Judge: Mr Connol Coan (Andwell)

I was very impressed with my winners and felt the breed had substantially improved in terms of soundness. A dog with "Grandeur and Nobility" cannot be shy. Shyness is now more likely to be nurture rather than nature and I only found three shy in what was a very large entry of 132 dogs. This is a vast improvement from 25 years ago.

Similarly the body conformation has improved and dippy backs were almost entirely absent as were very straight stiffles. Personally I can overlook pale nails and small amounts of white marking as minor faults but I do not like light eyes or too much haw although the latter has greatly improved over the years. Too few of the dogs were in hard condition with well defined musculature and I was surprised at the number with chests that were not "well let down between forelegs" some even going the other way and arching up. On the other hand there were some short legged dogs whose girth were much greater than the "one-third more than height at shoulders". Also there were one or two dogs veering towards giving a cobby or square outline rather than an oblong with good length of loin. Time spent in training dogs to show is likely to improve their placing so as to "catch the eye" other qualities being equal.

It is a Judge's job to be critical and the perfect Mastiff has yet to exist. Overall I was impressed with the soundness and structure. There was only one lame dog who was retired from the class but who was otherwise a fine specimen.

Many of the dogs would benefit from extensive walking which I have always found helps with bringing dogs up on their pasterns.

The quality of the heads varied significantly. It is the head that differentiates the Mastiff from other breeds and has the most extensive description in the Breed Standard.

As a holding dog the muzzle must be broad and square. Whilst an undershot jaw achieves a square muzzle there were only four dogs whose teeth I examined and one whose lower incisors persistently showed when the mouth was closed.

Despite the many improvements in the breed over the last 25 years I was a little disappointed in the number of coarse faces that are emerging. A Mastiff's expression is diminished by light eyes, poor stop, over wrinkle, and lack of proper pigmentation. My winners showed none of these and having bred out shyness, unsoundness, and poor movement I look forward to the next decade when we can concentrate on the Mastiff returning to its rightful place as the most noble of breeds.


BIS - Ch. Faynad King Of Our Cottage

RBIS - Ch. Rhilaubekan Brynewydd of Bredwardine

Dog CC - Ch. Faynad King Of Our Cottage

Bitch CC - Ch. Rhilaubekan Brynewydd of Bredwardine

Res. Dog CC - Henry Tudor

Res. Bitch CC - Nobleheart Lady Gwenhwyfar

Best Puppy - Damaco Bwlchyaeron of Bredwardibe

Best Veteran - Farnaby Floating Voter


Veteran Dog (5/2a)

1st - Farnaby Floating Voter (Baxter)

A majestic 7 year old brindle with good dark mask and correct head proportions. Good deep broad chest. Good bone and angulation. Did not seem to like showing but the quality was there. Best veteran in show.

- Best Veteran -

2nd - Ch. Fearnought The Barbarian (Payne)

A large boned 7 year old fawn. Stood well on tight pasterns. Good head, like me showing wrinkles with age rather than when excited but true Mastiff expression. Broad body, deep-set chest. Could have changed places with the first on another day.

3rd - Farbeegil First Dream (Oatham & Pugh)

Another excellent fawn specimen with good breadth of chest and depth. Moved well, slightly down on pasterns which is to be excused in a dog of his age (7½ years). Very difficult to choose between all three.


Minor Puppy Dog (4/1a)

1st - Sir Osbourne De Griswald (Harney)

Fawn with good dark mask, typical Mastiff head, good substance remarkable for its age "a mature Mastiff in miniature".

2nd - Cyberus The Sentinal (Andrews)

Ran the first very close. Chest will improve with age. Lovely Mastiff head and will grow into his ears. Very promising and expect good things of this one. Just preferred the head of the first.

3rd - Cwmtysswg Moranwe of Dixeylyn Naf Taf (Willmott & Dix)

Just 6 months old not as mature as the others. Big growth plates and expect it to be a large dog eventually. Good angulation.


Puppy Dog (8/1a)

1st - Damaco Brynaeron of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Large apricot fawn 9 months old. Massive bone. Excellent Mastiff head with good tight eye. Impressive dog still with plenty to go judging from growth plates. Good dark muzzle, correct stop, not over-wrinkled and plenty substance. A touch more length as it gets older and we are nearing perfection.

