Judge: Mr David Blaxter

What a way to spend your birthday. I must thank all the exhibitors for the superb entry and for the sporting way they accepted my placings throughout. Firstly, though I must express a deeply felt gratitude to the committee of the MA for appointing me to judge their Ch show. Surely this must be the highest honour in the breed without question. The quality of the males was very high in most cases. I make no apology for the final dog challenge being all brindle, I found the quality of the brindle dogs to be greatly improved. This is not to say that the fawns and apricots were poor by any means. The bitches were much more mixed in both type and quality, across all colours. Possibly due to poor weather recently and a loss of exercise many bitches had poor toplines, dipping badly both standing and at the trot. This spoilt the overall impression, it also upsets the shoulder angles and the movement. Heads do differ, and always will I suspect, but some exhibits were so undershot that the teeth did show and many others were Boxer looking in the lower lip being exposed. Temperament was very good. I have found it interesting to find in compiling this report, that many of my winners were close relatives, my BOB and BOD were brother and sister, so were the Minor Puppy classes. Also many others were sired by just a very small number of dogs.

BIS - Farnaby Fallen Woman of Wickaven

BOSIS - Farnaby Floating Voter

Dog CC - Farnaby Floating Voter

Bitch CC - Farnaby Fallen Woman of Wickaven

Res. Dog CC - Casanova of Bredwardine

Res. Bitch CC - Ch. Bulliff Dacie

Best Puppy - Klanzmun Lochran

Best Veteran - Darkling Gwenhwyfar


Class 2 - Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1st - Klansman Wallace of Thomaster (Fox)

Happy young boy. Needs lots of time to develop, shows promise. Head coming along well. Moves very well. If a little floppy. Nice dark and kindly eye, well pigmented ears. High at the rear at the moment. Deep ribcage, needs to develop some spring.


Class 3 - Puppy Dog (7)

1st - Darkling Josuha of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Nice 9 months old pale brindle, well balanced all round. Body quite mature for his age. Moved well with drive. Appeared a bit unsettled by extraneous noises outside the ring. Head coming along well. eye could be smaller, but this is only a detail.

- Best Puppy Dog -

2nd - Salforda Black Panther (Proudfoot)

Dark brindlealso 9 months old, good angulation. Moved well. Nice head with correct proportions appearing. Bit of haw showing, uses his ears.

3rd - Darkling Jago of Bredwardine (Johnson)

Promising 9 month old fawn dog. Needs time to develop, but has many good points and good temperament. Appeared a bit stiff in the left shoulder, otherwise moved well with drive. Head shows promise with correct proportions and kindly eye.


Class 4 - Junior Dog (10)

1st - Fearnought Dark Destroyer (Payne)

Very smart brindle boy with good head and expression. Super heavy bone all round. Deep well sprung ribcage and good topline. Well angulated and tight feet. Moved really well with power and stride.

2nd - Kumormai Good As It Gets (Knight)

Very heavy boned fawn dog with strong head and expression. Eyes rather deep set, pigmented ears. Would like to see better angulation when standing, but he moved well showing bend of stifle.

3rd - Kumormai Versace (Barker)

Nice all round apricot with plenty of bone. Not the biggest but quite a pleasing picture. Strong head but shows haw, which spoilt look. Moved well but throwing one foot out some of the time.


Class 5 - Novice Dog (9)

1st - Farbeegil First Dream (Oatham & Pugh)

Very sturdy fawn dog, always wagging his tail. Deep ribcage, well sprung. Good topline. Head a little plain. Moved very well although elbows a little slack. well balanced but would prefer little more angulation at rear.

2nd - Cenninpedr Rupert Bear (Fraune)

Tall young brindle with a happy disposition. Head quite good, eyes a little large. Heavy bone, good lay of shoulder, bit straight at rear. Moved OK.

3rd - Rycknelder Blue Hawk (Burton)

20 month old fawn rather unsettled on the day. Prefer to see more angulation at rear and more powerful movement.


Class 6 - Post Graduate Dog (15)

1st - Penrichlar Panther of Bredwardine (Johnson)

Beautiful young brindle boy, would have preferred to be at home. Moved so well, with power and stride. Nice head, dark eye, correct proportions to skull and correct bite. Body well proportioned and balanced, Deep ribcage.

2nd - Sagacious Sebastian of Dixielyn (Willmott & Dix)

Well muscled dog with good hind angulation and a strong front. Moved very well. Coat a little heavy in places.

