Results for Mastiff Association
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Results for Darlington Agricultural Show  *

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Results for Leeds *

Results for East of England  * 

Results for National Working &
Pastoral Breeds

Results for Windsor  *

Results for Backpool *  and photos of
Working Group (Mastiff G3)  click here 
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Results for Bath 2015  *

Results for Scotland KC  *

Results for Tunbridge Wells & DCS 

Results for Birmingham Nat Dog Show *

Results for South of England Agri Show 

Results for Working & Pastoral Breeds
Assoc of Wales  
  no entries

Results for Crystal Palace CA

Sunday, 12th April (6 entries, 5 absentees);  
Judge:  Mrs Elaine Norris

BP, BOB Beaumont & Hesketh's 
Karysmhor Heart of Gold

Working Group Puppy:  2nd

Results for Norfolk & Norwich CS

Results for the OEMC Open Show  *

Results for Llandudno CS

Results for Gt Yarmouth Gorleston & DCS

Results for Kent County Canine Ass

Results for Horley DSS

Sunday 15th February; 

Results for National W & P Breed Society

Results for Chichester & Disctrict CS

Sunday 25th January; 2 entries NFC

Results for Litchfield Canine Society


Results for Ladies Kennel Association  *

Results for Working & Pastoral Breeds
Scotland 2014 *

Results for Midland Counties Canine
Society 2014  *

Results for South Wales Kennel Club 2014 *

Results for Driffield Agricultural
Show 2014  *

Results for Darliington Dog Show 2014  *

Results for City of Birmingham
Canine Association *

Results for the Scottish Kennel Club 2014 * 

Results for Welsh Kennel Club 2014 *

Results of Leeds City & District
Canine Society 2014 *

Results of National Working &
Pastoral Breeds 2014 *

Results for East of England 2014 *

Results for Windsor 2014 *

Results for Blackpool 2014 *

Results for Three Counties  *

Results for Bath  *

Results for May Scottish KC show  *

Results for Birmingham Dog Show  *

Results for South Of England
Agricultural Show

Sunday 4th May 2014;  Judge:  
Mr C. Quantrill

Best of Breed:
Chapman's Kumormai Close Encounter

Results for The Old English Mastiff Club
Open Show 2014

Sunday 7th April click here

Results for Crystal Palace Canine

Sunday 13th April 2014;  Judge Mr C. Brunger

Best of Breed
Harding's Mulaloo Midsummer Magic

Best Puppy
Norris' Darkling Muddy Waters at Hexnorden

Results for Tunbridge Wells & District
Canine Society

Sunday 23rd March 2014;  Judge:  Sabine Nitsch (Sadepa)

Junior (Dog or Bitch)


Post Graduate (Dog or Bitch)

1st   Whelan's Fragilis Firework  BB *
2nd  Chapman's Kumormai Close Encounter

Open (Dog or Bitch)

* Because he was bred by the judge doing the Working Group (Mr Colin Hill)
he was not shown in the Group ring but did a lap of honour instead

Results for Litchfield Open Show

Saturday 25th January 2014;  Judge:  Tan Nagrecha

Junior (Dog or Bitch)
1st    Hill's Fragilis Goldfrapp 
BOB; BP; Working Group 2 Puppy

1st   Hill's Fragilis Foo Fighter RBB
2nd  Baxter's Nobleheart Annie Get Your Gun

1st    Baxter's Maharajah Shera By Nobleheart

Results for Chichester Open Show

Sunday 26th January 2014; Judge:  Peter Jolley

Junior (Dog or Bitch)
1st   Norris'  Darkling Muddy Waters At Hexnorden 
BP; RBB; Working Group 3 Puppy
2nd  Hardings' Sando's Sophistication At Mulalloo

Post Graduate (Dog or Bitch)
1st   Proudfoot's Fragilis Fibonacci Series Of Salforda
2nd  Beaumont & Hesketh's Fragilis Flare At Karysmhor

 Open (Dog or Bitch)
1st   Harding's Mulalloo Midsummer Magic BOB
2nd  Beaumont & Hesketh's Kumormai Amore At Kariklee

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