Judge: Mr Douglas B. Oliff

Judging Mastiffs is always a challenge. Soundness, allied to breed type, is difficult to achieve; and, all too often, movement is a breed problem. What has happened since I last judged the breed is an overall reduction in the pathetic nervousness which bedevilled the breed in the past. Movement was questionable in so many exhibits. Too many were fat and lacking in muscle tone, factors not conducive to sound movement. Many of the males were disappointing, but the females had some promising exhibits amongst them.

The show was a great credit to the Mastiff Association and its organisers.

BIS -  Jengren Cassiopia

RBIS - Bredwardine Bwlchyllew of Watlands

Dog CC - Bredwardine Bwlchyllew of Watlands

Bitch CC - Jengren Cassiopia

Res. Dog CC - Ch. Fearnought The Barbarian

Res. Bitch CC - Saltcountry Lady Docker

Best Puppy - Lady Lavinia

Best Veteran - Ch. Jengren Pluto


Veteran Dog (6/0a)

1st - Ch. Jengren Pluto (Green)

Have always admired him; exceptionally fit for his age. Full of type and balanced throughout. Grand skull, dark eye, plenty of bone throughout, level topline, excellent neck and shoulders, well angulated hindquarters, a typical quality mastiff of correct coat texture and colour.

- Best Veteran in Show -

2nd - Pryrica Winston of Delbeech (Beech)

Fawn, typical head, good body, excellent spring of rib, broad over the loin, well set tail, strong front, moved correctly and seemed to enjoy himself.

3rd - Higgs' Elisgrai Dorset Boy


Puppy Dog (2/0a)

1st - Happy Hamlet (Hall & Smith)

Aptly named and took everything in his stride. Good height for age, as yet the head is immature which one would expect but it has all the essentials - good mouth, dark eye, well placed ears, correct hind angulation, , attractive coat in excellent condition, moved as one would expect from a big young pup.

2nd - Sagacious Sebastian of Dixeylyn (Willmot & Dix)

Good height, pleasing head, dark ears, good muzzle pigmentation, excellent body length, straight front, good feet. Coat slightly heavy but this can change with maturity. Tended to curl his tail which to some extent spoilt his outline when on the move.


Junior Dog (12/2a)

1st - Henry Tudor (Hassall)

Promising and well-grown apricot. Skull of exceptional development for age and showing the correct proportions. Well placed ears carried correctly, broad underjaw, correct bite, strong topline and well set tail. Moved freely but at present rather loosely.

2nd - Faerdorn Tiger Tales (Cox & Frost)

Quality brindle with excellent outgoing temperament. Well proportioned body, attractive head, well placed ears, small eyes giving the desired expression. First class mouth with strong teeth, plenty of width over the loin. Hind movement a little slack at present but this should improve with maturity and more exercise.

3rd - Rhylaubekan Diesel (Unsworth)


Novice Dog (11/2a)

1st - Kumormai Black Magic (Calder)

Promising brindle strongly built with a balanced and cohesive construction. Correct head with all the essentials, strong muscular neck, dark eye, excellent spring of rib, deep chest, strong forehand, hindquarters correctly angulated and with wide flank. Handled and moved well - shows promise.

2nd - Farnaby Floating Voter (Baxter)

Good sized brindle, excellent mover on the occasions when he decided that at least two feet should be on the ground at one time. Typical head but a trifle long in foreface and muzzle could be broader. Very good clean neck, well laid shoulders, level topline, well muscled hindquarters. His exhuberance I found appealing but it does not make him an easy dog to assess.

3rd - Saltcountry Freddie Mercury (Wright)


Post Graduate Dog (14/3a)

1st - Domas Calthorpe from Delbeech (Beech)

Not the biggest of mastiffs but an honest and typical one. Very good skull, good eye placement, well carried dark ears, strong forechest, straight front, body of the desired length but tends to be long and narrow over the loins. Steady but free movement.

2nd - Faithful Friend at Farnaby (Hardy)

Brindle with much to admire but needs a stronger muzzle to balance an otherwise typical head. Very good length of body, firm topline, attractive coat of correct texture and excellent condition.

3rd - Darkling Hector (McIver)


Limit Dog (14/1a)

1st - Bredwardine Bwlchyllew of Watlands (Nixon)

In this exhibit one has type, size and overall balance. Excellent head of great breadth and depth, correct strong wide muzzle, good underjaw and teeth, broad nose, well placed ears, correct body of the required length, depth and width. First class topline and tailset coupled with heavy bone throughout. Despite his size and weight he had a steady sound movement.

- Dog CC and Res BIS -

2nd - Coinmor the Highlander (Allmark)

Expertly handled brindle of quality. Although still immature, still has a great deal to admire about him. Expressive clean head of good proportions, great body length and height, firm topline, well placed ears, dark expressive eye, plenty of bone throughout, excellent hind angulation. Needs to deepen in loin. Had a strong tendency to swing his legs outwards when moving but, with maturity, this could be rectified.

3rd - Chevelu Daydream Believer for Nobleheart (Baxter)


Open Dog (7/0a)

1st - Ch. Fearnought The Barbarian (Payne)

May not be the largest but compensates in quality. Attractive clear fawn coat of correct length and texture, expressive head with strong broad muzzle, excellent ears, plenty of pigmentation, well developed and balanced body with good topline, broad loin and wide flank. Hind movement on the day was not perfect but adequate.