3rd - Farnaby no Rest for the Wikid at Spirithill (Bromley)

Tall dark brindle, correct length of body. Would prefer a bit more rear angulation. Moved well. Head maturing with correct proportions and alignment.


Class 7 - Limit Dog (10)

1st - Farnaby Floating Voter (Baxter)

Well balanced dog of good size. Good length of back and well angulated. Strong front and deep, well sprung chest. Head of correct proportions, dark eye, pigmented ears and muzzle. Moved with both drive and power and in the peak of condition. Lovely to see on the move with a firm topline. He is a bit hard to control as he enjoys life all of the time. However, I do not expect a mastiff to be a statue, and like to see a bit of character consistent with being able to assess. Happy to award him the- Dog CC & BOSIS -

2nd - Penrichlar Pheonix of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Huge boned apricot dog, superb angulation (almost too much). Strong, well shaped head, dark eye, well pigmented ears. Movement needs time to strengthen up, as he is such a heavy young dog. I imagine he will be superb in a matter of time, he will need watching as he develops more.

3rd - Kumormai Christmas Angel (Beaumont)

Well marked brindle dog, good topline, strong deep chest and nice front. Would prefer more angulation to give better drive to the rear movement.


Class 8 -Open Dog (9)

1st - Ch. Casanova of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

What a craker to head up my placings here. Aworthy Champion, he has so much pure quality in all respects. Lovely body, well formed ribcage, level topline and good standing. A very close run thing here for the ticket, and just pipped by a dog in more solid condition, resulting in more powerful drive on the move. I spent much time making the final choice, and it was not an easy decision. Shame sometimes you can not have two tickets, but he well desrved the

- Res. Dog CC -

2nd - Ch. Fearnought the Barbarian (Payne)

This well known fawn dog has improved since I last went over him as a youngster, he has so much. He is super, having a mature body, nice ribcage, strong neck and well developed quarters, but resented being handled by me. However, from a distance (where I tend to do most of my decision making) he is well balanced, sound and powerful, and moves well and soundly. Another worthy Champion who has been a great ambassador for the breed, and he pressed the winner very hard for this class.

3rd - Ch. Dajenis Peacemaker of Dobunni (Hall & Smith)

Another worthy Champion, well-marked brindle who is still quite young and needs time to finish. Had not quite the angulation - and therefore the power - of the first two when on the move. Has a strong body, deep ribcage, well sprung and a well shaped head in correct alignment.


Class 9 - Veteran Bitch (4)

1st - Darkling Gwenhwyfar (Ridley)

7 year old apricot lady. Lovely feminine head, good body and moved very well. Showing her age a little more than second, but still a good example of a mature bitch.

- Best Veteran -

2nd - Buckshole Maelgwn of Ankerston (Anderson)

Lovely 9 year old brindle bitch. She moves like a dream, still showing power in her stride. Good outline, nice angulation, but weight of bone and head not as good as the winner.


Class 10 - Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1st - Klanzmun Lochran (Heathcote & Fisher)

Age and maturity differences make this a hard class to split. Super bitch with lovely conformation all round. Nice feminine head, dark and kindly eye. Moved well but would like to see better angulation at the rear, which time and a bit of extra weight may well bring soon.

- Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show -

2nd - Cenninpedr Ferch Bert at Fearnought (Payne)

This fawn bitch is just 6 months, but has so much promise. Lovely body, super angulation and moved strongly at all times. Found the very dark pigmentation on the tail and chest a bit too much. Head needs time to mature more. Love to see this girl in 12 months.


Class 11 - Puppy Bitch (5)

1st - Darkling Jemmas Jessabelle (Ridley)

Nice 9 month old fawn bitch to lead this difficult class. Has a nice head and a well balanced all round impression. One of those who is just good all round without any exaggerated points. Good bone, but would like a little more rear angulation, and less dark pigment on the front legs. Moved well once on the move.

2nd - Santmichal Chardoney (Rischmiller)

Another heavy boned bitch who has a lot of quality all round. Almost 12 months old. Body well developed for age. Moved well but still a bit floppy, especially on the turns. Head of good form, spoilt for me by the eye size and excessive haw. Hope this reduces as the skull fillsthe skin.

3rd - Salforda Raksha (Cruikshank)

This sweet natured and happy youngster needs time to grow up and mature. Much the baby of the class. Has a lot of promise, all the elements are there to see, and she can move so well. Head is so feminine with developing planes and breadth.