- Best Puppy in Show -

2nd - Chevelu Easter Parade for Heffalump (Dodd-Utting)

11 months and ran the first very close. Excellent bone and confirmation, a good picture all round. First class body with good length of loin probably shading the first but just preferred the head of the first. I predict a very successful career.

3rd - Chevely Godric Gryfrindor at Tresylyan Taf (Taylor)

Very similar to 2nd, slightly less pigmentation and showing a little haw. First class conformation, a lovely coat, almost a silver fawn. Well let down chest, pavement work would improve pasterns.

Res. - Beezaville Satis Verbonum (Taylor)

VHC - Chevelu Easter Dream (Maycock)


Junior Dog (11/3a)

1st - Rhilaubekan Lancet of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Well developed dog with massive body. Impressive head and substance. A little more height would show off its undoubted quality. A grand dog.

2nd - Mansuetude Vertical Vision (Broomfield)

Brindle excellent Mastiff head showing a little haw but not too much as to spoil expression. Good mask, stop and set of ears. Excellent conformation. Deep broad body and well boned. Best brindle in show.

3rd - Magisterial Heavy Load (Hardy)

Good broad head, tight eye, and excellent in every way. Moved well. Not quite as powerfully built as the first two but his time will come.

Res. - Rhilaubekan Hagrid of Bredwardine (Mills)

VHC - Kumormia Diable (Coulman-Hole)


Novice Dog (5/2a)

1st - Chevelu Easter Dream (Maycock)

Good bone powerfully built, slightly out at elbows and low on pasterns.

2nd - Cwmtysswg Gladiator of Merrywyck (Baker)

Slightly straight in stifle preferred head of first.

3rd - Jengais Finbars Prince (O'Connor)

Still a little immature in head would have preferred more substance, but at under 12 months still plenty of time.


Post Graduate Dog (7/0a)

1st - Merrydell The Start Of It All (Steel)

Apricot with magnificent presence; a large dog and good example of the breed. Excellent confirmation and angulation, slightly down on pasterns. Slightly light eye which spoilt an otherwise excellent head. Massive body and good movement, drove well from the rear for its age (6½ years).

2nd - Harting Hutton Lad (Spencely)

Good fawn dog with typical Mastiff head, well presented with good coat and conformation. Stood out in the class.

3rd - Klanzmun Romanus (Coulman-Hole)

Apricot, good presence, broad skull. Preferred the slightly broad muzzle of the first and second. Moved just over 18 months old and will improve with age.

Res. - Namous Naturally Curious (Blaxter)

VHC - Klanzmun Quintillus via Kumormai (Knight)


Limit Dog (13/5a)

1st - Bronson Bromley (Simper)

Well developed massive fawn with good angulation. The excellence of his head secured him first place in a very strong class.

2nd - Orkadis Aberdeen Angus of Tariya (Williams)

Well presented apricot. Good bone and head. Well let down chest. Moved extremely well on well developed hind quarters.

3rd - Namous Naturally Curious (Blaxter)

This brindle dog oozed quality with an excellent head. Little low on the ground possibly due to shyness and would not stand proud. On another day would have taken first.

Res. - Shellmast The Argonaut (Wormald)

VHC - Storm Golden Baubles Around Domas Imp USA (Griffin)


Open Dog (8/4a) 

 1st - Ch. Faynad King Of Our Cottage (Zadeh)

Magnificent fawn dog truly superb Mastiff head. Huge impressive body of great substance and quality. Grandeur, power, massiveness. Moved exceptionally well for such a large dog. This is what I am looking for.

- Dog CC & BIS - 

 2nd - Henry Tudor (Hassall)

Apricot very similar to first, equally massive. Moved well. Showing just a little haw from slightly rounder eyes than first. Otherwise little to choose between them for quality.

- Res. Dog CC -

3rd - Hotsand Walker Tullemore to Brookview Imp (Lewis)

Even taller than the first two. Excellent bone, good angulation, nice conformation. Good Mastiff expression. Chest not as let down between forelegs and lost to above on movement on this day.

Res. - Ch. Kumormai Crouching Tiger (Knight)


Veteran Bitch (1/1a)
Minor Puppy Bitch (10/1a)

 1st - Martha My Dear Mummys Girl (Alderman)

Quite a mature fawn with good dark mask, excellent bone, will be quite outstanding. Posed and calm, a very promising future.

