Judge: Mr David Joynes

Judge's critique updated

BOB - Ch. Penrichlar Phoenix of Bredwardine

Dog CC - Ch. Penrichlar Phoenix of Bredwardine

Bitch CC - Milford Melody

Res. Dog CC - Ch. Bulliff Dom

Res. Bitch CC - Ch. Klanzmun Firewitch

Best Puppy - Wardein Paternoster SQ

Best Veteran - Milford Melody


Special Puppy Dog (6)

1st - Wardein Paternoster Sq. (Lyon)

Fawn dog of 12 months. Nice shaped head, broad muzzle, dark mask. Level across the top of the skull with nice shaped ears and good dark eyes. Good body and level topline, nice chest. Good angulation. Moved well.

- Best Puppy -

2nd - Bulliff Erk (Say)

Brindle dog of 12 months. Heavy boned, well grown dog. Large, good shaped head, strong muzzle, good stop and eyes. Nice body and level topline. Standing a little straight behind, I preferred the movement of the winner.

3rd - Irebon Androcles (Boner)

Res. - Merrydell's Givin It Larj

VHC - Faerdorn TheWizard


Special Junior Dog (6)

1st - Orkadis Aberdeen Angus Of Tariya (Williams)

Fawn dog of 16 months. Pleasing head with good muzzle and mask, nice eyes. Good level topline, deep chest and straight front. Nice bone. Good length in body, adequate angulation. Moved well.

2nd - Kumormai Dragon Charmer From Morganlefay (Bowdery)

Fawn dog of 16 and a half months. Plainer in the head than the winner with a longer muzzle. Nice body and good heavy bone, nice angulation. Did not move as good as the winner.

3rd - Namous Naturally Curious (Blaxter)

Res. - Silverside Super Solomon


Post Graduate Dog (17)

1st - Jengais Gunslinger Of Barbaro (Green)

Fawn dog of 28 months. Good shaped head and muzzle, good dark eyes, ears set high. Good length of body and level top. Nice deep chest, good angulation and nice, tight cat-like feet. Moved with drive.

2nd - Ebony Joe (Cook)

Brindle dog of 2 and a half years. Large, nice shaped head with broad muzzle. Nice stop, eyes and ears. Level topline and good chest. Nice deep body, good angulation. Moved well.

3rd - Darkling Joshua Of Bredwardine (McCulloch & Williams)

Res. - Sagacious Sebastian of Dixwylyn

VHC - Santmichal Bulldozer


Limit Dog (10)

1st - Sagamore Stableboy Brullemail (Le Courtois)

Brindle dog of 3 years with good shaped head and well set ears. Nice muzzle and defined stop with flat skull, good dark eyes. Good bone and nice straight front. Deep chest with nice long body. Level topline and good angulation. Moved well.

2nd - Kumormai Christmas Angel (Beaumont & Hesketh)

Brindle dog of 5 years. Pleasing head but longer in the muzzle than the winner. Nice eyes and ears, nice chest, good muzzle, standing a little straight. Moved well.

3rd - Kumormai As Good As It Gets (Knight)

Res. - Chevelu Land of Dreams for Heffalump

VHC - Henry Tudor


Open Dog (17)

1st - Ch Penrichlar Phoenix Of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Apricot dog of 3 years. Large, good shaped head with plenty of expression. Good flat skull and broad, deep muzzle. Well defined stop and nice dark eyes, nice deep wide chest and front, good length of body. Plenty of bone and good angulation. Showed and moved well.

- Dog CC & Best of Breed -

2nd - Ch Bulliff Dom (Say)

Fawn dog of 5 years. Good shaped head with a flat skull and broad, deep muzzle. Nice eyes and a good stop. Good deep chest and body, nice rear end. Good angulation. Moved well.

- Res. Dog CC -

3rd - Ch Fearnought The Barbarian (Payne)

Res. - Ch. Faynad King Of Our Cottage

VHC - Farbeegil First Dream

HC - Kumormai Dont Give A Damm

C - Dark Knight


Veteran Bitch (1)

1st - Milford Melody (Graham)

Fawn bitch of 6 and a half years. Very nice feminine head with a good expression. Nice broad muzzle, small dark eyes and good ears, nice dark mask. Nice deep chest standing wide and straight at the front. Good long body with level topline. Good angulation and nice feet. Moved around the ring with ease. Showed well.

- Bitch CC -


Special Puppy Bitch (6)

1st - Saphire Of Strathkinness (Andrews)

Brindle bitch of 12 months. Feminine head with ears set high on skull. Nice dark eyes, nice bone, good body for her age. Good rear end. nice angulation. Moved well.

2nd - Jumas Joy (Andrews)

Brindle bitch of 12 months. Litter sister to the winner. Very similar in stature. I preferred the head and movement of her sister, but she still has lots of time to develop.

3rd - Merrydell Keep The Faith (Meredith)

Res. - Dixeylyn's Rhonwen


Special Junior Bitch (6)

1st - Tresylyan Gucci Of Ormondstow (Critchley)

Fawn bitch of 14 and a half months. Good shaped head with nice eyes and muzzle. Good ears and dark mask. Nice chest. Good front and body, good feet and adequate angulation. Nice backend, standing well. Could have a good future and still has lots of time. Moved quite well.

2nd - Bredwardine Barden (McCulloch & Williams)

Bitch of 17 months. Good head with a nice expression, good muzzle and stop. Nice ears. Good chest and body, level topline and nice angulation. Moved well. Spoit her chances on the day by being a silly girl and not wanting to handle.

3rd - Morganlefay Lady Of The Lake (Bowdery)


Post Graduate Bitch (11)

1st - Cenninpedr Ferch Bert At Fearnought (Payne)

2nd - Klanzmun Lochran (Heathcote & Fisher)

Brindle bitch of 21 months. Good head and nice expression, nice muzzle with dark eyes and good shaped ears. Good angulation, more compact and shorter in body than the winner. Moved well.

3rd - Tuscany Superb Brullemail Jw (Graf)

Res. - Satmichal Diva Avec Dibest

VHC - Myswain Sun In The Night


Limit Bitch (14)

1st - Darkling Jemma's Jessabelle (Ridley)

Fawn bitch of 32 months. Good strong head, nice short broad muzzle with well defined stop. good eyes and small ears well set on top of skull, dark mask. Good straight front. Nice bone, a good chest and long body. Level topline and good angulation. Moved well.

2nd - Santmichal Chardoney (Rischmiller)

Brindle bitch of 25 months. Nice strong head, wide muzzle, small eyes and well set ears. Good front and chest, level topline and good angulation. Did not move as well as she can.

3rd - Milford Port Of Wardein (Johnstone)

Res. - Sandrose Brullemail

VHC - Bredwardine Chanrose at Fearnought


Open Bitch (9)

1st - Ch Klanzmun Fire Witch (Knight)

Apricot bitch of 32 months. Good dtrong head, nice short broad muzzle with well defined stop. Good eyes and small ears well set on top of skull, dark mask. Good straight front, nice chest and body. Level topline and good angulation. nice rear end. Moved well.

- Res. Bitch CC -

2nd - Ch Farnaby Fallen Woman Of Wickaven (Toogood)

Brindle bitch of 5 years. Nice dark btindle with a large, good shaped head. Broad muzzle with nice small, dark eyes, nice front, well let down chest. Good level topline, good body and angulation. Preferred the movement on the winner.

3rd - Prixcan Chiarascura (Manfredi)

Res. - Tinkabell Brullemail Jw

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