Judge: Mrs Betty Baxter

I consider that to be asked to judge the M.A.'s Millennium Show was a very great honour, and I had been looking forward to the day for months. I was certainly not disappointed - with 132 mastiffs for competition making 142 entries, plus about 20 more entered 'not for competition' so that they were not left at home.

Although I was kepy very busy, the whole show seemed to run like clockwork, and there was such a nice atmosphere. I always feel very guilty at all the people who, of necessity, have to go away unplaced but hope that, even so, the day was enjoyed by all.

I was disappointed in the quality of many of the males, especially the younger dogs; and the bitches were, on the whole, far superior. The main faults were splay feet coupled with weak pasterns; untypical heads; and most of all, straight stifles. Very often, these were not apparent when you were standing by the dog and examining it, but when you went to the other side of the ring to have an overall look, these straight stifles were so very obvious. Even so, they did not appear to affect movement which was, on the whole, very good. There were one or two that limped occasionally, but even these seemed to be limping through a specific leg or foot, and not because they were wrongly constructed. Temperaments were nearly all excellent with only about 3 or 4 out of the entire entry objecting to be handled. I did not see any heavy coats; and mouths were almost uniformly good - only a very few being drastically undershot.

Best in Show was the lovely fawn bitch Ch. Brookview Bo-Filette belonging to Topsy Seager and Jackie Lewis. The last time she came under me she played up and had to pay the penalty but this time she was on top form and well deserved her win. Beautifully made, with lovely proportions and a classic head coupled today with good movement. Best Opposite Sex, a brindle dog, was Rob & Annette Kett's Solocroft Agar of Ketts at Maskett. This dog is not flashy, but is solid, well-made and honest. I am always surprised that he has not done more winning. I awarded Reserve Dog CC to Louis & Mary McDonald's Fitsam Floyd of Longendale. It was a close call between these two, but I feel that Floyd would look so much better if he lost a little more weight. He is a big, substantial, well-boned dog who will surely get his title, but the excess weight that I feel he is carrying does spoil his outline a little. Reserve Bitch CC was Ken Knight's Luvalump Luscious Lady at Klanzmun, a medium-sized but very feminine fawn bitch who showed and moved well. Best Puppy in show was Kim Dodd's huge fawn, Chevelu Land of Dreams at Heffalump who, at just under 12 months old, was a real eye catcher and shows great promise.

And now for the actual critique:-

BIS - Ch. Brookview Bo-Filette (Seager & Lewis)

RBIS - Solocroft Agar Of Ketts at Maskett (Kett)

Dog CC - Solocroft Agar Of Ketts at Maskett (Kett)

Bitch CC - Brookview Bo-Filette (Seager & Lewis)

Res. Dog CC - Fitsam Floyd of Longendale (McDonald)

Res. Bitch CC - Luvalump Luscious Lady at Klanzmun (Knight)

Best Puppy - Chevelu Land Of Dreams for Heffalump (Dodd)

Best Veteran - Pryrica Winston of Delbeech (Beech)


Veteran Dog (4)

1st - Pryrica Winston of Delbeech (Beech)

At nearly 9 years of age, this dog could show some of the younger ones how to move. I liked his head and he had nice strong hindquarters and a good bend of stifle.

- Best Veteran in Show - 

2nd - Merrowlea Mr Bradley (Sarjeant)

Almost 10 years old but still kept his good topline on the move. Again, good bend of stifle, very good bone, and a strong head. 

3rd - Dawnstar Defiance (Mason & Holt)

I would have liked a slightly stronger head and he was rather down on his pasterns. Good size, he moved quite well. 

Res. - Byron Lord of Dreams of Luvalump (Knight)

This dear old man was 10 years old and he was showing his age. Nice size but could do with a lot more weight, and he wasn't very keen on moving.


Minor Puppy Dog: (12)

1st - Saltcountry freddy Mercury (Wright)

Very promising baby. Good head with strong muzzle, nice black mask, good tight feet, good bone and good second thigh. Should do well in the future. 

2nd - Kumormai Coconut Ice (Shaw & Chambers)

A big puppy, well boned, very pleasing strong head, another good black muzzle, nice bend of stifle, moved well for his age. 

3rd - Bredwardine Bylchylion (Mills)

Another big baby, older than the others in the class. He had good front legs and feet but I would like a broader second thigh. 

Res. - Kumormai Black Magic (Calder)

Just over 6 months old, very immature of course, but I liked him and the way he was constructed and proportioned.


Puppy Dog (7)

1st - Chevelu Land of Dreams for Heffalump (Dodd)

This is the huge fawn puppy that went Best Puppy in Show. He really is huge with enormous bone and feet, good body, very strong hindquarters with good second thigh. Showing a little too much haw at the moment, I just hope that he doesn't do too much too soon. He needs time and then he will trouble the best.

