Judge: Mr Terry Thorn

The Mastiff Association held a well-supported and smoothly run championship show at the spacious venue of Perdiswell Leisure Centre, Worcester. 105 exhibits made an entry of 139. An extremely enjoyable day's judging. There was plenty of young stock of high quality which augers well for the future but I would make a plea to puppy owners not to feed extra purely to achieve body weight as this is a detrimental step in a breed normally very slow to mature. Natural slow development is of paramount importance.


BIS - Brookview Bo-Filette (Seager & Lewis)

RBIS - Darkling Finn Mac Cumhal of Bredwardine (Thomas & Tugwell)

Dog CC - Darkling Finn Mac Cumhal of Bredwardine (Thomas & Tugwell)

Bitch CC - Brookview Bo-Filette (Seager & Lewis)

Res. Dog CC - Elisgrai Dorset Boy (Higgs)

Res. Bitch CC - Ch. Dawn Roseanne (McDonough & McQuire)

Best Puppy - Shemarlee Miss Katrina at Jonste (Johnson)

Best Veteran - Merrowlea Mr Bradley (Sarjeant)


Veteran Dog (3)

1st - Merrowlea Mr Bradley (Sarjeant)

8-year old ap/br, super head, eyes, muzzle & nostrils, well-muscled neck of good thickness & length, moderate slope to shoulders, exceptionally good front, bone & pasterns, deep & wide in body with ideal couplings & topline, still retaining strength & soundness in rear, slowing down these days on the move but sound both ends.

- BVIS -

2nd - Craigavon Black Domino of Luvalump (Dodd)

8-year-old f/br. Not quite as commanding in size as 1 and not retaining the topline & movement of 1 either. Apart from this he is in excellent condition for his age & very active. Very nice dog to go over.


Minor Puppy Dog: (8)

1st - Ochterlonie Sir Galahad by Kumormai (Fletcher)

8-month-old f/br, head coming along really well and with superb proportions, good eyes & ears, well off for bone, good front. Rather shallow as yet in brisket but ribs OK. Nice length of body & strong loins, excellent width of thighs & good angulation for age, sound hocks, best mover in class.

2nd - Drunk And Disorderly (Benfield)

Only 6-months-old & this f/br has fantastic potential; lovely head, eyes, muzzle, nostrils & ears, super front & bone. Obviously needs to grow on in legs. Just right in body, loins, stifles, thighs & hocks for age, needs to settle on the move.

3rd - Silver Saruman (Taylor)

Res. - Ankerston Yewtree Yeti (Anderson)

VHC - Solocroft Just Jake (Charlton)


Puppy Dog (7)

1st - Sheemarlee Mr Wotsisname at Irebon (Boner)

10-month-old dark brindle, lovely length of body & won this class on maturity over 2. Nice type head, good eyes & ears. Could be stronger & thicker in neck. Fairly good front with nice bone, pasterns & feet. Well developed body for age, wide thighs, well-angulated & sound in hocks standing, moved out well but rather close behind.

2nd - Ochterlonie Sir Galahad by Kumormai (Fletcher)

3rd - Drunk And Disorderly (Benfield)

Res. - Silver Saruman (Taylor)

VHC - Ankerston Yewtree Yeti (Anderson)


Junior Dog (12)

1st - Le Duc De Prosser at Pelecrushice (Duke)

Fawn, substantial in build with enough length of back, pleasing in head qualities but could be darker in eye. Super muscular neck, good front, bone, pasterns & feet, deep chest, good ribs, strong loin, adequate rear angulation, sound hocks, in fact he is a lovely sound & well-balanced dog to go over, moved in nice style.

2nd - Fitsam Floyd of Longendale (McDonald)

Fawn, scores well in head qualities with good eyes. strong neck, good front with adequate bone, wide & deep chest, strong loins. Just tending to run up a bit towards croup. Adequate rear angulation, wide thighs, sound enough in hocks, almost matching 1 for movement.

