Judge: Mr Bas Bosch (Blazolynns)



Dog CC and B.I.S.


Reserve Dog CC and Reserve B.I.S.



Bitch CC and B.O.S.I.S


Best Puppy in Show


Best Veteran in Show



Pleased, very pleased I was with what the fourteenth championship show of the Mastiff Association has brought me, based on the impression of 126 dogs, making 145 entries. In my report after judging the breed in Darlington a couple of years ago I could be relatively positive, now I am straight forward positive and very much looking forward to the future of the Mastiff in its country of origin. The development of the breed over let us say the last five to ten years in Great Britain proves how strong the breed is. It has surprised me, I have to say, that it has proved to be possible to leave behind what I consider a very dark period for the breed. There were so many foreign detractions of classic breed type around in combinations I had not seen before, so much unsoundness, in various kinds, known and unknown. It is most certain that there are Mastiff enthusiasts who follow the breed much longer than I do – I can only talk of my experiences with the breed since the second half of the seventies – who may come up with a as dark or even a darker period of before that time, but still. So there is every reason to be positive, based on what that large number of dogs with a relatively small amount of absentees said to me – thank you all very much for the ‘guts’ to enter under this foreigner.

The tone was set with a grand entry of Veteran Dogs, the most impressive class of veterans I have judged, in whatever breed I am qualified for. What followed were many Mastiffs, both dogs and bitches, which in principle were well constructed – hardly any straight and overbuilt hindquarters – sound and could move, quite a few of them showing the desired ‘slow motion’ trot even. In males there was less than a handful which needed more self-confidence, in bitches I am sorry to say, there were a few more. The condition of the vast majority of the Mastiffs entered was, again surprisingly, really good: lovely show condition and a decent muscle tone at least, showing that couch potatoes are no longer something to strive for. 

Focusing on the males, another thing I did not expect was the large number of entries with big, round and often (too) light eyes. In the past a judge could expect this kind of eye in a particular type of head, not that they were not to be seen in other types, but still. There were so many untypical eyes at this particular show that I had to come in terms with it. Normally it is something that is very difficult for me to accept, now I had too. Even in a large number of class winners I would like to see a smaller, deeper set and darker eye – an essential for a true to type Mastiff. The dog that won the Reserve CC shows that kind of eye. 

For one strange reason or another the majority of bitches did not show this distraction, luckily, but with them I had to deal with a lack of self-confidence, meaning that I had to give the highest award in a few classes to rather short bodied females. (In males I could go for one long cast dog after another, like a judge in Mastiff heaven.) 

Before I end this general report I do not know if I should apologise or not. Studying the catalogue afterwards I noticed that the Best Brindle in Show was not chosen, as the obvious result of that there was only one brindle class winner, a minor puppy, and in the lateness of the day, unbeaten brindles from other classes were not called back into the ring. Well, that’s the way it was, but I do feel sorry in a way, as I love brindles and have come across many brindles that had a lot to offer. First and for all, the majority of them had the most typical colour, shape and expression of eye and they were textbook examples in the amount of wrinkles. Besides that they often had a lot of size, were very well constructed and put together, hard muscled even, resulting in an effortless movement. They must be great dogs to have around, but they would have come further in the competition if they had more to offer in bone and width in body and stop and strength of muzzle… who said that Mastiffs are an easy breed to judge? 

I did not, but despite the difficulties of ‘endless’ comparing the good and the bad in all their degrees I enjoyed every bit of this day. So, thank you, committee members, ring personnel and exhibitors, ever so much for this great opportunity.




Class 1:- Veteran Dog:

1st: Ch. Fearnought The Barbariuan (G Payne) click for pic 

Very nice type enriched with the grandeur of the elderly gentleman, still showing his length, depth and width of body impressively. Strong head with typical muzzle, stop and eye placement, excellent wrinkles which, together with in the mean time ‘silverish’ mask, gave a lovely expression. Nice bone, excellent forechest, spring and length of ribs, very well angulated front and behind. When moving he starts to show his age, but the long, easy going stride is still there, very much so.


