Judge: Mr C Habig

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BOB - Faerdorn Why Do It

Dog CC - Faerdorn Why Do It

Bitch CC - Ch. Brookview Bo-Filette

Res. Dog CC - Mano Rossa

Res. Bitch CC - Darkling Isla

Best Puppy - Prixcan Eglante


Special Puppy Dog

1st - Faerdorn Tiger Tales 

2nd - Prixcan Chamarre 

3rd - Sagacious Sebastian of Dixeylyn 

Res. - Happy Hamlet


Special Junior Dog

1st - Henty Tudor 

2nd - Rhilaubekan Benjamin 

3rd - Rhilaubekan Diesel 

Res. - Rhilaubekan Valentino


Post Graduate Dog

1st - Domas Calthorpe from delbeech 

2nd - Kumormai After Eight 

3rd - Kumormai Black Magic 

Res. - Dajanis Peace Maker


Limit Dog

1st - Cevelu Daydream Believer for Nobleheart 

2nd - Drunk And Disordely Jw 

3rd - Kumormai Don't Give A Damm 

Res. - Bredwardine Bwlchyllew of Watlands


Open Dog

1st - Mamo Rossa 

2nd - Ch. Prixcan Morder for Lygonhall 

3rd - Fearnought The Barbarian 

Res. - Bredwardine Santmichal Wellington


Special Veteran Dog

1st - Faerdorn Why Do It 

2nd - Ch. Marcolian Ceeu Jimmy 

3rd - Ch. Jengren Pluto


Special Puppy Bitch

1st - Prixcan Eglante 

2nd - Faerdorn Burning Bright 

3rd - Prixcan Chiarascura


Special Junior Bitch

1st - Rhilaubekan Medusa 

2nd - Milford Port 

3rd - Jengren Cassiopia 

Res. - Masnou Desdemona


Post Graduate Bitch

1st - Saltcountry Lady docker 

2nd - Prixcan Queen Of Darkness 

3rd - Fearnought Icene Queen 

Res. - Masnou Desdemone


Limit Bitch

1st - Darking Isla 

2nd - Kumormai All Gold 

3rd - First Time Girl 

Res. - Wyecaple Sull'aria Figaro


Open Bitch

1st - Ch. Brookview Bo-Filette 

2nd - Santmichal Emilia 

3rd - Ch. Dawn Roseanne Jw 

Res. - Benbows Mandy of Saltcountry



Special Veteran Bitch

1st - Ch. Marcolian Cean Mor 

2nd - Trasylyan Elspeth

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