Judge: Mr Nick Waters (Zanfi)

When I first came into the breed, I greatly admired the Darkling dogs. For me they had bone and substance commensurate to their size, true head proportions, they were totally balanced, had strong quarters and moved with easy extension, all points which I consider are fundamental to the Standard and to appreciating what I consider is the true Mastiff. when we bred our first litter it was a Darkling dog which we used.with the passing of the years and no longer owning the breed I had lost tough with the kennel so it was a great surprise and a great pleasure to find myself giving B.I.S. at the Mastiff Association Championship show to Ch. Darkling Finbar of Bredwardine; the Bitch CC (at her first show to Darkling Gwenhwyfar; and the Res. Dog CC & R.B.I.S. to Ch. Darkling Finn Mac Cumhal of Bredwardine - they had everything about then I remember from the Darkling dogs of old. res. Bitch CC went to Ch. Brookview Bo-Filette. These four dogs I thought outstanding and the image of a true mastiff to carry in one's mind.

I thought my Best Puppy, Kumormai Bitter Rival, was an exciting prospect for the future with such a wonderful temperament and character. An outstanding entry, nearly 140 mastiffs has to be some sort of record. It gave me, as a judge, the opportunity to look at the breed in depth. As well as my four principal winners, there were others quite close up that their owners and breeders can be proud of. Temperament seems to have improved out of all recognition; not one stood its guard and only one or two were obviously not enjoying their day out. Heads are improving greatly, while there were a number that perhaps did not conform totally to the Standard, there were few that one looked at and thought "is it a Great Dane ?".

Speaking generally, movement still has a long way to go and was at times the deciding factor why a perhaps "less typical" one went over one displaying more "type". There are still too many with hind legs which are so straight as to be almost at right angles to the ground. This spoils topline, balance, movement, and throws too much weight forward and has always been something I have penalised heavily even on dogs showing outstanding head properties and fronts.

Why are so many shown dirty ?. The Standard does not call for anything that soap and water will destroy. One very nice bitch had mud caked halfway up her legs.

BIS - Ch. Darkling Finbar og Bredwarding (Tugwell & Thomas)

RBIS - Ch. Darkling Finn Mac Cumhal of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Dog CC - Ch. Darkling Finbar og Bredwarding (Tugwell & Thomas)

Bitch CC - Darkling Gwenhwyfar (Ridley)

Res. Dog CC - Ch. Darkling Finn Mac Cumhal of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Res. Bitch CC - Ch. Brookview Bo-Filette (Seager & Lewis)

Best Puppy - Kumormai Bitter Rival (Knight)

Best Veteran - Ch. Farnaby Fringe Benefit (Baxter)


Veteran Dog (4)

1st - Ch. Farnaby Fringe Benefit (Baxter)

Very well proportioned brindle; scored in head, strong front, well boned, sufficient bend of stifle but narrow behind, lovely body.

- Best Veteran -

2nd - Namous Pimpernel (Blaxter)

Brindle, rather plain in muzzle. Good front, strong neck, well made in body, scored over 1st in quarters.

3rd - Dawnstar Domino (Carter)


Minor Puppy Dog(4)

1st - Tregembo Trevine at Beezaville (Attfield & Taylor)

Brindle, well proportioned body, sufficient bone and development for age, needs to strengthen in head, moved erratically.

2nd - Kufema Sir Beaumains (Cooper)

Very immature but with a lot of promise. Nice head proportiones, ears a little large, strong neck, good length of body, well boned. Movement all over the place.

3rd - Chevelu Trojan (Larthwells)


Puppy Dog (7)

1st - Kumormai Bitter Rival (Pountney-Clarke)

Well-grown apricot, scored on head and maturity, strong neck, good frony, well boned. Body OK, rather straight behind, moved OK.

- Best Puppy in Show -

2nd - Jengren King Creole (Hardy)

Fawn, well developed body which tended to roach, head a little plain. Front & neck OK, well-off for bone, movement won him his place.

3rd - Coinmor The Highlander (Allmark)


Junior Dog (10)

1st - Dandonicks Sugar Ray (Nicholl)

Dark brindle, correct head shape and expression, strong neck, good front and bone, well let down in body, correct length, best of feet, somewhat straight behind, went OK.

2nd - Kumormai Bitter Rival (Pountney-Clarke)

See Puppy Dog.

3rd - Gildasan Ice Warrior (Jefferies)


Novice Dog (9)

1st - Fragilis Hills Robur Acorn (Hill)

Large brindle, scored in head, strong neck, well developed front and shoulders, best of bodies, correct bend of stifle, correct bone and feet. would have preferred more freedom of movement.

2nd - Gildasan Ice Warrior (Jefferies)

Fawn of nice overall type, head a little plain, good front quarters, well let down in body, went OK.

