Judge: Mr Chris Say

Overall the quality of the exhibits was not great, there were of course a few exceptions. I think most exhibitors would agree I use my eyes more than my hands so I was appalled that with a minimum of 'hands on' I got nearly as dirty as I would doing an oil change on the car. Although 1 dog and 3 bitches left the ring because of their behavior I would like to make it clear that htey were withdrawn by their handlers and not dismissed by me. Perhaps the owners can console themselves that their dogs do not like men with beards. It was interesting to see that two mastiffs and their owners had travelled all the way from Germany and two more from France. I wonder how many there will be in future years. I hope they found the experience worthwhile.

BOB - Rhilaubekan Benjamin

Dog CC - Rhilaubekan Benjamin

Bitch CC - Ch. Lady Lavinia

Res. Dog CC - Jengren Rufus

Res. Bitch CC - Solo Worrab at Saltcountry

Best Puppy - Faynad King Of Our Cottage

Best Veteran - Solo Worrab at Saltcountry


Special Puppy Dog (4)

1st - Faynad King Of Our Cotage (Zadeh)

Defiantly a puppy of quality with exceptionally heavy bone, pleasing well proportioned head and body. On seeing his actual age I am a little concerned about him making enough overall size.- Best Puppy -

2nd - Penrichlar Plas of Brewardine (Payne)

Another one with excellent bone. Nice skull and muzzle slightly let down by hoary eyes, sound body, could have moved better.

3rd - Kumormai Great Expectation (Knight)

A very large framed youngster but carrying too much flesh which in turn affected movement.

Res. - Waka Moko (Cambell)


Special Junior Dog (5/2a)

1st - Jengren Rufus (Chamber)

What a super young brindle. Broad deep muzzle, broad skull, excellent pigment, good shoulder, well sprung ribs, moved with freedom and energy. Could have gone to the very top with a little more maturity.

- Res. Dog CC -

2nd - Morrigan Mighty Artigal (Gee)

A very spirited youngster which although nice to see. A little more discipline in the show ring is desirable.

3rd - Morrigan Mighty Uther (Quinn)

A brindle who's shyness made it very difficult for me to assess.


Post Graduate Dog (18)

1st - Faerdorn Tiger Tales (Cox & Frost)

Evenly marked brindle, well laid shoulders, good top line standing and on the move, high domed head, a little light in bone, good feet, tail set and angulation.

2nd - Faithful Friend at Farnaby (Hardy)

Very dark brindle in excellent coat, good top line and angulation, not the type of head I am looking for, not moving very well on the day.

3rd - Bredwardine Bwlchylion (Mill)

Pleasing head, would have been more in proportion with a lighter body, down on pasterns at times.

Res. - Bredwardine Blaenlluan of Mullak (Dickinson)


Limit Dog (6)

1st - Rhilaubekan Benjamin (Rischmiller) 

Large substantial well proportioned, good spring of rib, well laid shoulders, good reach of neck, moved with drive and vigour. Head not all that I am looking for but overall the best on the day. Went well in the Group.

- Dog CC & Best of Breed -

2nd - Domas Calthorpe from Delbeech (Beech)

Well balanced with a nice head, dark eyes, good shoulder, very good on the move, good angulatio, light bone.

3rd - Dajent's Peace Maker of Dobunni (Hall & Smith)

In many ways similar to 2 but net behaving very well.

Res. - Ankerston Yew Tree Yeti (Anderson)


Open Dog (9)

1st - Bredwardine Bwlchyllew of Watlands (Nixon)

Note his title is missing from the catalogue, I am sure it deserves to be there. Big and well balanced pleasing head, good pigmentation, sufficient bone, well arched feet, could have moved better.

2nd - Chevelu Daydream Believer for Nobleheart (Baxter)

Another big one, good type, heavy bone, good angulation, well presented, plenty of ring presence.

3rd - Ch. Prixcan Mordred for Lygonhall (Pass)

Very well known champion, excellent head, beginning to look more than his five years.

Res. - Ch. Hugedogge Barbirolli Sir Percel {ATC AB00348DNK} (Le Courtois)


Special Puppy Bitch (5)

1st - Kumormai Charisma (Knight)

Lives up to her name, nice well proportioned head, good angulation, very immature as yet, moved freely retaining top line.

2nd - Penrichlar Pentangle of Bredwardine (Morris)

Excellent pigment, broad deep body for age, well laid shoulders, short neck, reasonable angulation, moved well. Would like more substantial legs.

3rd - April Queen (Hill)

Nice head, good pigmentation, little to choose between this one and second. Not so good topline.

Res. - Penrichlar Pontael for Fylderiver (Olsson)


Special Junior Bitch (3/0a)

1st - Kumormai Camellia (Barker)

Nice head and expression, good angulation, a well balanced but basically light frame, could have behaved and moved better.

2nd - Jengren Chantares at Carpathian (West)

Well marked brindle, nice head with dark prominent eyes, good bone and angulation, still a little immature in body.

3rd - April Queen (Hill)


Post Graduate Bitch (13)

1st - Francis From The Burning Mountain (Schug & Nordhues)

Typey feminine head, excellent pigmentation, body a little lacking in breadth, good angulation, moved with the sort of drive that is rarely seen.

2nd - Kezdeks Saxon Belle of Mullak (Dickinson)

Pleasing head with very heavy bone, good spring of rib, short neck, good shoulders, moved reasonably well.

3rd - Bredwardine Bythdovery (Jones)

Not the type of head I prefer, excellent spring of rib, a bit light in bone, moved well.

Res. - Masnou Desdemona


Limit Bitch (9)

1st - Jengren Cassiopia (Green)

Excellent quality typey pleasing head, good pigmentation, broad deep well proportioned body. Heavy bone, good angulation, moved well.

2nd - Saltcountry Lady Docker (Steele)

Another good quality bitch but carrying too much weight which although does not seem to affect her movement does not do her top line any favours.

3rd - Craigavon Leoni at Jengren (Taylor)

Pleasing head, broad ribs, rather on the short side, dippy top line, moved reasonably well.

Res. - Francis From The Burning Mountain


Open Bitch (12)

1st - Ch. Lady Lavinia (Lock)

What a super looking bitch in every respect, would probably have taken top awards if only she had a bit more sparkle.

- Bitch CC -

2nd - Francis From The Burning Mountain (Schug & Nordhues)

- See Post Graduate Bitch -

3rd - Ch. Kumormai All Gold (Knight)

Another one of obvious quality but spoilt by head being too small for her overweight body.

Res. - Darkling Isla


Special Veteran (1)

1st - Solo Worrab At Saltcountry (Steele)

What a grand old lady. Nine years old and I am sure could show a clean pair of heels to many a quarter her age and could do it all day.

- Best Veteran & Res. Bitch CC

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