Judge: Mr David Joynes

I was very pleased and honoured to be asked to officiate at the Mastiff Association's ninth championship show. My thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me; to the excellent stewards who did a marvelous job organising and running the ring; and' of course' to all the exhibitors for supporting the show.

As I am sure you all know, we still have a great diversity of type in heads, conformation and coats - from the long narrow and shallow muzzle to the ultra short; from the short legged stocky type to the tall and narrow; and from the fine to heavy coated - and this was all in evidence today. Straight stifles and lack of angulation are still a problem. I don't think that all of our problems will ever be overcome but please - to all the people who are breeding - think of what is going to be produced when stock with similar faults are mated. With just a few exceptions temperaments seem to be getting better with only a small minority resenting my attentions.


BIS - Bulliff Dom

RBIS - Bulliff Dacie

Dog CC - Bulliff Dom

Bitch CC - Bulliff Dacie

Res. Dog CC - Chevelu Daydream Believer for Nobleheart

Res. Bitch CC - Milford Melody

Best Puppy - Penrichlar Pentangle of Bredwardine

Best Veteran - Cennipedr Princess Venusat Quixhill


Class 1 - Veteran Dog (4/1a)

1st - Faerdorn Why Do It (Cox & Frost)

Fawn of 8 yrs 9 mths with good head and expression, good size dog with deep chest, nice body, adequate angulation and nice tight feet. Moved well for his age.

2nd - Aicama Son Of Zeus (Allen)

Fawn of 8yrs 4 mths, similar in size to 1st. Pleasing head with good chest and body; angulation o.k. but did not move today..

3rd - Cenninpedr Flash Gordon


Class 2 - Minor Puppy Dog(3/1a)

1st - Thunderfoot Running Bear (Dyer)

8 mth old fawn; promising head with nice dark mask; dark eyes and good mouth; well developed for a baby. Moved well; good temperament; coat a little heavy; still a nice puppy.

2nd - Cenninpedr Rupert Bear (Fraine)

7-and -a-half mth old brindle; pleasing head with good mouth and nice eye; moved quite well, good outgoing personality. Still very much a baby and not as well developed as 1st.


Class 3 - Puppy Dog (4/2a)

1st - Penrichlar Panther of Bredwardine (Johnson)

11 mth old brindle. Pleasing head with nice eye and muzzle, good mouth and nice level topline; plenty of angulation, good size and plenty of time to broaden and fill out. Moved with ease.

- Best Puppy Dog -

2nd - Penrichlar Plas of Bredwardine (Payne)

11 mth old brindle, litter brother to 1st. Much heavier in stature, nice head and muzzle but eyes showing haw spoilt his expression. Well developed body with nice angulation but did not move as well as brother.


Class 4 - Junior Dog (7/0a)

1st - Casanova of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

17 mth old brindle with good strong head, nice broad muzzle with well defined stop and good mouth. Chest well let down with good spring of ribs, level topline, well angulated, moved well.

2nd - Kumormai Great Expectation (Knight)

12 mth old fawn; well grown with nice head and black mizzle; good ribs and body; adequate angulation; moved well.

3rd - Faynad King Of Our Cottage (Zadeh)


Class 5 - Novice Dog (3/1a)

1st - Faerdorn Tiger Tales (Cox & Frost)

2 yr old brindle; nice shaped head and muzzle, good mouth, nice deep chest, level topline; fair angulation and movement.

2nd - Morrigan Morning Mist taf (Strange & Ruane)

2 yr old, unplaced in previous class. Much lighter dog in bone and stature. Moved well but I preferred the head and heavier body of 1st.


Class 6 - Post Graduate Dog (19/4a)

1st - Henry Tudor (Hassal)

Apricot fawn of 26 mths; nice shaped head with good broad muzzle. Heavy boned dog with deep chest and good rib cage; nice body and good topline; movement was good.

2nd - Kumormai Black Magic (Calder)

30 mth old brindle; nice head and good mouth; not as heavy in body as 1st but still well put together; moved well.

3rd - Farnaby No Rest For The Wikid at Spirithill (Bromley)


Class 7 - Limit Dog (10/3a)

1st - Bulliff Dom (Say)

Fawn of 27 mths; very nice shaped head with broad flat skull, well defined stop and broad deep muzzle. Nice eyes with good expression; nice deep chest with large rib cage; plenty of bone with good angulation. Moved around the ring with an air of authority. Excellent movement.

