Judge: Ms Hilary Sargeant (Quixhill)

I would first of all like to pass on my thanks and congratulations to the organisers of this excellent show, and my thanks to the exhibitors who gave me their support.

I was very much encouraged for the future of the breed. All of the exhibits showed very good temperament and there were few signs of any kind of nervousness. Movement was encouraging and there were many dogs with good type and soundness. My main winners would hold their own in the company of many Mastiffs over the years.


BIS - Ch/D/NL/LUX Ch. Francis From The Burning Mountain of Bredwardine

RBIS - Rhilaubekan Brynewydd of Bredwardine

BOS - Ch. Faynad King Of Our Cottage

Dog CC - Ch. Faynad King Of Our Cottage

Bitch CC - Ch/D/NL/LUX Ch. Francis From The Burning Mountain of Bredwardine

Res. Dog CC - Ch. Penrichlar Phoenix of Bredwardine

Res. Bitch CC - Rhilaubekan Brynewydd of Bredwardine

Best Puppy - Kumomai Xavier

Best Veteran - Santmichal Emilia


Veteran Dog (6/3a)

1st - Jengren Babycham (White) 

This very dark brindle eight year old belied his age and moved and showed well. Excellent topline and shape. A credit to his owners.

2nd - Culverden Crisis (Whelan)

Tall and impressive dog moved soundly.

3rd - Caleends Humphrey (Baxter)


Minor Puppy Dog (10/3a)

1st - Klanzmun Quintillus Via Kumormai (Knight)

This lovely fawn baby is extremely promising. He is already well bodied and has good conformation. Moved well.

2nd - Klanzmun Gaius (Knight)

Litter brother to 1st. This youngster is not quite as well developed. Lovely mask and expression and well put together. These two will change places many times in the future.

3rd - Klanzmun Flavius Vaspasian Taf (Frew & Lyons)

Res. - Klanzmun Tiberius TAF (Andrews)

VHC - Coinmore Emperor at Jengren NAF TAF (Green)


Puppy Dog (5/2a)

1st - Kumormai Xavier (Knight)

Lovely type and super expression. Good conformation and construction and certainly all mastiff. This well grown fawn has an excellent shape and topline and is certainly one to watch in future.

- Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy -

2nd - Harting Hutton Lad (Spencely)

Large well-grown fawn, failed in head to 1st.

3rd - Cwmtysswg Gladiator (Baker)


Junior Dog (4/1a)

1st - Bronson Bromley (Simper)

Dark fawn dog, well muscled with dark mask. Moved well.

2nd - Shellmast The Argonaut (Wormald)

Good shape and length of back but failed on movement to 1st.

3rd - Barbaro Samuri Warrior (Green)


Novice Dog (4/0a)

1st - Santmichal Storming Norman (Webb)

Very dark brindle, lovely type and shape and pleasing.

2nd - Brookview Beau Harvester (Sarjeant)

Heavy apricot with a great deal of wrinkle and good expression. Moved well.

3rd - Harting Hutton Lad (Spencely)

Res. - Jangais Silver Galaxy (Whelan)


Post Graduate Dog (8/2a)

1st - Warden Paternoster Sq (Lyons)

Large fawn dog with good length of back and shape. Moved well.

2nd - Kumormai Crouching Tiger (Knight)

Dark brindle with energy and spirit and excellent movement.

3rd - Orkadis Aberdeen Angus of Tariya (Williams)

Res. - Silverside Super Solomon (Pickering) 

VHC - Darkling Joshua of Bredwardine (McCulloch)


Limit Dog (6/1a)

1st - Hotsand Walker Tullemore to Brookview {IMP} (Seager & Lewis)

Massive fawn dog with dark mask. Good head and expression, topline and confirmation. Moved well.

2nd - Chevelu Land Of Dreams for Heffalump (Dodd-Utting)

A very attractive dog standing but lost to number one on movement and overall proportions.

3rd - Namous Naturally Curious (Blaxter)

Res. - Swainsi Hugo Boss (White)

VHC - Jengais Gunslinger of Barbaro (Green)


Open Dog (7/0a)

1st - Ch. Faynad King Of Our Cottage (Zadeh)

Gorgeous fawn dog, excellently put together. Full of type, good length of back, conformation and expression. Moved very well.