- Best Puppy in Show - 

2nd - Domas Calthorpe from Delbeech (Beech)

Much smaller than 1st and much younger being only just out of MP. Very well made, very pleasing head and expression, good strong muzzle, well laid shoulders and good broad chest. Moved well. 

3rd - Oastmoor Inspector Cluseau (Denton)

Well sized brindle, good head, nice broad second thigh. Again, another promising baby. 

Res. - Oastmoor Inspector Morse (Denton)

Litter brother to 3rd but I felt not quite the substance.


Junior Dog (9)

1st - Bredwardine Bryncilay (Spary)

I thought he was well made but carrying a little too much weight. He had a good string head, good topline and excellent hindquarters. Moved well. 

2nd - Jengren Mr Milligan (Green)

This is an eye-catching puppy with heavy bone and a very lovely head and expression. He moved well but I thought he was a little straight in the stifles. 

3rd - Penrichlar Lad of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

A good looking apricot. I liked his head, body and overall outline. He also had very good hindquarters but unfortunately was limping slightly on one front leg. Even so, I felt that he desrved his place. 

Res. - Fearnought The Barbarian (Payne)

Very promising, very well made, but appeared immature in this class.


Novice Dog (5)

1st - Tregembo Trevine at Beezaville (Attfield & Taylor)

A young brindle that I feel shows a lot of promise. Very good topline, legs and feet. Broad chest; head needs to develop a little more but he moved well and I felt he is well made and well proportioned. 

2nd - Temuka Trouble for Appolon (Richardson)

Big fawn, very heavy bone and good hindquarters but I felt was rather weak in head. 

3rd - Thunderfoot Nemean Lion of Terheath (Johnson)

This dog has, I think, been far from well and his movement today let him down. I hope he continues to make progress.


Post Graduate Dog (15)The biggest class of the day with a lot of good mastiffs entered. 

1st - Fragilis Hills Robur Acorn (Hill)

A good, big brindle with a strong head, broad deep muzzle, well filled in under the eyes, lovely topline and gorgeous legs and feet. Moved very well. 

2nd - Kumormai Bitter Rival (Pountney-Clarke)

Another good one, excellent masculine head, good body and topline, preferred the bend of stifle of 1st. 

3rd - Jengren Jim Bean (Williams & Hutchins)

I liked this young dog very much, he is well made. I lik his head and he has good bone and well laid shoulders. Today he just seemed uninterested and lacked vivacity. 

Res. - Ankerston Yew Tree Yeti (Anderson)

Quite a good size and nicely made. He moved well and to get placed in this class must have been of a good type.


Limit Dog (10)

1st - Solocroft agar of Ketts at Maskett (Kett)

I have already commented on him in the preamble but will repeat myself to say that he is a very well made, honest, good-sized brindle with excellent bone and feet, good level topline and strong hind quarters and good broad second thigh. A very laid back gentleman who showed and moved very well.

- Docg CC & RBIS -

2nd - Solocroft Ivory (Sargeant)

I see from the catalogue that he is a litter brother to my DCC winner - something I was not aware of! Very similar but not quite the size of his brother. A great pity that he is not campaigned more as he is a very good example of the breed and the sire (I also see from the catalogue) of many of today's winners.

3rd - Pinball Wizard (Taylor)

A big apricot with an imposing head, excellent bone and broad second thigh but could do with a better bend of stifle. His movement was not as strong as I would have liked.

Res. - Bredwardine Santmichal wellington (Rischmiller)

A big, well made dog, well laid shoulders and good level topline. His hocks have improved enormously since I last judged him, and he moved with good drive.


Open Dog (10)

1st - Fitsam Floyd of Longendale (McDonald)

A very big strong fawn dog with enormous bone, good feet, and very strong hind quarters coupled with a good bend of thigh. A very imposing dog who moved strongly. I just feel that he would look even better if he was just a little less heavy in weight.

- Res. Dog CC -

2nd - Ch. Luvalump Life's a Lemon (Dodd)

Another striking fawn. I actually preferred his head to that of my 1st and he had a very good body, deep chest with good legs and feet. He was rather straight in stifle though which tipped the scales in favour of Fitsam Floyd.

3rd - Ch. Jengren Pluto (Green)

This dog has done such a lot of winning and is a credit to the breed. Well made, well constructed and well proportioned but today he just seemed bored with the whole procedure and lacked any vivacity or sparkle. After all, he is nearly 7 y.o. now and apparently is fed up with the ring.

Res. - Ch. Darkling Finn Mac Cumhal of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

This is a dog that I have always admired but I have to say that today he was not looking nearly as good as I have seen him in the past. Well made but, again, no vivacity or sparkle.

Veteran Bitch (3/3a)


Minor Puppy Bitch (7)

1st - Saltcountry Lady docker (Steele)

Lovely young fawn, superb hind quarters with feet and bone to match. Excellent topline - I think she will go far.

