Judge: Mrs W L Jill Hicks

The first class & helpful stewards, combined with sporting exhibitors helped to make my day judging Mastiffs at Crufts one to remember.With the exception of one or two dogs who were unsettled by the noise & surroundings of a large indoor venue, temperaments generally were good. Mouths have improved, but haw is starting to creep back into the breed. I was disappointed to see some exhibits with light eyes, a pernicious & difficult fault that completely alters the true Mastiff expression. Some lacked pigment, others were down on their pasterns, which could be environmental & I see white toenails are still in evidence, a standard fault.

There was a lack of bone in some specimens. Large timber is an attribute of our breed. My hands were filthy after handling some of the exhibits. Mastiffs are a lovely breed to own. We should take pride in their presentation. Sadly, where classes were well supported, some pleasing exhibits went cardless. This was not a reflection on their quality.

BOB - CH/D/N/LUX Ch. Francis From The Burning Mountain

Dog CC - Ch. Faynad King Of Our Cottage

Bitch CC - CH/D/N/LUX Ch. Francis From The Burning Mountain

Res. Dog CC - Ch. Fearnought The Barbarian

Res. Bitch CC - Faynad Diva Of Our Dreams

Best Puppy - Harting Hunting Lad


Veteran Dog (3/1a) 

1st - Jengren Babycham (White)

8 years old, good head, tight eye, wide fore & aft. Level topline, moved well fir his age.

2nd - Culverden Crisis (Whelan)

Another good oldie, good front & level topline, sufficient bone, moved well.


Special Puppy Dog (6/0a)

1st - Harting Hunting Lad (Spencely)

A full class. Good head, small ears, tight eye, pigment good, good length of body & angulation, sell set tail, moved well.

- Best Puppy -

2nd - Cwmtysswg Master Mino (Gittins)

Another nice type with good head, tight eye, good width chest & bone, body long, well angulated, moved with ease.

3rd - Barbaro Samuri Warrior (Green)

Good head, small ears, deep ribcage, well of for bone, wide chest & moved well.

Res. - Kumormai Xavier (Knight)

VHC - Cwmtysswg Gladiator (Baker)


Special Junior Dog (2/1a)

1st - Bronson Bromley (Simper)

Only one present, deserved his first place. Nice dog with good type of head, width of muzzle, tight eye & small ears, tail well set on, good length of body, angulation& moved well.


Yearling Dog (4/0a)

1st - Kumormai Crouching Tiger (Knight)

An eye catching boy, shows well, pleasing head with good eyes & dark pigment, well off for bone, wide front, long body, tail set on high, moved well.

2nd - Wardein Paternoster Sq (Johnstone)

Head good with width of muzzle & well off for pigment, shoulders well placed, long body, bone good, moved with ease.

3rd - Whites Comet at Jengren (Green)

Not happy with his surroundings. A good head, wide muzzle & long body. Down on pasterns.

Res. - Dixeylyn's Mabon (Willmott & Dix)


Post Graduate Dog (8/0a)

This proved a hard class, some good dogs went cardless.

1st - Orkadis Aberdeen Angus of Tariya (Williams)

Smart boy with good head, wide muzzle, wide front, long body, high tailset, lovely deep ribcage, moved well.

2nd - Darkling Joshua of Bredwardine (McCulloch & Williams)

An eye catching dog, in lovely condition, has a typical head, tight eye, witdh of muzzle & good bone, deep ribcage, length of body, he moved soundly.

3rd - Darkling Jago of Bredwardine (Johnson)

A litter brother of 2, very similar to his brother. Good head & eye, dark pigment, feet tight, bone large, body long, moved well.

Res. - Silverside Super Solomon (Pickering)

VHC - Rhilaubekan Sherwood (Raybone)


Limit Dog (9/0a)

A class with some very nice Mastiffs, it was necessary to split hairs.

1st - Henry Tudor (Hassall)

A large dog with deep body, wide chest, excellent bone & a good head, pigment good, tail set correct, moved well.

2nd - World Ch. Sagamore Stableboy Brullemail {ATC AD00682FRA}(Le Courtois)

A dog presented in lovely condition, well behaved, good head, small ears, has length of firm body, well muscled, good tailset. Missed out to 1 on bone. Moved soundly.

3rd - Bulliff Erk (Say)

A large dog with large bone, good head & eye, long body with good tailset. His movement let him down.

Res. - Faerdorn Lord Of The Rings (Harvey & Clarke)

VHC - Jengais Gunslinger of Barbaro (Green)


Open Dog (7/2a)

Another rewarding class, all worthy of winning on another day. 

1st - Ch. Faynad King Of Our Gottage (Zadeh)

A lovely , real old fashioned type, he had a beautiful head, small ears, large bone & a long body with a deep ribcage, well up on his pasterns, he moved well & covered the ring. Worthy CC winner.

