Judge: Mrs Pam Chidwick

The Mastiff Association should be congratulated. Their first Championship Show was a marvellous occasion. The venue and ring were excellent. Mrs How gave us all a lovely lunch at tables attractively decorated in the MA colours. It was a day to be remembered and I had the honour to be their judge.

When I have been to shows recently, I have been disappointed at the quality of the dogs present, but at this show, I thought the potential to improve the breed was available. The puppy classes were excellent, as was Open Bitch. Some of my pricipal winners had obvious faults, but I judged their good points to be more important.

BIS - Honeycroft Goldilocks (Atkinson)


Dog CC - Ch. Darkling Paddington Bear (Webberley & Rice)

Bitch CC - Honeycroft Goldilocks (Atkinson)

Res. Dog CC - Ch. Bredwardine Bwlchllan (Cheethem & Fehler)

Res. Bitch CC - Tresylyan Dolly Daydream of Ormondstow (Critchley)

Best Puppy - Prixcan Chimaera (Manfredi)


Veteran Dog (3)

1st - Glynpedr Napoleon (Bromley)

A very long-bodied fawn dog in excellent condition. He has a pleasing head, massive bone and a good bend of stifle.

2nd - Cops and Robbers at Capesthorne (Rose)

A very different type of dog. He is compact with good bone and a happy personality.

3rd - Appolon Zebulon Zac (Sarjeant)

Brindle, showing his age more than 1 and 2.

Minor Puppy Dog: (16)

1st - Jengren Jupiter (Smith - Riddiough)

Fawn with a very good mask and an excellent head for a sixth month old puppy. He is not large but well proportioned with an easy movement.

2nd - Ceu Jimmy (Bowen)

Seven month old fawn of good type, head and mask, not so long bodied as 1 but an excellent puppy with lots of promise.

3rd - Faerdorn Why Not (Sarjeant)

Fawn, very well-grown with a pleasing head and expression. This is a much more mature puppy than the other two but could do with more rear angulation.

Puppy Dog (11)

1st - Prixcan Chimaera (Manfredi)

A very tall fawn dog, with a lovely black mask on a beatiful head. This puppy has excellent bone, great length of body and a good bend of stifle. He is narrow and close at the rear but is young and will be outstanding if this improves.

- Best Puppy -

2nd - Delbeech Solo (Beech)

A good dog with a nice expression and head. A good long-bodied type but he is also close behind.

3rd - Farnaby Flash Harry (Bromley)

A brindle of ten months with a pleasing head. He is long-bodied and has good angulation. A nice dog who moved better than 1 or 2 but is immature.

Junior Dog (12)

1st - Famrise Drunk n'Disorderly (Critoph)

A well grown fawn dog with an excellent head and expression. He is long-bodied with good bone and a good bend of stifle. Although he is immature, everything is there to make an outstanding dog with a powerful rear end. His movement was excellent.

2nd - Famrise Down the Hatch (Ford & Jones)

Litter brother to 1, a large mature brindle of very nice type. He is long-bodied with a good bend of stifle. I preferred the head of 1.

3rd - Dawnstar Defiance (Holt & Mason)

A nice dog with a pleasing head and good length of body. He moved soundly.

Novice Dog (13)

1st - Saltcountry Captain Kirk (Steele)

A fawn dog of very nice type, good mask, expression and bone. He was being a little difficult but his type more than ,ade up for it. More mature than 2.

2nd - Famrise Drunk n'disorderly (Critoph)

see Junior Dog

3rd - Solocroft Completely Crackers (Mitchell)

A very large brindle dog, with a massive skull. He is long-bodied and has good bone and rear angulation, but will need a long time to mature.

Post Graduate Dog (24)

1st - Prixcan Elite (Manfredi & Connolly)

A massive long-bodied fawn dog with enormous bone, topped by a beatiful head and expression. He needs to build up his rear end.

2nd - Jengren Romulan Warrior of Saltcountry (Steele)

A first class dog with a lovely head and expression. He has a good length of body, bone and rear angulation. His movement was better than the previous exhibit but he did not have the massive size.

3rd - Pryrica Winston of Delbeech (Beech)

A lovely typy dog with a good head and the correct proportions, but there is not enough of him.

Limit Dog (11)

1st - Prixcan Esprit (Manfredi)

An excellent type of dog. His bone, rear angulation and length of body are superb. His head and expression, although very good, seemed a little immature at present compared to his body. His coat is long and has the wrong texture.

2nd - Bredwardine Boysfafawr or Watlands (Nixon)

A large apricot with a lovely expressive head, good bone and bend of stifle. Very like my CC winner, but carrying too much weight. He moved well.

