Judge: Mr Louis McDonald (Longendale)

I was very pleased and proud to have been invited to officiate at this prestigious show with an excellent entry of 111 dogs, making 108 entries. I was very impressed by the venue and the carpeted ring, with the perimeter enclosed by a recently purchased chain link and post fence. My many thanks to the two ring stewards, ably assisted by Mr Lee Williams and Miss Tracey Jopson, who made my duties more manageable. Also to the committee for providing an excellent lunch for my wife and I and the kind gift which was very much appreciated. There have been many comments recently about the unsoundness and overall quality of the breed in general, but on the day, I found this fear to be unfounded and furthermore if careful and selective breeding takes place with some of the bitches and dogs on offer today, if available, then the future looks quite promising. I found that the majority of the placings in many of the classes, such was the quality, that the seconds and thirds should not be disappointed.

BIS - Ch. Penrichlar Phoenix of Bredwardine

RBIS - Kumormai As Good As It Gets

BOS - Bredwardine Chanrose at Fearnought

Dog CC - Ch. Penrichlar Phoenix of Bredwardine

Bitch CC - Bredwardine Chanrose at Fearnought

Res. Dog CC - Kumormai As Good As It Gets

Res. Bitch CC - Klanzmun Firewitch

Best Puppy - Whites Comet at Jengren

Best Veteran - Silverside Saxons Shadow


Veteran Dog (2)

1st - Silverside Saxons Shadow (Pickering)

Eight year old fawn dog of great substance, good strong bone, good length, a joy to watch it move around the ring, moved like a two year old.

- Best Veteran -

2nd - Ankerston Rothesay (Sarjeant)

8 year old large dog with excellent head piece which I preferred to the 1st dog, however I think he found it too much on the day as I could not assesss his movement.


Minor Puppy Dog (4/1a)

1st - Whites Comet at Jengren (Green)

Seven month old brindle boy from minor puppy dog, delightful young dog who oozes quality for such a youngster, strong head, good front, nice tight feet, good top line, nice rear end, moved with drive. I predict a great future for him.

- Best Puppy -

2nd - Kumormai Crouching Tiger (Knight)

Bigger than the 1st in this class, well proportioned young brindle, nice balance all round but needs time to mature.

3rd - Santmichal Storming Norman (Webb)


Puppy Dog (5/3a)

1st - Darkling Llam's Alchemist (Ridley)

10 month old brindle, a nice size, correct length of body with nice balance, nice bone, would have liked to see more angulation. Needs time to adjust.

2nd - Wardein Paternoster Square (Lyon)

11 month old, nice head and expression, good top line, nice depth of body but little narrow in front.


Junior Dog (12/3a)

1st - Nobleheart Brave Excalibur (Zadeh)

15 month old fawn dog of good substance and size, good strong head with nice pigmentation, good stop, broad muzzle, a good top line, nice depth, good spring of rib, nice rear end and tail set, well presented and moved well.

2nd - Silverside Super Soloman (Pickering)

Another nice well balanced fawn dog, excellent top line, nice strong bone with good tight feet, good angulation, good true move, just preferred head of 1st in this class.

3rd - Kumormai Dragon Charmer from Morganlefay (Bowdery)


Novice Dog (9/3a)

1st - Dixhillon Hectors House (Norris)

Good strong head, nice pigmentation, good top line, just needs to develop his second thigh, nevertheless a very nice dog.

2nd - Darkling Joshua of Bredwardine (McCulloch & Williams)

Very impressive dog, good head, good top line, good strong second thigh but did not move as well as no.1 on the day.

3rd - Merrydell The Prize Fighter


Post Graduate Dog (7/2a)

1st - Darkling Jago of Bredwardine (Johnson)

21 month old fawn dog, litter brother to 2nd in Novice. I was very impressed by this dog in profile, lovely correct head with good expression, good pigmentation, nice bone with tight feet, moved and showed very well.

2nd - Hotsand Walker Tullemore to Brookview(Imp) (Seager & Lewis)

Huge fawn dog of good proportion, good long body with strong head and expression, good pigmentation but did not move as well as 1st on the day.

3rd - Jengais Gunslinger of Barbaro (Green)


Limit Dog (11/2a)

1st - Kumorrmai As Good As It Gets (Knight)

Large fawn dog of two years, good head, good width and length of skull, excellent front with good strong legs, nice tight feet, nice spring of rib, good top line, this dog is championship material, well deserved - - Res. Dog C.C. & Res. BIS -

2nd - Swainsea Hugo Boss (White)

30 month old. Again a substantial dog not as big as the winner but well balanced with soundness and type, moved round the ring with drive.