- Dog CC -

2nd - Ch. Fearnought The Barbarian (Payne)

Another wll known winner, a good head with good pigment, wide front bone good enough feet, really tight. would prefer a longer body.

- Res. Dog CC -

3rd - Beezaville Coram Judice (Attfield)

Another dog I have admired, he had competition today. Good head, dark pigment, presented in good condition, long body & moved well.

Res. - Dark Knight (Kirwan & White)

VHC -Ch. Penrichlar Phoenix of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)


Veteran Bitch (2/0a)

1st - Milford Melody (Graham)

A lovely typical old lady, very feminine, good head, deep ribcage, tight feet, well angulated & moved well. 8 years old.

2nd - Santmichal Emilia (Rischmiller)

Another worthy winner, large with good bone, wide muzzle, smaller, moved well. Preferred the head of 1.


Special Puppy Bitch (6/2a)

1st - Fearnought The Outkast (Layne)

Her name does not do her justice. She has a nice head & width over a wide front, good bone, well muscled with good feet & a long body.

2nd - Pelecrushice Lagapodus (Allen)

A very feminine bitch with good head, good eye & pigment, wide front, large bone, moved well.

3rd - Kumormai Capuche (Knight)

This is a very typical bitch who should have stood higher in this class. Lovely head, wide front & long body, angulation good. Her movement let her down today.

Res. - Kumormai Destiny of fylderiver (Olsson)


Special Junior Bitch (7/0a)

1st - Mansuetude Vertical Limit (Broomfield)

What a lovely typical bitch, reminded me of some bitches in the past. A lovely head, wide front, dep body & wide chest, well off for bone, moved well. Her future must be good.

2nd - Cwmtysswg Gwen of Salforda (Proudfoot)

Good head with tight eye, feet good, pigmentation & tailset good, good bone, moved well.

3rd - Fearnought Lady Of The Lakes at Belushi (Rodgers & Fletcher)

Good head & bone, well pigmented with a good length of body & good backend, she moved well.

Res. - Fearnought Princess Royal (Payne)

VHC - Mansuetude Tocas Miracle (Lowry)


Yearling Bitch (4/1a)

1st - Kumormai Kimono (Knight)

Good head with a nice eye, width of front & depth of body, good bone & angulation, moved with ease.

2nd - Friendly fire of Dobunni (Smith)

Good head, wide front, deep body, move,emt good but needs bigger bone.

3rd - Mansuetude Tocas Miracle (Lowry)

Good head with nice ears, bone good. Expression spoilt by haw & has a low set tail.


Post Graduate Bitch 5/3a)

Both of these bitches were not behaving themselves. However, they are two good specimens of our breed.

1st - Tresylan Gucci of Ormondstow (Critchley)

A very typical feminine looking bitch with good bone, head & eye, long body, tight feet, can move better.

2nd - Myswain Bun In The night (Clarke)

A very nice bitch, good head, long body & good bone. Needs to settle.


Limit Bitch (12/)

1st - Faynad Dive Of Our Dreams (Zadeh)

A lovely all round bitch, very similar to my DCC, lovely head, bone good, long body, tail set well on, tight feet, has width of chest & a deep ribcage, movement good. Would prefer a tighter eye.

- Res. Bitch CC -

2nd - Cenninpedr Ferch Bert at Fearnought (Payne)

Unlucky to meet 1. A nice feminine bitch, beautifully handled by a young lady, nice head with tight eye, good pigment & small ears, long body, good bone & angulation. A bright future for both handler & bitch. 

3rd - Santmichal Chardoney (Rischmiller)

Larger bitch, good head, would like tighter eye. Has width of front & large bone, good angulation, moved well.

Res. - Klanzmun Lochran at Ebbstar (Fisher & heathcote

VHC - Jengren Song bird (Green)


Open Bitch (12/)

1st - Ch/D/NL/LUX Ch. Francis From The Burning Mountain of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

What a lovely bitch, beautifully put together, lovely feminine head, tight eye, good pigment, has long body & width of front, a level topline, tight feet, moved so soundly.

- Bitch CC & Best of Breed -

2nd - Tatoo-in de Molossie (ATC AE00584FRA)(Hernandez)

A lovely large bitch, good head & tight eye with good pigment, length of body with tail set well on, moved with ease on beautiful tight feet. Lost out against RCC bitch who had more typical head & larger bone but I liked her a lot. A credit to our breed.

3rd - Ch. Lady Lavinia (Lock)

A well known bitch who has done a lot of winning. Can still hold her place with the best. good head & bone combined with depth of body.

Res. - Ch. farnaby Fallen Woman of Wickaven (Toogood)

VHC - Ch. Klanzmun Fire Witch (Knight)

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