- Res. Dog CC -

2nd - Ch. Prixcan Mordred for Lygonshall (Pass)

Brindle of excellent type but carrying quite enough weight. Strong head though it has a tendency to roundness, short strong muzzle of depth and breadth, good bone throughout, correct feet, well angulated hindquarters but, on the day, the hind movement was not decisive, probably due to the body weight.

3rd - Kumormai Highland Fling.(Knight)


Veteran Bitch (4/1a)

1st - Tresylyan Elspeth (Taylor)

A very classy fawn and amazingly sound and fit for her age. Still has balance and that first class movement which one would expect from her perfect hind angulation which still has good strong musculature. Classy head which has retained its pigmentation, straight front and well arched feet. Moved exceptionally well and showed to perfection.

2nd - Bucksholes Maelgwn of Ankerston (Anderson)

Amazingly fit as was 1st, and has all the breed essentials plus a good outgoing temperament. Seemed to enjoy the outing.

3rd - Rotherco Black Beth (Cook)


Minor Puppy Bitch (4/0a)

1st - Lady Lavinia (Lock)

This is a starlet who just needs show training and experience to take her to the top. She is virtually unshown and was handled by her owner who told me after the show that he had no experience in show handling, this being his first major event. This pup has a wonderful outline, very pleasing head with excellent pigmentation, proportionate length and height of body, exceptionally good movement and excellent overall balance and size. If she continues to develop her present qualities and retains her very sound movement, here is one for the top. - Best Puppy in Show -

2nd - Dawnbrook Tineka (Carter)

Promising youngster, sound in temperament, correct head type and proportions although her pigmentation could be darker. Clean neckline, well placed shoulders, strong front, correct feet and rear angulation, well set tail correctly carried. Moved pleasingly, promising.

3rd - Bumbles Crumbles (Hill)


Puppy Bitch (3/0a)

1st - Prixcan Eglante (Manfredi)

Apart from a somewhat heavy coat there is a great deal to admire here. Her pigmentation, body proportions, neck, shoulders and temperament were first class as was her movement.

2nd - Celias Lucky Day of Dixeylyn (Willmot & Dix)

Good height but a shade narrow at the moment; and needs to develop a spring of rib and overall width of body. Has most of the other essentials and moved adequately and confidently.

3rd - Majestic Molly Malone of Dixeylyn. (Willmot & Dix)


Junior Bitch (12/1a)

1st - Jengren Cassiopia (Green)

An outstanding junior and one of the best I have seen in years. The outline is perfection, excellent size, correct length of body, promising head with really dark eye; for her age she has size and an amazing overall quality. Movement was first class once she got into her stride. I had no hesitation in awarding her the

- bitch CC and BOB -

2nd - Bulliff Dacie (Roden)

Strongly built, correct type, level topline, well muscled hindquarters, straight front, tight well-formed feet, and an excellent mover.

3rd - Prixcan Chiarascura (Manfredi)


Novice Bitch (12/4a)

1st - Bulliff Dacie (Roden)

(Best Novice in Show - for trophy purposes)

2nd - Prixcan Chiarascura (Manfredi)

Very attractive brindle, correct coat texture, quality head, dark eyes deeply set and correctly placed, good bite, balanced muzzle, broad nostrils, nicely arched strong neck. Needs a little more spring of rib but has plenty of time to develop this. Goods hindquarters with plenty of drive from hocks when moving. Brindles always need more development than their plain colour counterparts.

3rd - Ready to Experiment from Morganlafay (Bowdery)


Post Graduate Bitch (9/3a)

1st - Saltcountry Lady Docker (Steele)

Plenty of size, good head which would be outstanding if the muzzle was broader. Very good eye colour and shape, first class mouth, well developed cheek muscles, strong front, sound movement, somewhat long in loin but not excessively so.

- Res. Bitch CC -

2nd - First Time Girl (Bowdery)

3rd - Fearnought Icene Queen (Davies)


Limit Bitch (13/2a)

1st - Thunderfoot Lady Lucretia (Higgs)

Sizeable, sound and typical apricot with most of the required essentials. Well developed head, correct stop, good eye, strong jaw and bite. Ears could be darker; sound movement.

2nd - Kumormai All Gold (Knight)

Except for a rather slack topline there is much to commend this bitch. Ample bone throughout, good front, tight feet, good movement, head of the right shape and sufficient work to make it interesting and balance the strong muzzle & excellent stop.

3rd - Prixcan Ecarte to Rotherco (Cook)


Open Bitch (10/4a)

1st - Benbow's Mandy of Saltcountry (Steele)

Strongly made throughout; a classy fawn with coat of correct length and colour, expressive head, good width between the ears, good bite and dentition, well ribbed body, strong front, well-made hindquarters. Topline tends to dip when on the move.

2nd - Cedwalla Prudence (Chidwick)

Quite a heavyweight but of good proportions. Large but correctly proportioned skull marred by rather large ears carried erratically. Tremendous spring of rib, depth of body and brisket; and heavy bone throughout. Feet are somewhat flat but she is unmistakably a Mastiff of size and type.

3rd - Ch. Chevelu Amber Silk (Baxter)

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