3rd - Fantasy's in the Night at Glynpedr (Boatwright & Williams)

A large, well-grown fawn with a long body and good mask, but doesn't have the type of my first and second placings.

Open Dog (9)

1st - Ch Darkling Paddington Bear (Webberley & Rice)

An apricot, not very large but a lovely type. He has an excellent head, his ears framing his face, giving that highly desirable but rarely seen square outline. He has a true mastiff expression and a good length of body but I would prefer a slightly longer leg.

- Dog CC -

2nd - Ch Bredwardine Bwlchllan (Cheetham & Fehler)

A massive fawn dog with a good length of body and nice bend of stifle. He is wide throughout but unfortunately did not spakle. His width of head has not quite kept pace with his width of body.

- Res. Dog CC -

3rd - Saltcountry King Solomon (Steele)

A very nice type with good bone and head, a good dog.

Veteran Bitch (5)

All of these veterans were a credit to the breed.

1st - Ch Quixhill True Britt (Sargeant & Clarke)

A medium sized brindle bitch, she was by Best Opposite Sex at her first show I judged. I still like her very much. her movement belies her age.

2nd - Bullif Gallie Gullie (Say)

A fawn bitch of good type, full of the joys of spring as she bustles her good natured way around the ring. A pleasure to meet.

3rd - Ch Glynpedr Ferreira (Jagielko)

A fawn bitch, she still has the body of a youngster.

Minor Puppy Bitch (14)

1st - Marcolian Mormaer (Webberley)

A seven month old fawn, lovely head and mask and a good length of body. Her bend of stifle and rear angulation are excellent. A very impressive puppy but I would prefer a cleaner coloured coat.

2nd - Marcolian Rhanna's Flower (Knight)

Litter sister to 1. Of similar type with a better coat, but I preferred the head type and length of body of 1.

3rd - Faynad Miss Plum (Zadeh)

A very well made apricot with good bone and mask. She moved with energy but I preferred the type of 1 and 2.

Puppy Bitch (13)

1st - Marcolian Mormaer (Webberley)

see Minor Puppy Bitch

2nd - Rumblestump Lady Hamilton (Knight)

Apricot with good bone, a pleasant head and good length of body. I particularly liked her big boned back legs.

3rd - Cenninpedr Nandi (Green)

Seven month old brindle that should have been in the previous class. She has a nice head and good conformation.

Junior Bitch (9)

1st - Bredwardine Blaenlleuadd (Thomas & Tugwell)

Large dark brindle bitch of thirteen months. She already has a nice head, wide rear end and good rear angulation.

2nd - Lady Honeybun of Masnou (Blaxter)

Seventeen months old, longer in body than 1 with excellent angulation but her head is not as typical and she is immature.

3rd - Jengren Moonlighter (Heather)

A nicely bodied fawn bitch with a pleasant head.

Novice Bitch (10)

1st - Cassander Jayne (Sloan)

A stocky bitch with good bone, rear angulation and bend of stifle, but not very typical in head.

2nd - Jengen Moonlighter (Heather)

see Junior Bitch

3rd - Jengren Falcon (Brailey)

Fawn, chubby but a nice bitch.

Post Graduate Bitch (14)

1st - Bredwardine Bryntowydd (Thomas & Tugwell)

Brindle with a typical head and good length of body. She has good rear angulation and is a well-made solid bitch.

2nd - Keri Gold (Boner)

Similar type to 1 in head and body. There is little to choose between them. 

3rd - Appolon Pallas Hecate (Mutter)

A well-grown apricot with a nice expression and good length of body but straighter in the stifle than 1 and 2.

Limit Bitch (14)

1st - Honeycroft Goldilocks (Atkinson)

She filled my eye. She is an outstanding bitch.

- Bitch CC & BIS -

2nd - Fitsam Tason (Ledward)

Fawn, similar type to 1, She has it all but needs time to mature.

3rd - Bredwardine Bryntowy (Thomas & Tugwell)

Has a nice typy head. A good bitch.

Open Bitch (11)

1st - Tresylyan Dolly Daydream of Ormondstow (Critchley)

A lovely big fawn bitch with an excellent head, expression and bone. She has the correct length of body, is wide throughout with good rear angulation. A quality bitch in the best class of the day.

- Res. Bitch CC -

2nd - Ch Chevelu Blodeuwedd of Bredwardine (Thomas & Tugwell)

Has everything I like most in a mastiff but she lost to a similar type who had youth on her side.

3rd - Ch Prixcan Poseuse (Boatwright & Williams)

Another bitch I admire but lost to two excellent bitches.

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