2nd: Jengren Babysham (E.R. & I. White) 

Impressive size, very well put together, in an immaculate condition; does not show his nine plus years at all. Sufficient strong head with a beautiful small dark eye, would prefer more stop and a blunter muzzle. Excellent angulation front and behind, top and underline, decent bone, width and depth of body, muscle quality of a young man. Covers the ground surprisingly easily with a nice long stride.

3rd: Faerdorn Tiger Tales (J Cox & C. Frost) 

Masculine dog with a lovely body shape and shown in an excellent condition. Strong headpiece, nice stop, skull shape rather round, expression would improve with a smaller, less pronounced eye. Excellent length, depth and width of body, well angulated front and behind. Movement ok.


Class 2:- Minor Puppy Dog

1st: Kumormai Collateral (R & S Simper) click for pic 

Nicely constructed, sufficiently developed puppy. Head still very puppy like; hopefully he will improve in stop, muzzle and expression. Strong topline, nicely angulated front and behind, nice tail set. Excellent condition. Outgoing temperament. Balanced mover. 

2nd: Kumormai Risk Business (S & T Coulman-Hole)

Similar type to the first in this class, but a bit smaller in everything. 

3rd: Tresylyan Hector (M & G Taylor) 

Tall boy, every inch a puppy. Just sufficiently developed head, lovely small dark eye. Well angulated, decent bone, strong back and loins. Hopefully he will get more self-confidence. Movement still very puppy like.


Class 3:- Puppy Dog

1st: Suncamo Richards Ace (E Herring & S Clarke) click for pic 

Masculine dog of impressive size, well made, nicely balanced body. Well developed head with decent stop, typical skull shape with nice wrinkles, large nostrils, could do with more depth of muzzle and a darker, less round eye. Massive bone, plenty of rib already, excellent back and loins, moves well. 

2nd: Bwlchygroes V D Duncanhof of Bredwardine (P Tugwell & R Thomas) 

Attractive type, middle sized, nice silhouette. Strong headpiece with excellent muzzle and stop, large nostrils, nice dark, but slightly open eye. Nice length of body, strong bone, back and loins, well made behind, front rather loose at the moment, elbows need attention. Moves with drive but needs to tighten in front. 

3rd: Ma Baker Jake (S Harrison & R Isaac) 

Nice size, very well put together, but otherwise still very puppy like. Sufficient developed head with nice stop, a most beautiful small and dark eye, muzzle rather weak at the moment. Well angulated front and behind, nice depth of ribs already, excellent quality of muscles, superb condition. Easy going movement.


Class 4:- Junior Dog

1st: Kumormai Churchill (E Knight) click for pic 

Middle sized dog, so well put together and very nicely balanced, but could do with a bit more of everything. Decent developed head with lovely skull shape and stop, textbook wrinkles, small, dark, but a bit open eye. Decent body length and bone, excellent back, loins and tail set, well muscled throughout. Fluent movement with plenty of drive as one seldom sees in this breed.

2nd: Santmichal Colossus (N Sandham & L Marshall)

Masculine dog with nice size and substance. Strong headpiece with sufficient typical expression. Well angulated front and hindquarters, strong bone, plenty of rib already, hopefully his topline will tighten. Movement still very puppy like. 

3rd: Mansuetude Taklamakan (A & M Hogg - Eire) 

Smaller sized dog which gives a finished picture already. Well-developed head with nice skull shape, stop and wrinkles, expression would improve by a smaller, less round eye. Lovely width and depth of body, excellent spring of ribs, could do with more development and strength behind, when standing and on the move.


Class 5:- Novice Dog

1st: Westgort Innovation by Kumormai (E Knight) click for pic 

Masculine dog of nice type, impressive size and length of body, still quite immature looking. Well developed head with typical skull shape, decent stop, broad and deep muzzle, sufficient small and a bit open eye. Massive bone, plenty of angulation, development of ribs a bit behind compared to the rest. Movement quite loose still, but with an impressive long stride already. 

2nd: Bravender Jimmy The Just (J. Edwards) 

Masculine and substantial dog, sufficiently balanced. Very strong head, nice stop, would prefer less cheeks and a smaller eye. Excellent bone, deep and well sprung ribs, hindquarters lighter developed and rather overbuilt. Movement okay.

