,  liked her bone, rib,  angulation and quarters,  strongly made,  dark eye,  bit strong in head overall,   moved very well. 3  Bowdery,  Morganlefay All Hallows Eve.  


LB (4)  1 & RBCC  Harding,  Mulaloo Midnight Moonbeam. 2nd. Bowdery,  Sherwoods Aspen For Adventure At Morganlefay (imp USA) 2yr old brindle,  feminine and sweet temperament,  nice overall balance,  big rib,  moved really well,  would like a bit more of her. 


OB (3)  1 Harding,  Ch.  Mulaloo Midsummer Magic,   5 yr old fully mature  bitch of great size,  strong bone good width all through, deep brisket,  moved ok

Sue Searle 

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