- Dog CC & BOS - 

 2nd - Ch. Penrichlar Phoenix of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Super apricot with gorgeous head. Full of type. Pushed 1st very close. An excellent class.

- Res. Dog CC -

3rd - Ch. Fearnought The Barbarian (Payne)

Res. - INT/FR/BEL/NL/LUX Ch. Hugedogge Barbirolli Sir Purcel {ATC AB00348CNK} (Le Courtois)

VHC - Farbeegil First Dream (Oatham)


Veteran Bitch (1/0a)

1st - Santmichal Emilia (Rischmiller)

Lovely seven year old brindle lady with super type and expression. Moved like a youngster ! A delight to see in the ring.

- Best Veteran -


Minor Puppy Bitch (5/2a)

1st - Fragilis Fangorn (Hill)

Very promising fawn girl with good conformation and topline. Full of type. Showed well.

- Best Puppy Bitch -

2nd - Fragilis Firienfeld for Hexnorden (Norris)

Litter sister to one with many of the same virtues. Will change places many times in the future.

3rd - Coinmore Mocking Bird at Jengren NAF TAF (Green)


Puppy Bitch (3/1a)

1st - Kumormai Capuche (Knight)

Boisterous and energetic fawn girl whose movement did not allow her to make the most of the occasion. Lovely conformation and expression and correct type. One to watch for the future.

2nd - Fearnought The Outkast (Layne)

Brindle girl who is generally less well developed than 1st. She will take time.


Junior Bitch (8/1a)

1st - Rhilaubekan Brynewydd of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

An exceptionally high quality bitch with wonderful type and gentle, feminine expression. A particularly lovely head and an outstanding shape. Just what a mastiff should be. Pushed my CC winner very close and I know she will go on to greater things in the future.

- Res. Bitch CC & RBIS -

2nd - Farnaby False Economy (Baxter)

Young brindle girl not as well developed as 1st. Well developed and full of promise but will take time to come to her best. Needs to work on her show performance.

3rd - Mansuetude Vertical Limit (Broomfield)

Res. - Fearnought Lady Of The Lakes at Belushi (Rodgers & Fletcher)

VHC - Farnaby Miss Money Penny TAF (Carthew & Payne)


Novice Bitch (2/0a)

1st - Farnaby False Economy (Baxter)

as Junior Bitch

2nd - Kumormai Destiny of Fylderiver (Olsson)

A promising youngster. Light fawn, well put together and moved well.


Post Graduate Bitch (8/3a)

1st - Fearnought Dark Mistress (Payne)

Very pleasing brindle with good shape and conformation. Lovely expression. Moved well.

2nd - Kumormai Kimono (Knight)

Lovely fawn – a little angular at present. Showed well.

3rd - Jumas Joy at Cyberus (Andrews)

Res. - Barnagore Brooklyn Lady (Kirwan) 

VHC - Bredwardine Barden (McCulloch)


Limit Bitch (13/3a)

1st - Cenninpedr Ferch Bert at Fearnought (Payne)

Fawn bitch, full of type. Lovely expression and good pigmentation. Moved and showed excellently.

2nd - Faynad Diva Of Our Dreams (Zadeh)

Lovely fawn with a gorgeous dark mask. Lost to 1st on movement.

3rd - Santmichal Chardoney (Rischmiller)

Res. - Klanzmun The Sorceress (Knight)

VHC - Chevelu Dreamers Baby for Heffalump (Dodd-Utting)


Open Bitch (7/3a)

1st - Ch/D/NL/LUX Ch. Francis From The Burning Mountain of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

A truly outstanding fawn bitch. Wonderful expression, shape and conformation. Showed to perfection. A real classic. 

- Bitch CC & BIS -

2nd - Bredwardine Chanrose at Fearnought (Payne)

Slightly smaller bitch than 1st. Very well put together with a lovely expression. Moved and showed well.

3rd - Ch. Klanzmun Fire Witch (Knight)

Res. - Fearnought Pride And Honour (Payne)

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