3rd - Sagamore Stableboy Brullemail (Le Courtois)


Open Dog (11/5a)

1st - Ch Penrichlar Phoenix Of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

An apricot dog full of quality and substance in tip top condition. He was correct in height, length with correct tail set and good angulation, the best of heads with good stock, broad skull, dark pigmentation with a good eye, head as 3:1, moved with drive and great presence around the ring.

- Dog CC, BOB & BIS -

2nd - Ch Faynad King of Our Cottage (Zadeh)

Very similar to the winner in this class. This fawn dog is full of quality and substance, good head type who thoroughly deserves his champion status, preferred angulation of 1st.

3rd - Ch Domas Calthorpe From Delbeech (Beech)


Minor Puppy Bitch (3/1a)

1st - Kumormai Kimono (Knight)

Nice sized 7 month old baby, full litter sister to 2nd in minor puppy dog. Nice head, nice tight eye, overall in good proportion, needs time to settle but should do well in the future.

2nd - Santmichal Star Attraction (Howe)

Nice brindle puppy but I found it difficult to assess her due to the young handler who had a hard time holding her.


Puppy Bitch (12/6a)

1st - Sapphire Of Strathkinness (Andrews)

Nice brindle lady of 11 months. Very substantial overall quality for one so young. I predict a good future for this one.

- Best Puppy Bitch. -

2nd - Jumas Joy (Andrews)

Litter sister to the winner, sharing the same quality.Just preferred the head of her sister.

3rd - Chevelu Justa Fancy (Duval)


Junior Bitch (9/3a)

1st - Hugedogge Gunilla Of Sobriety (Hill)

Tall young bitch with good length of body, good top line, nice rear end with correct tail set, excellent angulation, well let down in body, good front, nice tight feet, nice dark eye, little ears, well developed stop, good pigmentation. I would be very pleased to see how she progresses in the future.

- Best Novice. -

2nd - Nobleheart Lady Gwenhwyfar (Baxter)

Large fawn girl of good proportion, good strong head and expression, nice front, nice bone and feet, good length of body and top line, very nice overall but needs to develop her second thigh.

3rd - Morganlefay Adrastea (Bowdery)


Novice Bitch (6)

1st - Hugedogge Gunilla Of Sobriety (Hill)

Repeat from junior.

2nd -.Bredwardine Barden (McColloch & Eilliams)

16 month old fawn bitch of good overall quality, good head, good top line, nice bone and feet, presented and shown very well.

3rd - Kenmillone Fancy Flute (Sargent)


Post Graduate Bitch (8/1a)

1st - Bredwardine Chanrose At Fearnought (Payne)

Good size apricot girl with a lovely head and feminine expression, coupled with good pigmentation, nice eyes, small ears, good bone front and rear, nice angulation, good spring of rib. Pleased to give her the

- Bitch C.C. & BOS -

2nd - Faerdorn Blonde Ambition At Cravemoor (Williams & Jopson)

Nice fawn bitch of quality, good strong head with nice expression, nice length and top line, nice body shape, nice rear angulation and the overall movement was good, well deserved a second place.

3rd - Cenninpedr Ferch Bert At Fearnought (Payne)


Limit Bitch (12/3a)

1st - Darkling Jemma's Jessabelle (Ridley)

Fawn bitch, another one of good substance and quality, lovely head and expression, nice front, excellent rear, moved and showed to perfection.

2nd - Milford Port Of Wardein (Johnstone)

Fawn bitch, nice head, nice top line, good front, nice angulation, nice through movement.

3rd - Jengren Song Bird (Green)


Open Bitch (9/2a)

1st - Ch Klanzmun Fire Witch (Knight)

Apricot, not the biggest but again you could not ignore the overall quality in this bitch. Good correct head, good dark pigmentation, good tight dark eye with lovely expression, good strong bone, excellent rear end, good top line with nice spring of rib, moved around the ring like a dream, well deserved her placing.

- Res. Bitch CC -

2nd - Fearnought Dark Mistress (Payne)

Nice brindle bitch, bigger than the winner, delightful head with good expression, nice broad front, good bone and feet, nice length, good angulation but preferred the presentation and movement of 1st. Best brindle bitch.

3rd - Ch Farnaby Fallen Woman Of Wickaven (Toogood)

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