3rd - Canicular Cumin Charlie (Williams & Bell)

Res. - Pinball Wizard (Taylor)

VHC - Silver Saruman (Taylor)


Novice Dog (8)

1st - Temuila Trouble for Apollon (Richardson)

Handsome fawn, is far too good for this grade & class and I found him very nice to go over & really looking good in profile. Nice head, eyes & ears, strong neck, best of fronts, good bone & feet, deep & wide in chest, good ribs, topline & loins. Just enough bend of stifle, sound in hocks, very nice mover.

2nd - Menerow Cream of Cronos (Jones)

Apricot, a high quality dog who is progressing well along the right lines. Nice head shape, good muzzle in correct proportion to skull, dark eyes, good ears, strong neck, standing well in front, good bone & feet. Slightly immature in body but very sound in rear. Nice mover.

3rd - Pinball Wizard (Taylor)

Res. - Silver Saruman (Taylor)

VHC - Farnaby Armistice Day (Bishop)


Post Graduate Dog (10)

1st - Bannwater Repton at Oastmoor (Denton)

Exremely sound fawn; very nice head, muzzle & eyes; small thin ears well placed, lovely front, bone & feet; well-muscled neck, deep & wide chest, good length of back with strong loins, well let down stifles, extremely sound in hocks which reflected on the move where he is sound in all respects.

2nd - Ankerston Rothesay (Sarjeant)

Handsome, heavily-built f/br with good head properties and a very strong lemgthy neck, nice front & bone, deep chest with excellent ribbing, nice topline, strong & broad across loins, well angulated, fairly good mover but not matching 1.

3rd - Temuila Trouble for Apollon (Richardson)

Res. - Silverside Saxons Shadow (Pickering)


Limit Dog (10)

1st - Darkling Finn Mac Cumhal of Bredwardine (Thomas & Tugwell)

Lovely head shape with correct wide muzzle, well proportioned to skull, dark eyes, well placed thin small ears, nice strong neck, best of fronts with lovely bone, paterns & feet; deep & wide chest, ideal length of body with good topline, strong loins & correct rear angulation; very impressive mover gaiting up & down. Has everything desired to go on and get his title.

- Dog CC & Res. BIS - 

2nd - Elisgrai Dorset Boy (Higgs)

Very high class apricot, good head, eyes & ears; true front, good bone, chest & ribs. Nice topline & loins. Not quite the rear angulation of 1 but still a good mover and deserving of RCC.

- Res. Dog CC -

3rd - Mano Rossa (Burton & McDonnell)

Res. - Little Malaika (Johnson)


Open Dog (17)

This was a super class!

1st - Ch Darkling Finbar of Bredwardine (Thomas & Tugwell)

Not a really big one but so well balanced & with super proportions throughout. As sound as a bell to go over and completely typical. This dark brindle put in a super performance and scored here on his excellent movement. A lovely head, eyes, muzzle & ears; true front, good bone, stands nice and square here; good neck, body & back end. Not quite giving his best in the challenge.

2nd - Irebon Tiberius (Boner)

Well-valanced fawn looking super in outline. Lovely head, eyes & ears, well up on the legs and ideal for length of body. Nice & sound to go over and moved well both ends; very impressive.

3rd - Ch-Aust Ch. Delmagyar Lanze {imp} (Levingston)

Res. - Rotherco Belonga Judd (Cook)

VHC - Bulliff Yli Ytregrend (Say)


Veteran Bitch (2)

1st - Princess Cabeca at Cenninpedr (Davies)

8-year-old brindle enjoying her day out, pleasing in head & neck, stands well in front with good bone & feet, deep & wide chest, nice & wide across back, still relatively sound behind, moved OK for age.

2nd - Kumormai Muskaterr's Lady (Fletcher)

8-year-old fawn still extremely active & looking very nice in profile. Front has gone a little too wide but still quite aound in body & limbs. Not quite the movement of 1 today - still a lovely girl.


Minor Puppy Bitch (5)

1st - Ankerston Guinan of Saltcountry (Steele)

8-month-old fawn coming along well; nice and active & her movement is quite precise with a good gait. Head forming OK with good eyes & ears; pleases in front, well developed in body & back end, should have a good future.