2nd - Cyberus Niobe (Andrews)

Large brindle, going to be very big, already a deep wide chest for someone so young. Good feminine head, the stop will come in time. Good hindquarters and moved very well.

3rd - Roxy Love Of Joy from Tariya (Williams)

good boned apricot fawn. Lots of growth to come. Moved well and so long as wrinkle does not increase can expect to compete and change places with first two over time.

Res. - Fearnought Dixieland Lady (Payne)

VHC - Fearnought Angel Eyes (Kavanagh)


Puppy Bitch (8/4a)

1st - Chevelu Easter Bunny (Duval)

Impressive bitch with good substance and musculature, largest in class. Darker ears and tighter eyes would improve picture otherwise a very promising fawn.

2nd - Liquorice Bootlace at Avadelyon (Lyons)

Brindle with good dark mask on large feminine head. Good conformation. Preferred movement of first.

3rd - Meticulous Matilda at Avadelyon (Lyons)

Promising youngster. Again a good feminine Mastiff head and promising future.

Res. - Shellmast Artemis (Hardy)


Junior Bitch (9/0a)

1st - Mansuetude Talavaldi Storm(Scott & Bull)

Very well developed fawn with good dark mask, a pleasing head. An imposing Mastiff with good angulation, level topline, stands and moves well. In good hard condition.

2nd - Kumormai Khamsin (Knight)

Ran the first very close with equally impressive feminine head. Shown in good condition. Not quite the angulation of the first.

3rd - Queen Of Iceni at Regallian (Lock)

A very large huge boned bitch, larger than, but preferred the head of the first two.

Res. - Cyberus Sapphirene of Brindaree (Miller & Miles)

VHC - Kumormai Leueche of Thomaster (Fox)


Novice Bitch (4/3a)

1st - Fragilis Fanfare (Proudfoot)

Lovely brindle, typical Mastiff substance on bone, expressive head. Fortunately initial wariness did not move to shyness. Has quality and would benefit from socialising and ring craft experience if it is to reach the very top. Best novice in show.


Post Graduate Bitch (10/2a)

1st - Merrydell's Keep The Faith (Steel)

Large brindle, fantastic feminine head, broad skull, chest and hindquarters. In tip top condition.

2nd - Fearnought The Outkast (Layne)

Very well presented bitch in good, well muscled, firm condition. Good bone and stands on well arched toes. Just preferred the head of first, eyes showing a little haw.

3rd - Cwmtysswg Gewn of Salforda (Proudfoot)

Nice broad bitch of good substance, moved well. Preferred the length of body of the other two.

Res. - Santmichal Keepsake (Alderman)

VHC - Angelica After All (Hardy)


Limit Bitch (15/4a)

1st - Nobleheart Lady Gwenhwyfar at Faynad (Zadeh)

Very large fawn of good conformation. The head in particular caught my eye which was correct in all detail. Moved very well.

- Res. Bitch CC -

2nd - Farnaby False Economy (Baxter)

Two year old brindle showing great potential. Moved well with good drive. Not quite the substance of the first but very promising.

3rd - Hotsand Walker Medea Imp Taf (Lewis & Doualla)

A fawn with excellent conformation, well presented. Good length of loin and angulation. Broad chest held a bit high. I liked this one’s head very much, what I call "old fashioned", by which I mean good.

Res. - Fragilis Firienfield for Hexnorden (Norris)

VHC - Santmichal Chardoney (Rischmiller)


Open Bitch (12/5a)

1st - Ch. Rhilaubekan Brynewydd of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Apricot fawn with excellent head, dark mask, broad skull. Typical Mastiff expression. Good movement. Majestic Mastiff. Initial waryness did not move to shyness and exhibited grandeur throughout.

- Bitch CC & Res. BIS -

2nd - Cenninpedr Ferch Bert at Fearnought (Payne)

Good hard condition, body as good as the first. Stood imposingly, of first class quality. For me I just slightly preferred the head of first. Good mover.

3rd - Faynad Diva Of Our Dreams (Zadeh)

Another excellent type and impressive stature. Preferred movement only of second.

Res. - Ch. Lady Lavinia (Lock)

VHC - Klanzmun Lochran at Ebbstar (Fisher & Heathcote)

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