3rd - Commanche Indian (West)


Post Graduate Dog (12)

1st - Drunk And disorderly (Benfield)

Brindle, scored in overall balance and movement, good head, strong neck, well proportioned body, well boned, good quarters.

2nd - Solocroft Agar Of Ketts at Maskett (Kett)

Brindle, correct head shape, rether open in eye, strong neck, well proportioned and let down in body, good boned, quarters OK, not as free in movement as 1.

3rd - Fragilis Hills Robur Acorn (Hill)


Limit Dog (10)

1st - Faerdorn Hobsons Choice (Cox & Frost)

Upstanding brindle, scored in overall type, balance and movement, correct neck, head, front, best of legs and feet, well let down in body, of correct length, quarters OK.

2nd - Ankerston Rothesay (Sarjeant)

Very nice type, balanced in head, good neck and front, well proportioned body. Carrying too much weight. Good quarters. Not the freedom of movement of 1.

3rd - Pinball Wizard (Taylor)


Open Dog (13)

1st - Ch. Darkling Finbar of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Lovely balanced brindle, correct head, best of necks and fronts, correct body proportions and topline, well let down, best of legs and feet, good quarters, went well.

- Dog CC & Best in Show -

2nd - Ch. Darkling Finn Mac Cumhal of Bredwardine (Tugwell & Thomas)

Apricot, correct head, well proportioned throughout, good neck, front and quarters, well boned, body just right. Lost to 1 on balance of movement. 

- Res. Dog CC & Res. Best in Show -

3rd - Bulliff Marcolian Tyetan (Say)


Veteran Bitch (2)

1st - Ch. Damaria Sweet Georgia (Allmark)

Fawn, correct head and expression, good front and neck. Rather heavy in body which affected topline. Adequate bone, went OK.

2nd - Kumormai Muskateers Lady (Knight)

Similar in type to 1, well bodied, adequate done, good doer.

3rd - Masnou Travanda (Blaxter)


Minor Puppy Bitch (7)

1st - Chevelu Amber Silk (Baxter)

Fawn with promise, well boned, god front and quarters, front and rear need to grow to match head, head needs to develop but has plenty of time.

2nd - Kufama Rambling Rose (Cooper)

At the very raw age; similar to 1 but just not as free on the move.

3rd - Kufema Seren (Rischmiller)


Puppy Bitch (7)

1st - Kumormai Italian Assassin (Charlton)

Brindle, scored in balance and outline, good head, correct front and quarters, well boned, moved well.

2nd - Kumormai Jealous Latin (Knight)

Similar in type to 1 but not in outline; correct head, well boned, front OK, rather straight behind.

3rd - De Profundis (Jefferies)


Junior Bitch (11)

1st - Thunderfoot Lady Lucretia (Higgs)

Well constructed, well bodied youngster; scored in front and quarters, good head and expression, best of legs and feet; moved well.

2nd - Santmichal Emilia (Rischmiller)

Correct head and expression, neck OK, good front and quarters, well boned, well let down in body; lost out in topline to 1.

3rd - Sweet Lime (May)


Novice Bitch (15)

1st - Coppiced Fabulous Formula at Fylderiver (Olsson)

Brindle, good condition, correct head, strong neck, well developed body, correct bone, front OK. Somewhat straight behind.

2nd - Dark N Dynamic at Massoluv (Collinson)

Similar in type to 1. Good head, well placed shoulders, strong neck, well proportioned body, good bend of stifle but moving closely behind.

3rd - Farnaby Flanders Fields (Haughton)


Post Graduate Bitch (14)

1st - Wyecaple Sul'aria Figaro (Reeder & Willmore)

Lovely balance, head OK, strong neck, good front, well proportioned and let down body, adequate bone, good quarters, scored in movement.

2nd - Coppiced Fabulous Formula at Fylderiver (Olsson)

See Novice Bitch

3rd - Dark N Dynamic at Massoluv (Collinson)


Limit Bitch (11)

1st - Tresylyan Elspeth (Taylor)

Very nice type of fawn, well developed in body, correct head, well bent stifles. Needs more confidence.


Open Bitch (8)

1st - Darkling Gwenhwyfar (Ridley)

Lovely balance and construction, head OK, strong neck, good front and quarters, best of legs and feet, well proportioned and let down body, good bone, moved true.

- Bitch CC & Best Opposite Sex in Show -

2nd - Brookview Bo-Filette (Seager & Lewis)

Good shaped head although rather round in eye, strong neck, well let down and proportioned body, best of legs and feet. Little slack in topline, went OK.

- Res. Bitch CC -

3rd - Ambyson Aphrodite for Cuerdale (Connolly)

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