2nd - Ankerston Lola (Anderson)

Nicely balanced fawn, well grown in stature and now needing to fill her frame. Certainly a nice sound one to go over & her head is coming on well; positive & sound mover, should slowly develop into a real good one.

3rd - Gildasan Dame Lara of Cadermist (Simister)

Res. - Coppiced Fabulous Formula (Olsson)


Puppy Bitch (3)

1st - Shemarlee Miss Katrina at Jonste (Johnson)

10 months old and a real live prospect; well formed head for age; nice dark eyes and a good muzzle; strong neck, good firm & well-boned front, good feet, well-developed chest, body & loins with nice width across the back. Can still drop in stifle to advantage but sound in hocks. Nice mover for age.

- BPIS -

2nd - Ankerston Lola (Anderson)


Junior Bitch (16)

1st - Brookview Bo-Filette (Seager & Lewis)

This fawn is quite outstanding for her age, absolutely typical all through & lovely head, already well developed & proportioned with good dark eyes and nice thin ears. Strong neck; heavy in bone; super front, pasterns & feet; deep & wide chest; good ribs & loins; well angulated behind; sound in hocks. They don't come much better in movement.

- Bitch CC & BIS -

2nd - Penrichlar Pride And Joy (Dickenson)

Very sound & typical all through; head coming along well; good front & bone; body development good but not quite matching 1. Sound in back end, moved really well.

3rd - Ambyson Aphrodite for Cuerdale (Connolly)

Res. - Fitsam Emma (Ledwards)

VHC - Prixcan Evaine (Manfredi)


Novice Bitch (14)

1st - Penrichlar Pride And Joy (Dickenson)

2nd - Gildasan Dumb Blonde (O'Brien)

Obviously well matured; scored well in head properties & strong neck. Pleasing front & bone; deep & wide in chest. Just a shade upright behind making her bum high but quite well balanced & very sound in quarters; nice mover.

3rd - Menerow Scarlet Pandora (Jones)

Res. - Chevelu Amber (Duval)

VHC - Princess Pym (Benfield)


Post Graduate Bitch (12)

1st - Ambyson Aphrodite for Cuerdale (Connolly)

Fawn from the Junior class & scoring here on her maturity & development of head. Well placed dark eyes & the correct proportion muzzle to skull; good strong neck; firm well-boned front; ideal body - good length and nice width across; sound back end; positive mover. 

2nd - Kumormai Miss Georgiana (Morrison & Fletcher)

Very sound fawn who will, no doubt, go on and do a lot of winning. Make & shape very good & as sound as a bell to go over. Head just needs to develop and she will be there. Very good mover all ways.

3rd - Gildasan Lady Rebecca at Cadermist (Simister)

Res. - Darkling Bwlchllan Gemog (Richards)

VHC - Prixcan Blasine (Manfredi)


Limit Bitch (5)

1st - Mesrak Mystic Charm of Easterurray (Morrison)

Very impressive fawn, won here with a lot in hand. Quite feminine in head & well proportioned with good eyes & ears; lengthy & strong neck; true front with good bone & standing nice & square; deep chest; good ribs, loins & topline; very sound back end - moved really well.

2nd - Maid Mighty at Massoluv (Collinson)

Nice dark brindle; stands well and looks good in profile; nice head, neck & front; well bodied with good broad loins. Could be stronger in hocks. Could move with more purpose & needing to tighten both front & rear in this respect.

3rd - Wyecaple Tabitha Twitchit (Cooper)


Open Bitch (7)

1st - Dawn Roseanne (McDonough & McGuire)

Super apricot with a completely typical head, eyes, muzzle, nostrils; nice small thin ears; good front, bone & feet; strong pasterns, deep wide chest, super body, topline & loins; well angulated behind; moved out really well but could be a little more precise

- Res. Bitch CC -

2nd - Ch. Prixcan Gage D'Amour (Manfredi)

Nice quality brindle but not giving a good performance today either standing or moving. Pleases in head & neck; nice front. Little soft in condition & coat could be more typical. Not moving at her best.

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