- Dog CC & BIS -

2nd - Rhilaubekan Benjamin (Rischmiller)

Apricot of 28 mths. Nice head with a broad skull and muzzle; deep chest with good body and angulation. Moved well.

3rd - Brookview Born Free (Seager & Lewis)


Class 8 - Open Dog (10/0a)

1st - Chevelu Daydream Believer for Nobleheart (Baxter)

3 yr old fawn with good head and nice flat skull; nice deep muzzle. Good chest and body; level topline and nice rear quarters. Moved well.

- Res. Dog CC -

2nd - Domas Calthorpe from Delbeech (Beech)

Brindle of 33 mths; nice head with a good muzzle, nice chest and body, good angulation, moved o.k. Smaller in size than 1st but all in proportion.

3rd - Ch Bredwardine Bwlchyllew of Watlands (Nixon)


Class 9 - Veteran Bitch (4/1a)

1st - Cenninpedr Princess Venus at Quixhill (Sargeant)

Brindle of 7 yrs; nice feminine head and expression with good body and angulation. Good level topline, moved well for her age.- Best Veteran -

2nd - Tresylyan Elspeth (Taylor)

9 yr old fawn, pleasing head, good muzzle, nice ribs and rear hind quarters. Preferred movement of 1st.

3rd - Solo Worrab at Saltcountry (Steele)


Class 10 - Minor Puppy Bitch (7/1a)

1st - Thunderfoot Devoted To You (Facey)

Fawn; 8 mths old with a pleasing head and a nice muzzle; nice body and angulation; well grown for her age; moved well for a baby.

2nd - Klansmun Fire Witch (Knight)

8 mths old; nice head with good black muzzle; nice bone and level topline; adequate angulation but did not move as well as 1st.

3rd - Klansmun The Sorceress (Knight)


Class 11 - Puppy Bitch (6/2a)

1st - Penrichlar Pentangle of Bredwardine (Morris)

11 mth old fawn; good shaped head and muzzle with a nice feminine expression; nice chest and body, good level topline; moved well.

- Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy -

2nd - April Queen (Hill)

10 mth old fawn with pleasing head, nice body and level topline; good angulation. Lots of time to develop.

3rd - Penrichlar Pontael for Fylderiver (Olsson)


Class 12- Junior Bitch (6/1a)

1st - Jengren Chantares at Carpathian (West)

Brindle of 14 mths; nice shaped head and muzzle, good mouth, deep chest and nice spring of rib; good body and level topline; moved well.

2nd - Kumormai Camellia (Barker)

14 mth old brindl with pleasing femininehead, nice body and angulation. I preferred movement of 1st.

3rd - Santmichal Sasha (Jephcott)


Classs 13 - Novice Bitch (12/4a)

1st - Kezdeks Saxon Belle of Mullak (Dickinson)

26 mth old fawn; good size with pleasing head and muzzle, nice chest and level topline; adequate angulation, moved well.

- Best Veteran -

2nd - Santmichal Cider Girl (Rischmiller)

18 mth old brindle; pleasing head with nice muzzle; nice body and topline; moved quite well; still plenty of time to develop.

3rd - Tigerlillys Venus Moons (Dixon)


Class 14 - Post Graduate Bitch (8/1a)

1st - Rhilaubekan Medusa (Unsworth)

27 mth old fawn with good head and nice flat skull; good muzzle and stop. Good deep body and level topline, nice angulation; moved well.

2nd - Farbegil Bumblews Crumble (Hill)

26 mth old fawn; pleasing head and expression; nice body; preferred movement of 1st. 

3rd - Chevelu Gold Spice (Beaumont & Hesketh)


Class 15 - Limit Bitch (7/1a)

1st - Craigavon Leoni at Jengren (Taylor)

4 yr old fawn; good head with nice broad muzzle and good stop; nice ribs and body; good bend of stifle; moved well.

2nd - Saltcountry Lady Docker (Steele)

32 mth old fawn with nice shaped head and deep chest; level topline and nice body. Could change places with 1st on another day.

3rd - Oastmoor Jessica Fletcher (Swift)


Class 16 - Open Bitch (11/1a)

1st - Bulliff Dacie (Roden)

27 mth old fawn; very nice shaped head with broad flat skull; broad deep muzzle and good bite; nice deep chest and good spring of rib; level topline with good length of body; good angulation, moved and showed very well. 

- Bitch CC & RBIS -

2nd - Milford Melody (Graham)

5 yr old fawn; nice broad head and muzzle; good deep chest and body; good topline and angulation; moved and showed well.

- Res. Bitch CC -

3rd - Darkling Isla (Ridley)

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