3rd: Ma Baker Jake (S Harrison & R Isaac) 

Sufficient masculine dog, well constructed but rather elegant. Sufficient strong head with a most lovely eye: dark, small and nicely shaped, would prefer more stop and a blunter muzzle. Sufficient bone, strong topline, well angulated front and behind. Moves well.


Class 6:- Postgraduate Dog

1st: Klanzmun Flavius Vespasian (E Frew) click for pic 

Extremely well balanced dog of nice type, lovely silhouette. Well developed head with typical stop and skull shape, nice wrinkles, decent muzzle, sufficient dark and small eye. Decent bone, excellent angulation front and behind, superb quality of muscles and condition. Very impressive on the move: effortlessly and with a ‘slow’, long stride. 

2nd: Chevelu Godric Gryffindor at Tresylyan (M & G Taylor)

Masculine dog of nice type, long bodied with excellent proportions, still a bit immature looking though. Well developed head, excellent in all parts, except for his eyes and cheeks. Strong bone and topline, nicely angulated front and hindquarters, excellent condition. Excellent movement. 

3rd: Mansuetude Vertical Vision (M Broomfield)

Middle sized, very masculine dog with typical silhouette: long and deep. Massive and square looking head, plenty of stop, lovely short and broad muzzle, shows maximum of lips and wrinkles, rather large and too open an eye. Decent bone, excellent spring of rib, angulation front and behind balanced. Moves well.


Class 7:- Limit Dog

1st: Wardein Paternoster SQ (L Lyons) click for pic 

Exceptional dog, so true to type, so impressive overall. Masculine, massive head with the most beautiful eye; small and dark giving the most noble expression, textbook wrinkles, lovely stop, nice balance between strength of muzzle and skull. Very deep body with plenty of length, nice width between the legs, decent bone, superb neck, top and underline, lovely forechest and lay back of shoulder, excellent angulated and muscled hindquarters, textbook tailset. Moves with a long, ‘slow’ stride 

2nd: Chevelu Easter Parade for Heffalump (K Dodd-Utting, E Herring & J Dodd)

Masculine, long cast dog, very strong build and with plenty of size. Very strong head with a broad flat skull, sufficient stop and quality of eye, would prefer less cheeks. Massive bone. Excellent depth of ribs, but they could do with more spring. Nice top and underline. Well-made hindquarters. Typical and easy going movement. 

3rd: Storm Golden Baubles Around Domas (Imp) (P & A Griffin) 

Middle sized dog of nice type, long and deep, sufficiently balanced. Impressive headpiece, excellent skull shape and stop, nice expression of wrinkles, dark slightly open eye, large nostrils. Strong bone, well angulated but a bit loose front, nice depth and decent spring of rib, well angulated sufficient broad hindquarters. Typical mover.


Class 8:- Open Dog

1st: Ch Rhilaubekan Lancet of Bredwardine (P Tugwell & R Thomas) click for pic 

A very, very special dog, with an abundance of qualities which are rare in the world of Mastiffs. Despite his smaller size he impresses like a big dog, so massively built and at the same time so well put together and so well balanced. Very strong masculine head with plenty of stop and superb muzzle. Exceptional massive bone, excellent forechest, width between the legs and depth and spring of rib, superb top and underline, the best of hindquarters. Moves like a dream, like a never-ending story even. As an extra bonus he belongs to the ‘Happy as Larry Gang’. So many plusses that it seems inappropriate to name the wishes a judge still would have. 

2nd: Ch Jengais Gunslinger of Barbaro (B.A. Green)

Strong built dog, nicely put together, but could do with a bit more of everything. Decent development of head, sufficient stop and strength of muzzle, would prefer less cheeks and a smaller, less pronounced eye. Decent bone, excellent feet. Angulation front and behind balanced. Excellent muscled throughout, very short in coat. Effortless mover. 

3rd: Cyberus The Sentinal (S & T Andrews) 

Impressive headed dog of nice size, rather short coupled and still a bit immature looking. Masculine head with short muzzle and lovely large nostrils. Excellent expression of eye and wrinkles, strong stop. Nice bone, strong back and loins. Sufficiently angulated behind. Moves ok in front, could do with more strength behind.


