Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Message from the Kennel Club:

Crufts 2015 -NEC Birmingham 5th - 8th March 

We would like to offer members/clients of Mastiff Association the chance to take part in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme displays at Crufts 2015. 

The Scheme is looking to recruit individual handlers to represent Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards at the show. Please pass this information on to any club member/client who you think might be interested. Details of the individuals required, specific arrangements and practice sessions (Gold and Silver Teams) and application forms can be found on our website (the specific web page is at - see the links below).

Anyone participating in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme displays will be allocated free entrance passes for themselves and their dog and an additional pass to bring an assistant or helper.  A car park ticket will also be provided for the days they are attending and a polo-shirt to wear for the displays. As this is a Kennel Club Licensed event, all dogs participating in the displays must be over 6 calendar months and under ten years of age. Furthermore, all dogs attending must possess a sound temperament with people and other dogs. 

We are also looking for volunteers each day that would be willing to assist in staffing the show entrances between 6.30am and 10.00am, to give out poop scoop bags to show exhibitors. Anyone participating as a volunteer will be allocated a free entrance pass and a car park ticket.


If you would be interested please contact Diana Yemm on

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