2nd - Bredwardine Bwlchyhelydd (Tugwell & Thomas)

A brindle with a very pleasing head, good broad muzzle and deep stop, nice eyes, broad chest for her age and a good mover. Rather straight in stifle though.

3rd - Kumormai All Gold (Knght)

Yet another promising bitch, good proportions, very well made, pleasing feminine head, moved strongly.

Res. - Saltcountry Wine and Soda (Benfield)

Medium sized, nice feet, feminine head, did not move as strongly as those above her.


Puppy Bitch (5)

1st - Chevelu Daydreamer (Duval)

A gorgeous puppy with lovely head and expression. Broad muzzle, well filled in under the eyes, correct stop, dark eyes and nice well placed ears. Well up to size for her age, and a good mover.

2nd - Klanzmun Miss Harriet (Knight)

Quite a nice head, good topline, well laid shoulders, good depth all through but rather straight in stifle.

3rd - Oastmoor Hetty Wainthrop (Armstrong)

Quite well made and proportioned but would like heavier bone. Moved very well.


Junior Bitch (14)Another excellent class with a lot of good bitches going cardless.

1st - Darkling Isla (Ridley)

A quality fawn bitch, well up to size, well made with correct proportions, excellent feet and legs, good strong hind quarters and correct broad second thigh.

2nd - Masnou Daffy Girl (Blaxter)

Medium sized bitch, not the size of 1st but she is younger. Very pleasing feminine head, well laid shoulders and good topline. I liked her expression and good deep muzzle. Moved strongly.

3rd - Graigavon Leoni at Jengren (Green)

Big bitch, solid and substantial, very good body and very well made. I thought she was a little plain in the head but she has strong hind quarters and moved well.

Res. - Fearnought Iceni Queen (Davies)

Only just out of puppy and a little outclassed here but well made and promising.


Novice Bitch (12)

1st - Chevelu Druids Whisper (Duval)

Stood out in this class; good sized, level topline, and a good mover.

2nd - Maskett Topaz Rinclebonce (Kett)

Older and heavier than 1st but she was not happy in the ring and didn't like being handled very much. She had a pleasing head and expression but did not do herself justice.

3rd - Sula of the Lion (Higginbottom)

A well made brindle, very plain in head but nice feet and hind quarters.

I have to say that this was not a good class.


Post Graduate Bitch (13)

1st - Penrichlaar Pride and Joy of Mullak (Dickinson)

A very big fawn bitch with nice body, legs and feet, good broad deep chest and nice hind quarters. I felt that she was rather plain in head.

2nd - Santmichal Emilia (Rischmiller)

Medium sized brindle with a well made and well proportioned body. Quite a pleasing head and altogether a strong and well made bitch. Her movement let her down on the day.

3rd - Coppiced Fabulous Formula (Olsson)

One I have always liked and I feel she is a classy, well made lady with a good head. Today, she would not make the most of herself which was a great pity.

Res. - Masnou Daffy Girl ( Blaxter)


Limit Bitch (9)

1st - Luvalump Luscious Lady at Klanzmun (Knight)

I was very taken with this well made, honest bitch. She had substance without being in any way overdone, and a very pleasing head. I think she is real quality, classy with a good bend of stifle, and strong hind quarters. Topline could be a bit better on the move.

- Res. Bitch CC -

2nd - Brookview Jaygle (Seager & Lewis)

Another quality bitch with lovely ;egs, feet and bone, coupled with a pleasing feminine head. A big strong lady, she did not move as well as 1st otherwise the positions would probably have been reversed.

3rd - Benbows Mandy of Saltcountry (Steele)

Yet another that I liked very much indeed; her head appears to have improved enormously since I last saw her, and she has a very good body. Just a little straight in stifle.

Res. - Chevelu Amber Silk (Baxter)

Well made, well proportioned bitch. Seemed to be lacking vivacity today and not looking as good as I have seen her before.


Open Bitch (4)

1st - Ch. Brookview Bo-Filette (Seager & Lewis)

The word 'beautiful' just about describes her. When she decides to behave and make the most of herself, she would seem to be unbeatable. This bitch has a classic head, huge strong well made body coupled with excellent hind quarters, good bend of stifle and good broad second thigh. Today she moved like a steam train and seemed to enjoy herself.

- Bitch CC & Best in Show -

2nd - Ch. Dawn Roseanne (McDonough & McGuire)

Another extremely good mastiff and a worthy champion. she has a good body, lovely broad deep chest and strong hind quarters. did not move today with quite the power of 1st.

3rd - Maid Mighty of Massoluv (Collinson)

The word 'mighty' describes her - she is a very big substantial brindle with excellent topline and very strong hind quarters. Unfortunately she was another that looked as if she would rather not be in the ring and looked bored with the whole procedure.

Perhaps I will be forgiven for saying that looking at the entry as a whole, I was reminded of the nursery rhyme about a little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead - when she was good she was very very good and when she was bad she was horrid....! I think this just about sums up my thoughts about the entry.

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