Class 9:- Veteran Bitch

1st: Farbeegil Our Mrs McKay (D Oatham & J Pugh) click for pic 

Classic type of bitch, truly feminine, slightly out of balance due to an extra rich condition. Expressive head, excellent stop, short muzzle and charming eye. Decent bone, excellent feet, lovely spring and depth of ribs, angulation front and behind balanced. Her movement seems to be more affected by her surplus of weight than by her age. 

2nd: Merrydell Simply The Best (B Steel) 

Big lady who gives a very nice silhouette, in a superb condition, not showing her age at all. Feminine head with a most lovely eye, would prefer more stop. Excellent depth of body and spring of rib, very well put together. It was a true pity that she proved to be lame when moving.


Class 10:- Minor Puppy Bitch

1st: Farnaby Face Value by Kumormai (E Knight) click for pic 

Well-developed puppy body wise, truly feminine. Development of head seems to be a bit behind, very puppy like still. Plenty of bone and rib, nice length of body, angulation front and behind balanced. Movement still very puppy like. 

2nd: Kumormai Vanilla Sky at Cadermist (G.D. & N. Simister) 

Truly feminine bitch, well put together, just sufficient developed for her age. Sufficient developed head, could do with a darker eye, hopefully her muzlle will improve. Excellent angulation front and behind, back and loins. Moves very well, balanced and easy going. 

3rd: Bluebell Dancer Ciabana at Cadermist (G.D. & N. Simister)

Similar in type to number two in this class. Feminine head, muzzle rather snipey still and expression would improve with a smaller less round eye. Excellent forechest, plenty of angulation behind, nice depth of ribs. Movement still very puppy like.


Class 11:- Puppy Bitch

1st: Chevelu Ivory Blush (M Duval) click for pic

Extremely well developed bitch, lovely body proportions. Feminine head, sufficient square looking, decent stop, dark and small eye, shows already quite an abundance of wrinkle. Excellent bone, lovely length and depth of body, plenty of width between the legs. Excellent top and underline, very well angulated front and behind. She moves already with a nice long stride. 

2nd: Kumormai Sophie Neveu (E Knight) 

Strong and well build youngster of nice size. Well-developed head, decent skull shape, rather down faced, expression would improve with a less open eye. Excellent bone, very well angulated front and hindquarters. Movement still very puppylike. 

3rd: Suncamo Morella (S.A. & A.J. Clarke)

Truly feminine bitch puppy, nicely put together, well-developed for her age, but not having the substance and bone of the first two in this class. Pleasing head type, nice small and dark expressive eye. Well-proportioned body. Excellent mover.


Class 12:- Junior Bitch

1st: Santmichal Inspiration (J & C Rischmiller) click for pic

Big girl, strongly built, but rather short in body. Well-developed head with excellent stop, nice skull shape, expressive wrinkling. Strong bone, nice depth and spring of rib, strong back and loins, angulation between front and hindquarters balanced. Movement okay. 

2nd: Dibest Dream Come True (D Yemm)

Excellent type, middlesized strong build bitch without losing her femininity, long cast. Very impressive headpiece, lovely skull shape and stop, blunt muzzle, expressive eye and wrinkles. Deep and broad set body, which gives already a finished picture, typical top and underline, well-angulated front and hindquarters. Balanced mover. She would have been the easy winner in this class, but her lack of self confidence payed her the penalty – a true pity. 

3rd: Santmichal Lena (J & C Rischmiller)

Feminine bitch, very similar to the number one in this class, but in all aspects a bit less developed compared to her. Movement okay.


Class 13:- Novice Bitch

1st: Roxy Love of Joy from Tariya (T.M. Williams) click for pic

Big girl, strongly built, would prefer a bit more length of body. Strong headpiece with blunt muzzle, excellent stop, nice eye, typical wrinkling. Nice bone, depth and spring of ribs, nice balance between angulation of front and hindquarters. Balanced mover with a sufficient long stride. 