Class 12 - Junior Bitch (13)

1st - Fearnought Pride and Honour (Payne)

Beautiful brindle youngster who exudes quality at every step. Lovely body with a strong topline, deep well sprung ribs, correct length of back. Well muscled and so moved impressively with so much power. Head in all correct proportions and dark eye. At the moment the head is slightly light for the body weight, but this will come surely.

2nd - Santmichal Diva Avec Dibest (McDonough)

Lovely apricot bitch who challenged hard in this well filled class. Well developed body, nice head and neck. Good angulation and moved soundly at all times. Another who needs time to bring out her best.

3rd - Sopharia Busy Bee of Mullack (Dickenson)

Hefty and powerful fawn bitch with well formed body, good length of back and well angulated. Moved quite well. Topline could be firmer, especially on the move. Head needs to mature, muzzle needs breadth at the moment.


Classs 13 - Novice Bitch (8)

1st - Santmichal Diva Avec Dibest (McDonough)

- Best Novice in Show -

2nd - Thunderfoot Devoted to You (Facey & Edmeades)

Heavy and impressive fawn bitch with feminine head. Nice quarters, but her movement did not settle down, spoiling the overall picture.

3rd - Faynad Daughter of Destiny by Myswain (Bellamy)

Another strong and well balanced bitch who failed to show herself on the move. Lacking both power and drive.


Class 14 - Post Graduate Bitch (7)

1st - Klanzmun the Sorceress (Knight)

Very strongly built fawn bitch. Heavy bone, nice rib development. Strong topline, well angulated and well laid shoulders. Balanced head and skull, nice dark and kindly eyes. Well pigmented ears. Moved well most of the time, but did not settle to move easily.

2nd - Bridie Mulan at Mansuetude (Broomfield)

Appeared to be the baby of the class but not the toungest, she needs a lot of time to finish. All the elements are there and she moves very well. Body and quarters all coming on, but she is immature now.

3rd - Majestic Molly Malone of Dixeylyn (Willmont & Dix)

Hefty brindle bitch, very strongly made all round. Quite a nice head, well built body, level topline. Good quarters, her movement was not that impressive. Tended to slouch along at the rear without drive or power.


Class 15 - Limit Bitch (12) 

1st - Farnaby Fallen Woman of Wickaven (Toogood)

This brindle bitch is abit dark for my own tastes, but her overall super quality well compensates for me. With a lovely feminine head, broad and well defined she shows off her dark, kindly eyes. Super topline to a well developed body of correct length, deep well sprung ribcage, lovely shoulder placement, well angulated - she moved like a dream, with that power, drive and truth so hard to get in the breed. She well desrved the CC and I have since found from the catalogue that she is the sister to my dog winner, what a combination. Challenging for BIS the two of them really impressed, but the girl had it as she is so mature and lovely.

- Bitch CC & BIS -

2nd - Klanzmun Firewitch (Knight)

Lovely 2 year old apricot bitch of superb all round quality. Lovely head and expression, dark eye. All on a balanced body. Heavy true bone all round. Nicely angulated and well laid shoulders. She moved very soundly. 

3rd - Chevalu Gold Spice (Beaumont & Hesketh)

This bitch is huge in all respects, she is tall, powerful and hefty in every respect. She moves soundly reflecting the well angulated rear and strong shoulders. Deep well sprung ribcage. She appears overweight, but is still very firm and just very well covered. The total impression is spoilt by the size not being matched in head size and proportions, but she is a super lady.


Class 16 - Open Bitch (12)

1st - Ch. Bulliff Dacie (Roden)

This class was probably the best in the show, and this very pretty fawn bitch led it well. Lovely head with black ears, dark kindly eyes, on a strong neck. Good topline and deep well sprung ribs make a lovely body. Happy to award her the

- Res. Bitch CC & RBIS -

2nd - Ch. Chevalu Amber Silk (Baxter)

Another beautiful bitch and obviously a worthy Champion. Has a good head, lovely body, deep ribs, good length of back and good quarters. Feet could be a bit tighter. Spoilt by her topline, she does droop a bit too much and this spoilt the back movement rather. Otherwise in super condition all round. Having often competed against her, I know this bitch's qualities.

3rd - Rhilaubekan Medusa (Unsworth)

Very nice honest sort of girl, nice head, eyes a bit large which spoilt the overall look. Well made body, slightly short in back, but well muscled. Good shoulders, could do with more angulation at the rear. All of which would improve the impression when on the move.

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