2nd: Meticulous Mathilda at Avadelyon (L.R. Lyons) 

Truly feminine bitch, middle sized, nicely long casted but could do with a bit more of everything. Well-developed head, typical skull shape, very nice expression of eye, sufficient stop. Just sufficient bone, well angulated, but a bit loose front, nice spring of rib, top and underline. Moves with a very nice long stride. 

3rd: Westgort Are Aida by Kumormai (E Knight) 

Very impressive in terms of size, length of body and bone, but otherwise still very puppy like still. Strong, but still a bit longer type of head. Expression would improve with a less open eye and less chin mark. Plenty of angulation both front and behind. Moves with a long stride but she has to tighten up.


Class 14:- Postgraduate Bitch

1st: Kumormai Khamsin (E Knight) click for pic

Big girl, plenty of substance, well constructed but rather short when standing. Well-developed feminine head, excellent mask and wrinkles, lovely small eye. Excellent bone, nice width and depth of body. Her balance body proportions give a different, better picture when moving; nice length of body, decent drive. 

2nd: Damaco Denbar (McCulloch & Williams)

Superbly bodied bitch, long, deep and broad creating a lovely silhouette. Strong feminine head with surprisingly broad muzzle, nice stop, shows already quite an abundance of wrinkles, rather open eye. Massive bone. Highly typical on the move with that long ‘slow motion’ stride. She would have been the class winner if she would have shown more self confidence – a true pity. 

3rd: Martha My Dear Mummy's Girl (K & V Alderman) 

Nice type, feminine bitch with a lot of qualities, slightly out of balance due to too rich a condition. Well developed head, nice wrinkles and expression. Could do with a bit more bone, lovely depth of body. Movement affected by extra weight.


Class 15:- Limit Bitch

1st: Mansuetude Vertical Limit (M.J. Broomfield) click for pic

Massive, deep bodied bitch of very nice type. Very strong but still feminine head. Excellent stop, skull shape and wrinkles, dark sufficient small eye. Strong bone, nice forechest, well angulated but a bit loose front, lovely spring and depth of rib, well angulated behind. Moves with a decent long stride. 

2nd: Fragilis Firienfeld for Hexnorden (E Norris)

Quality bitch of nice type, truly feminine and with a bit extra nobility, still a bit immature looking though. Well developed head, excellent in all parts, lovely expression. Decent bone and length of body, proud neck carriage, angulation front and behind balanced, excellent back and loins, decent ribs. Moves well in front, sufficient fluent behind. 

3rd: Cyberus Carnelian (S & T Andrews) 

Lovely bodied bitch: big, long and deep. Decent developed head with a very nice dark and small eye, needs more stop and a blunter muzzle. Plenty of angulation, nice bone, excellent top and underline. Typical and sound movement.


Class 16:- Open Bitch

1st: Fr/Int Ch. Messiahs OLV True Love (B Le Courtois) click for pic

Impressive looking bitch of lovely type, with a body length as one seldom comes across, at the very same time extremely nicely balanced, big, strong, but every inch a female. Strong head with an exceptional width and depth of muzzle, nice skull shape and decent stop, sufficient small eye. Excellent bone and fore chest, plenty of rib, lovely top and underline, excellent tailset, front and hindlegs broad set and very well angulated, excellent condition, moves with a very long and ‘slow’ stride. 

2nd: Hugedogge Gunilla of Sobriety JW (S Hill) click for pic

A big, extremely strong bitch which excels in body, truly feminine. Decent development of head; could do with more width between the ears, decent stop, sufficient small and dark eye. Textbook bone and superb feet. Extraordinary length and depth of body, excellent top and underline, superbly angulated in front and behind. Excellent condition. Surprisingly easygoing movement with a lovely long stride and drive as one seldom comes across. 

3rd: Bredwardine Chanrose at Fearnought (G Payne) 

Middle sized, truly feminine bitch, well proportioned, slightly long cast. Decent developed head with a lovely small dark eye, excellent wrinkles, would prefer more stop and depth of muzzle. Sufficient bone, well angulated sufficient tight front, excellent spring and depth of ribs, well angulated behind. Balanced mover with sufficient ‘sparkle’.

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